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In a time where quality customer service is nearly non-existent, I would like to let people know about the outstanding customer service I’ve received from the Wettermark Keith Veterans Affairs Attorneys; specifically, Ms. Joley Dixon. I am an Air Force veteran with nearly 12 years of active-duty service that has been out since 1998 and had never previously filed a claim. After fellow co-workers convinced me to pursue disabilities that were documented, I attempted to go the road alone. I quickly found out that the VA was not there to assist, and after numerous attempts and denials, I had all but given up hope. This is where the Wettermark Keith Law Firm (i.e., Ms. Dixon) quite literally changed everything. Ms. Dixon has been my attorney for nearly two and a half years. Without her tenacity and knowledge of VA law, I would be just another veteran lost in the shuffle. I have had to seek legal help at other times in my life, and have never had an experience like this. Her availability and willingness to continually go the extra mile is remarkable. The crazy part about all of this is that I’ve never physically met her, nor stepped foot in the Wettermark Keith office. If you’re reading this I have to ask, “When does that ever happen?”. Quite simply, it doesn’t. For 99.9% of people, if you’re out of sight, then you’re out of mind. Ms. Dixon stays in constant communication with you every step of the way. Joley’s efforts have changed my life and the lives of my children. From a person that was at zero percent to an individual that now receives 60% disability benefits, she continues to fight for me and I am forever grateful. So, if you’re looking for a VA attorney, hopefully, I’ve ended your search. Forever Grateful. - Veteran Disability Client
My vehicle was totaled in a rear-end collision. I researched local attorneys and went with Wettermark Keith. Their diligent professionalism aided me in my physical recovery. I can't thank you enough for your assistance. - Car Accident Client
Working with Brian Smith was reassuring from day one and continued through my entire process of obtaining my disability. The encouragement and concern shown was sincere and the reward was truly appreciated when my disability was approved. They worked hard through my appeals and in my hearing providing the necessary information for my disability to be granted. Thank you so much for all of your dedicated assistance in this long process! - Social Security Client
Expert representation with a personal touch is the best way to describe our experience with Wettermark Keith. Our attorneys were highly professional, exteremely courteous, and prompt to respond to any and all questions and concerns we had. The staff worked diligently to be sure every detailed was attended to. Looking back, there would have been no way possible that we could have navigated through all of the necessary processes to resolve this unfortunate situation that we found ourselves in. We highly recommend the attorneys at Wettermark Keith! They were very kind and caring to us and resolved every need we had. - Personal Injury Client
Wettermark Keith got me the money I deserved from my accident. They took care of contacting insurance and kept me informed throughout the process of my injury claim. Excellent work in my "pursuit of happiness" without a long, drawn out back and forth. He dropped the knowledge and the insurance dropped the check. Even advised me on "outsiders" trying to get in on my claim. This is the 2nd time without fail they have came through...trusting them with any other claims from now on. - Workers' Compensation Client
My wife and I were seriously injured in an auto accident where a gentleman ran a stop sign in front of us. I called Wettermark Keith while I was still in Vanderbilt hospital recovering from injuries and hired them to represent us. Over the next 7 month's my attorney and his staff work effortlessly to represent us and ultimately achieved a settlement 5 times greater than the insurance company's initial offer. I would highly recommend Wettermark Keith. - Auto Accident Client
Amber Osborne was just awesome in handling my case with the Veterans Administration. She walked through step by step with me during the process. All the hearings and paperwork, she was right there by my side and never left me hanging. There's no way I could have gotten through this process without her as my attorney. I'm truly grateful and thankful for her expertise and professionalism and proud to call her my Attorney. - Frank
I worked for the railroad for 27 years and I gave them my life. Then I was in a major accident and the railroad basically disowned me and didn’t care about me anymore. I knew I needed some help. I talked with Wettermark Keith and I knew they were the attorneys I needed. They really cared about me and my wife. They made us feel like family. It couldn’t have been any better. The money I received for my injuries will take care of my family for the rest of our life. - Railroad Client
We are from Louisville, KY and even though Wettermark Keith is from Birmingham, AL there was no doubt that we needed to hire them to represent us. As a representative of my Union, I witnessed the large settlements James Wettermark obtained for workers. They fought very hard for us. I don’t believe that any other law firm could have got us the settlement we received. We are very pleased about the settlement Wettermark Keith obtained for us. - Workers Compensation Client
A prescription drug caused me to develop Rhabdomyolysis and kidney failure. I was hospitalized for 30 days and realized that I needed an attorney to represent me. That’s when I called Wettermark Keith. They worked hard for me and I can’t praise or thank them enough for what they did. I tell all my friends, if they’re ever injured to call James Wettermark. - Defective Drugs Client
I am feeling optimistic after hearing the testimony and opinion of the P.T. but don't want to get ahead of myself about anything prematurely. I do want to say thank you. In my opinion you handled my case very well and very professionally. Your opening statement was great and your last question for the P.T. was not short of being awesome, if I may say so myself. I felt like I was watching an episode of Matlock or some such attorney, who's famous words when asked by the judge if you had anything to add and you said 'just one more question, your honor." And then you pull that one question that no one is thinking but its the no brainer question that nails the coffin shut. I know I am sounding a little melodramatic but all jokes aside, that was brilliant and I don't think you could have ended the hearing any better if you wanted to. Because if I heard everything correctly that put him on record as saying, "hypothetically," that none of the jobs he said I could perform I could actually perform. Well, I already put it in God's hands and whatever happens is out of my control anyway. But, do I believe He used you this morning for the sake of me? You bet I do. So, thank you again for your effort at achieving this goal for me and no matter what I am grateful. - Social Security Disability Client