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Huntsville, Alabama, has played a vital role in shaping the history of our country since the beginning and is known for its innovative thinkers and resilient community. Home to NASA's early space exploration program in the 1960s, "The Rocket City" is home to nearly 200,000 individuals and was recently named one of the Best Places to Live in the United States by U.S. News and World Report. 

Today, it remains an exceptional place to live with a booming biotechnology industry, stunning green spaces, and a lively comedy scene. Still, despite all there is to love about this Southern gem, auto accidents, workplace injuries, and personal injuries can still occur. Living in Huntsville is great, but these accidents on the road and in the workplace can cause serious injuries or even death, leaving you and your family devastated. We understand the physical, emotional, and financial impacts of personal injuries and are committed to helping you get the compensation you deserve. Our practice is built on trust and communication, and we will treat you like family.

At Wettermark Keith, we understand that every personal injury case is unique, and we strive to provide individualized attention to each of our clients. Our experienced attorneys have a proven track record of success in helping our clients obtain the compensation they deserve for their injuries. Don't wait until it's too late to seek legal representation. At Wettermark Keith, we are proud to represent the people of this historic city in their time of need. Like the city itself, our law firm was built on trust, hard work, and innovative thinking. If you are injured in an accident, contact our team today for a free case evaluation.


Personal injury law deals with any physical wrongdoing to an individual. Many types of law fall under this in Alabama, including dangerous accidents like car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, wrongful death, malpractice by medical providers, and other injuries. The specifics of different injury cases may change the requirements. An injury lawyer at our firm will help you determine if you have an injury case in Alabama based on the following factors:


To argue that someone harmed you at no fault of your own, you must first prove that someone else owed you a legal duty of care. At any given time, you may owe others around you a duty of care.

For example, when you're driving, you owe a duty of care to other drivers on the road by driving safely and following the law.

Remember that you don't always owe another person a duty of care. For example, if you saw someone slip and fall on another person's property, you don't owe the victim a duty of care.


Once you've established that the other party had a duty of care, you must show a lawyer how they breached it. Consider a case involving a defective product. If the product was medicine and was poorly made, resulting in you getting sick, the breach of duty of care was the failure to provide the promised product.


While someone else may have breached their duty of care, their negligence may not be relevant if it didn't cause the injury. As a result, a lawyer has to prove causation of the injury.

Continuing the product liability example, the negligence of putting the wrong ingredients in the product directly caused the injury. Without the link of causation, even if someone else was being negligent or acting wrongfully, you do not have a personal injury case.


Even if someone else's actions caused an accident and injury to happen, you must prove that you experienced damages and injuries as a result. For example, say you were in a car accident and the other party breached a duty of care by texting and driving. Their negligence caused you to swerve off the road, but you and your vehicle were unscathed. You do not have any damages or injuries to make claims.

Similarly, if the damages happening around this same event did not occur due to the breach of care, you do not have a case. If you had a car accident where you were not at fault, but the only damages that occurred were breaking your arm while getting out of the car, your claim is null and void.


Our Huntsville personal injury lawyers can help with almost any personal injury case throughout Alabama, including car accidents and workplace injuries. Below is a list of some of our most common injury case types:

Huntsville, Alabama has several great options for biking enthusiasts, like riding along the scenic views of Indian Creek and its surrounding landscape. Although initiatives to improve bike accessibility are in place, bicycle accidents can still occur, and their effects on the community can be significant. If you or someone you know has experienced a personal injury or lost a loved one in a bicycle accident, our attorneys are available to assist you in obtaining compensation and pursuing justice.

Huntsville is a vibrant, growing city in Alabama; unfortunately, it is also the home of many individuals who have suffered from burn injuries. Burn injuries can be traumatic, leaving victims with lifelong scarring and emotional damage. If you or a loved one has experienced a burn injury, it is essential to contact a lawyer to ensure that you receive the care and compensation that you deserve.

Car accidents are a common occurrence in Alabama, and Huntsville's busy roads are no exception. If you have been in a car accident caused by a distracted driver, a rear-end collision, or while ridesharing, your insurance company may not be offering you adequate compensation. Our law firm recognizes the stress and disturbance that accidents can cause and is committed to assisting you in your recovery.

When a child suffers a personal injury in Huntsville, it can be a distressing experience for both the child and their family. Although minor injuries may only need basic medical attention, severe injuries resulting from another person's negligence may require legal action to protect your child's rights. At Wettermark Keith, our team of child injury lawyers is committed to assisting families in navigating the legal system and focusing on their child's recovery. If your child has been seriously injured due to negligence, reach out to us today for a consultation.

