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Huntsville child injury lawyers

Children represent the future for a family and when they are injured early in life, the effects of the accident can be devastating. Many opportunities our children may have later on in life can all be taken away in an instant due to another person’s negligence. When parents take their children to school or daycare facilities, do so under the premise that the teachers and workers there will protect their child from injury. Sadly, in some cases, the negligent actions taken by these employees cause serious injuries to children.

If your child has been injured as a result of the negligent supervision of another person, contact the expert child injury lawyers in Huntsville, Alabama to make an injury claim. Our personal injury lawyers have over thirty years of experience handling child injury cases and have the resources needed to go after both the offending party and the insurance company to secure the financial compensation entitled to you and your family after your child is hurt.

Child Injury Data

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), unintentional injury remains the number one cause of death to children. It is estimated that about 12,175 children ages 0-19 die in the United States each year as a result of an accidental injury. Common types of injuries vary by age group but include choking/suffocation, drowning, and involvement in car accidents and other traffic accidents. Children at play are very susceptible to these accidents, with over 275,000 bicycle-related injuries reported annually. Tragically, a large number of injuries sustained by children in bicycle accidents result in the child suffering a mild to severe traumatic brain injury.

Catastrophic injuries such as spinal cord injuries, burns, and brain injuries can impart lasting complications and limitations to a child. The effects of these injuries can be felt for the rest of the child’s life and can be accompanied by vast medical expenses.

Negligent Supervision

Daycare centers and schools owe a duty of care to the children learning or staying at their facilities. When child supervisors fail to properly monitor children, serious accidents can take place. Other sources of child injuries that our law firm has helped our clients with in the past include:

Our children are our future and they need to be protected. Contact a compassionate Huntsville child injury attorney today if your child has been injured in an accident.

Panama City Child Injury Lawyers


What should I do if my child is injured?

Your child’s health and safety should be your first priority. If a doctor or hospital visit is necessary, please be sure to do that and whatever else may be needed. Once your child has recovered or the situation has otherwise been resolved, determine if you want to pursue a personal injury case on behalf of your child. While you have until the child is 18 to file a claim, and the child has another year to file a claim themselves, it is suggested that the claim is filed as soon as possible. Our North Alabama team of accident lawyers can help you start that process.

Will my child experience trauma as a result of the lawsuit?

Likely not. Courts have vastly improved legislation over the years to help best protect children from this possibility, including protecting their identity and disallowing them from being cross-examined. The parents or guardians are normally the ones that are most involved, giving the child the chance to live normally.

What is the likelihood of my case making it to court?

This is also not likely. The vast majority of child injury cases are settled before they reach any sort of trial. However, this does not affect your ability to receive the maximum amount of compensation that you and your family deserve.

Wettermark Keith Child Injury Lawyers in Huntsville

Children almost always have some sort of bumps or scrapes on them. However, if they experience a more severe injury, our child injury lawyers in Huntsville can help you navigate the next steps towards seeking retribution for your child. We realize that this is likely a difficult situation for you and possibly your family and are here for you. Together we can seek a financial compensation figure that meets your needs as a victim and can continue to provide for you and your child, long after this ordeal is over. As is always the case with the Wettermark Keith law firm, our legal services performed are free unless we win your case.

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