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Rideshare Accident Lawyer in Huntsville We Fight for Your Rights and Compensation

Looking for a rideshare accident lawyer in Huntsville, Alabama who you can trust? Turn to Wettermark Keith today!

Auto accidents happen every day in Alabama. Some of these collisions involve rideshare vehicles and their negligent drivers.

At Wettermark Keith, our car accident lawyers have experience handling claims against Uber and Lyft. We may be able to help your injury claim against a rideshare company succeed using proven legal strategies.

Discuss whether you have a case, and if so, how we may be able to help, during a free consultation in Huntsville, Alabama. Contact us today.

Why Clients Choose Us

  • Our attorneys have helped those who are seriously injured recover fair and full compensation for auto accidents for more than 50 combined years.
  • Our lawyers don’t only represent clients during high-value claims against major corporations. We also take several thousand smaller cases each year.
  • Our auto accident lawyers have proven their capabilities in and out of the courtroom in Alabama, winning more than $800 million on behalf of their clients.
  • Our Huntsville Uber/Lyft accident lawyers take clients on a contingency fee basis. You won’t pay us anything to represent you unless we win your case.

What Can a Rideshare Accident Lawyer Do for You?

A lawyer who specializes in Uber and Lyft auto accidents could help you stand up for your rights as an injured victim after a traffic collision. Your attorney will know how to identify the appropriate defendant, file your claim by Alabama’s deadline, fight for fair compensation and meet any challenges your case might encounter. You won’t have to understand the legalities of your case when you hire a lawyer to do so for you. You can focus on healing from your injuries while your attorney takes care of everything on your behalf.

Why Do Rideshare Accidents Happen?

At Wettermark Keith, one of our duties is to keep up with the most common reasons for rideshare accidents in Alabama. We track crash statistics and speak to survivors one-on-one to collect as much information as possible about these collisions. Then, we use what we learn to help future clients. We may be able to help you obtain compensation no matter what caused your Uber or Lyft car accident in Huntsville.

  • Driver error. Uber and Lyft both require their drivers to use their cellphones while driving to respond to ride requests. Distracted driving is a common issue in the rideshare industry, as are driving drunk and drowsy. Driver negligence and recklessness behind the wheel cause many preventable vehicle collisions.
  • Dangerous vehicles. Rideshare companies aren’t in charge of how often their drivers bring their cars in for routine maintenance or mechanical repairs. This can lead to Uber and Lyft vehicles that don’t operate safely, such as cars with bad brakes or broken taillights, as well as related car accidents.
  • Third-party mistakes. Some Uber and Lyft wrecks trace back to the negligence of a third party, such as another driver or the City of Huntsville for an unsafe roadway. Uber or Lyft could also be directly liable for crashes if the company contributed in some manner, such as by hiring a known dangerous driver.

Find out who could be financially responsible for your recent rideshare car accident in Alabama during a free consultation at Wettermark Keith. Our lawyers can review your crash case for free, investigate your wreck, collect evidence and help you go up against one or multiple parties in pursuit of fair compensation. We could make an important difference to your case in Huntsville.

Request a Free Legal Consultation in Huntsville Today

An Uber or Lyft car accident could result in serious personal injuries. The rideshare company may or may not extend its $1 million insurance policy to you, depending on your case.

Discuss your options for financial recovery with our lawyers today. Contact us online or call (205) 933-9500 to schedule your free initial consultation. You may be eligible for financial compensation.

Frequently Asked Questions

At the scene of a rideshare accident, take these immediate actions:

  1. Check for Injuries: Ensure your safety and the well-being of others involved. Call 911 for medical assistance if anyone is injured.

  2. Exchange Information: Gather contact details, insurance information, and license plate numbers from all parties involved, including the rideshare driver.

  3. Document the Scene: Use your phone to take photos and videos of the accident, vehicle damage, road conditions, and relevant surroundings.

  4. Report to Rideshare Company: Notify the rideshare company through their app or customer support about the accident, following their procedures.

  5. Avoid Admissions: Refrain from admitting fault or making statements about the accident to anyone at the scene. Stick to the facts when speaking to the police.

  6. Collect Witness Information: If there are witnesses, obtain their contact information and brief statements about what they observed.

  7. Preserve Evidence: Keep records related to the accident, including medical bills, repair estimates, and correspondence with the rideshare company.

  8. Consult an Attorney: Consider seeking legal counsel from a rideshare accident attorney who can guide you through the process and protect your rights.

You can potentially sue the rideshare company for damages in cases involving:

  1. Driver Negligence: If the rideshare driver's negligence leads to the accident, the rideshare company may share liability.

  2. Inadequate Safety Measures: If the company failed to implement proper safety measures, contributing to the accident's occurrence or severity.

  3. Improper Hiring Practices: If the rideshare company hired a driver with a known history of unsafe behavior or without conducting proper background checks.

Consult a rideshare accident attorney to assess the circumstances and determine if pursuing legal action against the rideshare company is appropriate.

  1. Your Own Insurance: Your own insurance policy, particularly uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, may provide compensation for your damages.

  2. Rideshare Company's Insurance: The rideshare company's insurance might offer coverage if certain conditions are met.

  3. Legal Action: Pursuing legal action against the rideshare driver personally may be necessary to recover damages if other avenues prove insufficient.

Consult with a rideshare accident attorney to explore your options and determine the best course of action.

In Alabama, the statute of limitations for filing a rideshare accident claim typically ranges from two to six years, depending on the specific circumstances. It is crucial to act promptly, as waiting too long could result in losing your right to seek compensation.

Wettermark Keith stands out as rideshare accident attorneys due to our:

  1. Experience: With years of helping injured clients, we have extensive experience handling rideshare accident cases.

  2. Track Record: Our lawyers have secured millions in compensation for our clients, demonstrating our dedication to achieving positive outcomes.

  3. Client Commitment: We take on thousands of cases each year, including smaller claims, to ensure access to legal representation for everyone.

  4. Contingency Fee Basis: You won't pay legal fees unless we successfully win your case, ensuring accessibility to justice.

  5. Free Consultation: We offer free initial consultations to discuss your case and provide guidance on your legal options.