Commercial drivers in Huntsville are frequently required to drive long hours, which can result in fatigue and distractions. Regrettably, this type of driving can result in severe accidents that cause life-changing injuries or even death. Lawsuits involving commercial vehicles differ from those involving private vehicles due to differences in insurance and ownership relationships. Seeking advice from a seasoned Wettermark Keith attorney in Huntsville can make a huge difference in the outcome of the claim.

Nationwide, 20% of annual U.S. worker deaths occur on construction sites. Construction sites are common locations for workplace injuries in Huntsville. Accidents caused by falling objects, malfunctioning equipment, and other hazards can result in serious injuries. If you have been injured while working on a construction site, our skilled attorneys can help you navigate the complex process of obtaining workers' compensation and insurance coverage. Contact Wettermark Keith’s attorneys today to get the compensation you deserve.

In Huntsville, consumers purchase a range of products every day, including household items and medical devices. Sadly, if a product is defective or inadequately manufactured, it can put consumers at significant risk, causing severe injuries or even wrongful death, even if used correctly. These defective product cases are intricate and require the expertise of a skilled lawyer who can hold the responsible parties accountable. Our team of experienced defective product lawyers at Wettermark Keith can assist you in navigating the legal system and fighting for the compensation you are entitled to.

Dog attacks can leave physical and emotional scars that last a lifetime, and they occur frequently in Huntsville due to off-leash strays, poorly trained pets, or unfamiliar dogs. Victims of dog attacks may face serious injuries, disfigurement, and psychological trauma, as well as high medical bills, PTSD, sleep disturbances, and a fear of dogs. Our experienced dog bite lawyers understand the devastating impact of these attacks and can help you seek compensation from the owner's insurance company without personally charging your friend or neighbor.

Drunk driving accidents in Huntsville can result in severe injuries and emotional trauma for victims and their loved ones. If you or someone you know has been involved in a drunk driving accident, our experienced attorneys at Wettermark Keith can help you obtain the compensation you deserve. We understand the impact of such accidents and are dedicated to assisting victims in recovering physically, emotionally, and financially. We will work diligently to ensure that you receive proper compensation to cover medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages.

A variety of circumstances - most commonly falls and auto wrecks - can cause head injuries. TBI, or traumatic brain injury, can be partially or entirely debilitating, making it impossible for you to continue your career, family life, or hobbies. If you’ve suffered a head injury, contact Wettermark Keith’s lawyers to let us help you seek justice and improve your quality of life.

Healthcare professionals pledge to protect and prioritize the well-being of their patients, but when they act negligently and ignore the standard of care, they must be held responsible. Medical malpractice can result from a healthcare provider's actions that cause harm, omit vital information, or make a severe mistake in diagnosis, treatment, or follow-up care. As medical malpractice cases are complex and require swift action, it is crucial to seek the guidance of an experienced medical malpractice lawyer who can help you navigate the legal system.

It is a known fact that motorcycle riders are more exposed and at risk for injury when involved in an accident. Even the strongest helmet offers far less protection than an airbag - lacking the protection of strong metal, a windshield, or a seatbelt, any collision can be fatal to a motorcycle rider. In fact, motorcyclists are 6 times more likely to experience fatal injuries compared to every other type of vehicle accident. Motorcyclists in Huntsville are vulnerable to serious accidents due to the negligence of other drivers. Despite the law requiring drivers to treat motorcycles like any other vehicle on the road, they are often overlooked or underestimated, resulting in severe injuries or even fatalities. At Wettermark Keith, our skilled attorneys are dedicated to helping motorcycle accident victims seek justice and obtain the compensation they deserve. Contact us today to discuss your case.

Elder abuse is a concerning issue in long-term care facilities across the United States, and Huntsville is no exception. Nursing home residents can experience neglect, malnutrition, and physical, or emotional abuse. If you suspect that your loved one has suffered abuse or neglect, our attorneys in Huntsville can assist you in investigating and pursuing legal action against the responsible parties.

Careless drivers often cause severe injuries or fatalities to pedestrians, despite the latter having the right of way. One moment of inattention can lead to years of physical therapy for the victim to relearn how to walk. If you or someone you know has been hit by a car, you may be entitled to compensation for the driver's failure to take necessary actions to avoid the accident. Contact an attorney at Wettermark Keith today.

Negligence can cause accidents and injuries anywhere, even in a wonderful place like Huntsville. Workplace or road accidents resulting in personal injury or wrongful death can be a distressing experience. At Wettermark Keith, we comprehend the physical and emotional suffering that follows a civil case after an accident. Our top rated personal injury attorneys can support you through the process and strive to obtain the compensation you are entitled to.

