Our History

Nearly 20 years ago, James Wettermark and Chris Keith founded a law firm with a simple goal – to help people injured by the wrongful conduct of others. They knew they would be fighting big insurance companies. They knew they would go up against global corporations and their high-priced lawyers. They knew it wouldn’t be easy. But they didn’t back down. They took them on. Toe to toe. And they won. Over and over again.

The firm’s success did not go unnoticed. The firm’s partners, James Wettermark and Chris Keith received numerous honors, including selection as Super Lawyers. Martindale-Hubbell awarded the firm their highest rating, AV Preeminent. Major labor organizations across the country recognized the firm as a go-to choice for their members. The partners accomplishments have been featured in numerous publications, including The Birmingham News, The Louisville Courier-Journal, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Florence Times Daily, Birmingham Business Journal, Kentucky Post, Cincinnati Enquirer, The Telegraph (Macon), The American Lawyer, The Clarion-Ledger (Jackson), News Herald (Panama City), National Public Radio, and in many other media outlets.

As word of their success spread, they were soon joined by other talented lawyers who shared their vision. Wettermark Keith grew. From the two founding lawyers working out of a small office in downtown Birmingham, Wettermark Keith has grown to 22 hardworking lawyers and nearly 100 dedicated support staff. From the firm’s offices in Birmingham, Chattanooga, Dothan, Huntsville, Montgomery, and Knoxville, the lawyers of Wettermark Keith help people throughout Alabama, Tennessee, Florida, and Georgia.

The firm focuses on personal injury and wrongful death cases. While the firm’s lawyers are understandably proud of their many seven-figure verdicts and settlements, the firm does not limit its representation to large, serious cases. Indeed, it has built one of the largest workers’ compensation and Social Security practices in Alabama and represents thousands of small automobile accident claimants each year.

So, how did they do it? Simple:

  • They care about their clients –each client, every client.
  • They work hard – each day, every day.
  • They believe in their client’s cases – not sometimes, but all the time.

These are the principles that define Wettermark & Keith. And they explain why Wettermark Keith is the name you know. The name you can trust.

The firm focuses on personal injury and wrongful death cases. While the firm’s lawyers are understandably proud of their many seven-figure verdicts and settlements, the firm does not limit its representation to large, serious cases.

Our firm's motto

Justice. One case at a time.

“They really cared about me and my wife. They made us feel like family. It couldn’t have been any better.”
Railroad Client
“I don’t believe any other law firm could have got us the settlement we received.”
workers compensation client

How We Help You

Most people never expect that they will need the help of a lawyer. And then suddenly they are injured by a careless driver. They can’t work. Medical bills are piling up. Their savings are gone.
Or, a loved one is killed. It might happen on the job. Or it could be because of a defective product. Or possibly a hospital was negligent. It doesn’t matter why or how. A child no longer has a father to support him. A wife becomes a widow. Crying doesn’t help pay the bills.

So you turn to the injury and accident lawyers of Wettermark Keith. And we go into action.

For most of our clients, the first contact with our firm is through our intake department. Our intake specialists are highly trained and caring individuals who obtain the basic facts about our case. This information is then reviewed by Mr. Keith or Mr. Wettermark, and they assign your case to the firm’s lawyer who is best suited for it. Typically, this lawyer will have a wealth of experience and a long and successful track record in your type of case.


Your lawyer will then promptly contact you. He will go over your case and facts in detail with you. He will also introduce you to the team of professionals who will be working with him on your case. Typically, this team consists of a medical records specialist who obtains all of your medical records and bills, a legal assistant/paralegal who monitors the day to day activity in your case, and, in some cases, a second lawyer who will be assisting on the case. Oftentimes, one of the firm’s investigators will also be involved at this early stage and will obtain a photograph and witness statement.

Some cases don’t settle. Usually, this is because the defendant denies owing anything or they make an inadequate offer. In those cases, your lawyer will file a lawsuit and pursue your case in court. Even after we file suit, we continue to pursue a settlement, and it is not unusual for defendants to back down and settle a case after we file suit. In any event, your lawyer will keep you well informed about any settlement movement in your case.

What happens if your case never settles? Well, that is when we shine. We go to trial. To be sure, almost all of our clients would prefer not to have to go through a trial. But if it is necessary, you can rest assured that your lawyer will be fully prepared to win your case.


Our firm has an excellent reputation

$1 Billion in verdicts & settlements on behalf of our clients

What We Get For You

Early in our firm’s history, we adopted the motto – “Justice. One Case at a Time.” This motto was not mere window dressing. It reflected our desire to bring justice to the victims of accidents. In an injury case, justice is about more than just medical bills and lost wages. To be sure, those are important. But the human damages are equally important. In most cases, that means recovering for the following damages:

  • Past Lost Wages
  • Past Medical Expenses
  • Past Physical Pain
  • Past mental suffering and anguish
  • Future Medical Expenses
  • Future Lost wages
  • Future mental suffering and anguish
  • Loss of the ability to enjoy life
  • Permanent disfigurement and disability

Of course, damages that can be recovered vary from case to case. And the amount that can be recovered is based on the severity of the injury. Examples of some cases are contained in the “Case Results” section of this website. But remember, the facts of each case are different, so the recovery in one case does not necessarily predict the result in another. But, when you have Wettermark Keith at your side, you can rest assured that we know the value of your case and will do everything possible to recover the full value for you.