Personal Injury Lawyers

Most people don’t think about personal injury lawyers until they need one. All of a sudden, you’re experiencing pain, loss of wages, property damage, and more, all because another person was negligent. On top of all this, insurance companies often don’t offer you enough. When personal injury challenges your rights, it’s time to hire a personal injury lawyer.

With over 50 years of combined experience, Wettermark Keith personal injury lawyers have what it takes to bring your case to justice. Our team is well-equipped to handle your case. We serve many locations and case types throughout the Southeast. Find out if Wettermark Keith is the right lawyer for you.

Types of Cases Our Personal Injury Lawyers Handle

Personal injury law is a wide field within the American Bar and covers many different aspects of everyday life. The personal injury lawyers at Wettermark Keith handle everything in personal injury law from car accidents to Social Security disability. 

Below is a comprehensive list of our legal offerings. These services may change based on location and on the specialty certification of lawyers in each office. Also note that, if your specific case type is not listed, we may still be able to help. Simply schedule a free consultation to find out.

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Frequently Asked Questions

With nearly 20 years in personal injury law, we’ve been asked a lot of questions. We’ve answered a few of the most common down below.

What Do Personal Injury Lawyers Do?

Personal injury lawyers have many functions, but their main goal is to uphold justice for each client. Depending on your individual case, a lawyer might file a claim, negotiate with insurance companies, gather evidence, and advise on further legal matters. A law firm might even partner with a non-profit organization to see a certain area of law make positive changes. Overall, the job of the personal injury lawyer is to defend your rights and pursue a settlement that is fair for your injuries.

What Types of Cases Do Personal Injury Lawyers Handle?

Depending on the law firm and region involved, personal injury lawyers handle a wide variety of cases. Personal injury law is tort law, not criminal law, which means crimes like battery and assault are not included under personal injury law, even if you were injured. Instead, personal injury law usually involves a level of negligence on the part of the defendant where you were put in harm’s way as a result.

How Can a Personal Injury Lawyer Help?

Dealing with an injury is never easy. When you’re injured, dealing with legal matters is especially difficult. Letting a personal injury attorney deal with your case can ensure you can take the time to heal that you need. 

Additionally, a personal injury lawyer provides experience and expertise that no amount of Internet searching could match. Their knowledge of the details of law (including tort reforms) and refined communication skills make it more likely that you will receive a favorable settlement. No matter what type of injury you’re facing, a personal injury lawyer will be able to help you.

Is It Worth Getting a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Hiring a personal injury lawyer may seem confusing at first. However, the process of finding and hiring the right attorney is absolutely worth it if you’ve been recently injured. First of all, most injury attorneys, including Wettermark Keith, charge clients on contingency fees bases, meaning that you won’t pay anything unless and until they win your case. Secondly, an attorney can tell you if the settlement you want is reasonable for your situation and then help you get there.

When to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

The sooner you can hire a personal injury lawyer, the better. Many types of personal injury cases have a statute of limitations. This means you should file your claim as soon as possible. Also, when you have a personal injury lawyer from the very beginning, you can avoid mistakes like negotiating with insurance companies and telling a doctor that you “feel fine.” A lawyer can handle those communication lines with and for you, making sure you get the maximum compensation available to cover your medical expenses and other punitive damages.

How to Choose a Personal Injury Lawyer

With so many personal injury lawyers out there, how do you choose just one? Start by doing some research. Ask friends and family and do a quick Internet search. After making a list of potential lawyers, request a free consultation with each one. Bring a list of questions that are important to you. Make your decision not just based on price alone, but also including their experience, case history, and personality. Also, make sure the plaintiff lawyers are members of the state bars associations. Set up a free consultation with Wettermark Keith today and find out if working with us is the right choice for you.

Wettermark Keith Locations

Wettermark Keith has more to offer than a long history of winning cases. We also cover much of the Southeast and are ready to help you!


Alabama is one of the most beautiful states in the South. Green forests, rolling hills, and exciting cities make Alabama a fantastic place to call home. When personal injury strikes in Alabama, Wettermark Keith will be there to help.


Birmingham is Alabama’s most populous city. With new restaurants and attractions opening all the time, Birmingham is an exciting place to live right now. However, Alabama is also the state with the second-highest rate of road deaths yearly. Victims of road accidents or other personal injury cases should call Wettermark Keith’s offices right away.


Dothan, Alabama is a bright, friendly city that’s close to both the Alabama and Florida coasts. As wonderful as it is, the Peanut Capital of the World is not immune to personal injury accidents. When you need a lawyer in Dothan, call Wettermark Keith.


Huntsville is Alabama’s center for innovation and progress. The city is growing yearly, with more to do and see than ever before. As the population continues to rise, you can expect to see growing personal injury claims, as well. The lawyers at Wettermark Keith can help you through the process.


Montgomery is Alabama’s capital. With a long and storied history, Montgomery has enough museums, galleries, and theatres to keep you entertained forever! But if you’ve experienced personal injury while in Montgomery, don’t wait. Call the team at Wettermark Keith immediately.


Even sunny Florida isn’t immune from personal injury. If you’re injured anywhere in the Panhandle, Wettermark Keith will fight for you. From Destin, Pensacola, Tallahassee, and more, Wettermark Keith is the lawyer you need in North Florida.

Panama City

Panama City is more than its beautiful beaches and vibrant nightlife. Locals are friendly, and the city sees more than 320 days of sunshine a year. Unfortunately, Panama City also has its fair share of personal injury cases. Wettermark Keith is the PCB lawyer who will fight for you.


The gorgeous state of Tennessee offers good music, fantastic food, and plenty of green spaces. If you or a loved one happens to be injured in Tennessee, having the right lawyer can make all the difference. For your Tennessee personal injury case, contact Wettermark Keith.


With its bevy of natural attractions, it’s no wonder Chattanooga is growing at such a rapid pace. Ruby Falls and Rock City draw visitors from all over the world. If you get injured in Chattanooga, Wettermark Keith lawyers are happy to discuss your case with you.


Knoxville is home to the state’s flagship college, the University of Tennessee, but that’s just the beginning of what this city has to offer. Experiencing personal injury in Knoxville is hard, but luckily, Wettermark Keith is there to protect your rights.

Wettermark Keith Personal Injury Lawyers

With Wettermark Keith, you’ll never have to face your personal injury cases by yourself. We’ll always be there to stand by you and fight for a fair settlement. If your case calls for it, we’ll even pursue a personal injury lawsuit for you. Get peace of mind and set up a free consultation with us today.