It's more to us, its personal


Lunch Pail Mentality

Our Core Principles


Character is the invisible, unshakeable foundation on which we build our client relationships. At Wettermark Keith, we define character as doing the right thing when no one is watching. We strive to uphold our commitment to honesty, fairness, and integrity - to be the lawyers our communities can trust. This principle extends beyond our professional lives - when we go home at the end of each day, we want to look our loved ones in the eye and know that our children would be proud of our actions.

“Lunch Pail Mentality”

Originally used by blue-collar workers to transport their meals to the job site, the beat-up metal lunch pail has become a symbol of a strong work ethic, dedication, and commitment to one's goals, bringing to mind iconic photographs of hardworking men perched fearlessly atop the skeletons of skyscrapers. In competitive sports, the lunch pail mentality has been used to describe athletes or teams known for their relentless effort. In the workplace, it’s been used to describe employees who were determined, reliable, and willing to earn their success through hard work and perseverance. We seek to channel this unwavering dedication and blue-collar work ethic in our practice, coming to work each morning ready to roll up our sleeves for a full day’s labor - with the determination, resilience, and courage to take on any challenge.


At Wettermark Keith, we’re proud to foster a culture of innovation and change. We stay ahead of the curve, continually exploring and integrating new technologies to broaden our services and improve the client experience. We prioritize our clients by developing user-centric apps that boost transparency and streamline processes. Our focus on cutting-edge technology is not driven by novelty, but by our commitment to providing accessible, efficient, and effective legal representation.


To us, compassion is more than a word - it’s a commitment. We understand that the majority of our clients are navigating some of the toughest periods of their lives. We want to assure them that they are not alone. We provide not just legal support, but human connection - a listening ear and a shoulder to lean on. At Wettermark Keith, we treat every client with kindness, patience, and respect, understanding the weight of the trust they’ve placed in us.

Our People

Wettermark Keith’s greatest asset, without a doubt, is our people. The people who make up Wettermark Keith come from all walks of life - these unique perspectives and experiences strengthen our ability to form connections with clients from diverse backgrounds and provide them with tailored solutions to address their challenges. We prioritize quality over quantity, selecting professionals who share our principles and sense of dedication. We don’t see our clients as cases - we see them as part of our family. “To us, it’s personal” isn’t just a slogan - it’s a promise.

Our History

Nearly 20 years ago, James Wettermark and Chris Keith founded a law firm with a simple goal – to help people injured by the wrongful conduct of others. They knew they would be fighting big insurance companies. They knew they would go up against global corporations and their high-priced lawyers. They knew it wouldn’t be easy. But they didn’t back down. They took them on. Toe to toe. And they won. Over and over again.

The firm’s success did not go unnoticed. The firm’s partners, James Wettermark and Chris Keith received numerous honors, including selection as Super Lawyers. Martindale-Hubbell awarded the firm their highest rating, AV Preeminent. Major labor organizations across the country recognized the firm as a go-to choice for their members. The partners accomplishments have been featured in numerous publications, including The Birmingham News, The Louisville Courier-Journal, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Florence Times Daily, Birmingham Business Journal, Kentucky Post, Cincinnati Enquirer, The Telegraph (Macon), The American Lawyer, The Clarion-Ledger (Jackson), News Herald (Panama City), National Public Radio, and in many other media outlets.

Wettermark Keith's success quickly attracted other talented lawyers who shared their vision, leading to the firm's growth. What began with two founding lawyers operating from a small office in downtown Birmingham has now expanded to include over 24 hardworking lawyers and nearly 100 dedicated support staff. The reach of Wettermark Keith extends beyond Birmingham, as they have offices in Chattanooga, Dothan, Huntsville, Montgomery, Knoxville, and Panama City. From these locations, the lawyers of Wettermark Keith provide assistance to individuals throughout the Southeast and across the nation.

While the firm takes pride in its numerous seven-figure verdicts and settlements, they are committed to representing clients beyond just the large, "serious" cases. At Wettermark Keith, every case is regarded as serious and significant. The firm's practice areas encompass a wide range of legal matters, including personal injury cases, auto wrecks, trucking wrecks, insurance dispute claims (including storm damage claims), nursing home abuse, medical malpractice, on-the-job injuries (including workers' compensation), social security disability, and veterans' disability claims, among others. This diverse portfolio reflects the firm's dedication to addressing the various needs of their clients.


The firm focuses on personal injury and wrongful death cases. While the firm’s lawyers are understandably proud of their many seven-figure verdicts and settlements, the firm does not limit its representation to large, serious cases.


The firm focuses on personal injury and wrongful death cases. While the firm’s lawyers are understandably proud of their many seven-figure verdicts and settlements, the firm does not limit its representation to large, serious cases.



It's More To Us, It's Personal

Wettermark Keith Birmingham did an amazing job on my case. John Stephens went out of his way to come to Macon, Georgia and contact every business on the road I was traveling during the accident. His hard work resulted in footage of the wreck that changed the outcome of the case. I appreciate everything this group of lawyers did for me and helped me receive the money and care I needed from my accident. If you’re ever in an accident, I highly recommend these personal injury lawyers.

- Jared

After being in a car accident in September of 2021 I had no idea of the issues I would face with the other motorist insurance company. After being shocked that the other insurance company would not entertain a pain and suffering settlement I reached out for help. My neighbor, a retired police detective, recommended Wettermark Keith. I reached out and we got the ball rolling. Roper Elrod was assigned to my case and I was very pleased with his help and support. He always kept me updated on the progress and changes of my case as well as providing me with the best advice. I am very pleased with how everything was handled by Roper and the Wettermark Keith team!! Thank you for representing me in the most professional manner!!

- Justine

Wettermark Keith represented me when I injured myself at work. Their lawyers got me a good, quick settlement and when I couldn't return to my job they handled my social security disability claim. Every lawyer who assisted in my case was always so professional and courteous. I will highly recommend them to anyone needing legal help.

- Donnie

Highly recommend anyone who's filing a disability claim in any state in the US contact Wettermark-Keith attorneys to help ease the stress of figuring it all out yourself. My attorney, Brian Smith from the Wettermark-Keith firm was efficient, friendly, positive and professional. All of the paralegals who helped me along the way were all a wonderful team and without them I don't believe I could've navigated the minutiae of the social security filing process. We took it all the way to the administrative law Judge and there Brian Smith worked his magic and got me approved for disability benefits with back pay as my case was 3 years old. It's never too late to call Wettermark-Keith for help and answers they are THE experts to call. Thank you attorney Brian Smith and thank you Wettermark-Keith!!

- Lori

I highly recommend Wettermark Keith I contacted them after I had a bad car accident and suffered injuries. It was great communication and they kept me updated with each step of my case. Also got me a good check! Thank you.

- Christal

James Wettermark and Chris Keith 2003 to 2023


Most people never expect that they will need the help of a lawyer. And then suddenly they are injured by a careless driver. They can’t work. Medical bills are piling up. Their savings are gone. Or, a loved one is killed. It might happen on the job. Or it could be because of a defective product. Or possibly a hospital was negligent. It doesn’t matter why or how. A child no longer has a father to support him. A wife becomes a widow. Crying doesn’t help pay the bills. So you turn to the injury and accident lawyers of Wettermark Keith. And we go into action.

For most of our clients, the first contact with our firm is through our intake department. Our intake specialists are highly trained and caring individuals who obtain the basic facts about our case. This information is then reviewed by Mr. Keith or Mr. Wettermark, and they assign your case to the firm’s lawyer who is best suited for it. Typically, this lawyer will have a wealth of experience and a long and successful track record in your type of case.

Your lawyer will then promptly contact you. He will go over your case and facts in detail with you. He will also introduce you to the team of professionals who will be working with him on your case. Typically, this team consists of a medical records specialist who obtains all of your medical records and bills, a legal assistant/paralegal who monitors the day to day activity in your case, and, in some cases, a second lawyer who will be assisting on the case. Oftentimes, one of the firm’s investigators will also be involved at this early stage and will obtain a photograph and witness statement.

Some cases don’t settle. Usually, this is because the defendant denies owing anything or they make an inadequate offer. In those cases, your lawyer will file a lawsuit and pursue your case in court. Even after we file suit, we continue to pursue a settlement, and it is not unusual for defendants to back down and settle a case after we file suit. In any event, your lawyer will keep you well informed about any settlement movement in your case.

What happens if your case never settles? Well, that is when we shine. We go to trial. To be sure, almost all of our clients would prefer not to have to go through a trial. But if it is necessary, you can rest assured that your lawyer will be fully prepared to win your case.


Early in our firm’s history, we adopted the motto – “Justice. One Case at a Time.” This motto was not mere window dressing. It reflected our desire to bring justice to the victims of accidents. In an injury case, justice is about more than just medical bills and lost wages. To be sure, those are important. But the human damages are equally important. This is why our motto has evolved to: "It’s More To Us, It’s Personal."

In most cases, this means recovering for the following damages:

Past Lost Wages

Past Medical Expenses

Past Physical Pain

Past mental suffering and anguish

Future Medical Expenses

Future Lost wages

Future mental suffering and anguish

Loss of the ability to enjoy life

Permanent disfigurement and disability

Of course, damages that can be recovered vary from case to case. And the amount that can be recovered is based on the severity of the injury. Examples of some cases are contained in the “Case Result” section of this website. But remember, the facts of each case are different, so the recovery in one case does not necessarily predict the result in another. But, when you have Wettermark Keith at your side, you can rest assured that we know the value of your case and will do everything possible to recover the full value for you.