Despite the beauty of Huntsville, both tourists, and residents may face dangerous situations caused by hazardous conditions. Property owners who neglect their premises can pose a risk of life-threatening or fatal injuries to visitors. If you or a loved one has been injured on someone else's property, you don't have to face it alone. While property owners and insurance companies may prioritize their own interests, our attorneys at Wettermark Keith will fight exclusively for your rights and seek the compensation you deserve.

36% of Americans use Uber regularly for price and convenience reasons. With the increase in the use of rideshare services, there has been a significant rise in accidents involving these vehicles. If you have been injured in an accident involving an Uber or Lyft driver in Huntsville, don't hesitate to contact a personal injury lawyer at Wettermark Keith to help you with your case.

Slip and fall accidents can happen unexpectedly in Huntsville. Insurance companies may try to reduce the compensation that victims of slip and fall accidents receive by attributing fault to the victim, claiming that they acted negligently and are accountable for their own injuries. At Wettermark Keith, our attorneys are here to guide you through the intricate legal process, communicate with all parties on your behalf, and ensure that your rights are protected throughout the case.

In Huntsville, accidents involving large or commercial vehicles such as 18-wheelers or tractor-trailers can result in serious injuries or even death. Despite the stringent safety regulations that these vehicles must adhere to, truck drivers sometimes disregard these rules, putting other drivers in harm's way. If you or a loved one has been involved in a truck accident, don't hesitate to contact the truck accident attorneys at Wettermark Keith. We can help you navigate the legal process and fight for the compensation you deserve.

A workplace injury occurs roughly every seven seconds. Workplace injuries can happen in any industry, from physically demanding jobs like mining and construction to sedentary office jobs that can lead to repetitive stress injuries. If you've been injured on the job, you have a right to workers' compensation benefits. At Wettermark Keith, our experienced workers' comp attorneys can help you navigate the complex process of filing a claim and receiving compensation benefits.

Being involved in a truck accident with an 18-wheeler can result in severe injuries, medical expenses, and lost wages. However, you may be entitled to compensation for your losses and injuries. Dealing with the legal system, insurance companies, and taking legal action can be a daunting task, but our attorneys can help. At Wettermark Keith, we understand the complexities of truck accident cases, and our lawyers will work tirelessly to ensure you receive the financial recovery you deserve.

If you have been involved in any of these above accidents or others, do not hesitate to contact the personal injury attorneys from our Huntsville Wettermark Keith office to set up your free consultation with our legal team.


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Frequently Asked Questions

After a car accident, adrenaline and cortisol surge through your body, which can mask pain and injury. Despite feeling fine, the effects of the accident may manifest later as internal or external injuries. It is important to seek medical attention, even if you think it is just whiplash, as you may have a personal injury case.

If you've been injured as a result of someone else's negligence, you may have a personal injury case. Determining if you have enough evidence to support a case can be challenging. Contact Wettermark Keith’s Huntsville injury attorneys to discuss the specifics of your case and determine if you have a claim.

In Huntsville, the court examines the evidence to determine which party is at fault. Personal injury cases are not always straightforward, so it is vital to have the right lawyer on your side to build you a solid case. Contact the attorneys at Wettermark Keith today!

The government created statute of limitations to set deadlines on when legal actions can be initiated, ensuring fairness and clarity in the pursuit of justice. In Alabama, the statute of limitations for most personal injury claims is two years from the date of the incident that caused the injury. This limited time frame is essential, as it dictates the period within which you must file your lawsuit to seek compensation for damages resulting from someone else's negligence or wrongdoing.

Understanding the costs involved in legal representation is a common concern for many individuals seeking justice. When it comes to hiring lawyers, the financial aspect can vary widely depending on the nature of your case and the law firm you choose.

At Wettermark Keith, we aim to alleviate these concerns by offering our services on a contingency fee basis. This approach means that you are not required to pay any fees upfront. Instead, our compensation is contingent upon the successful resolution of your case. If we win or settle your case, our legal fees and any associated costs will be deducted from your final settlement or judgment amount at the conclusion of the case. 

This structure ensures that our interests are aligned with yours, as we are motivated to achieve the best possible outcome for you. It also makes legal representation accessible to those who might not have the means to pay for an attorney out of pocket.


Wettermark Keith has served clients in the Huntsville area for two decades. Our team of Alabama personal injury lawyers are dedicated to you and your case. We're proud of achieving top results for our clients by our lawyers utilizing aggressive litigation strategies. We never require you to pay unless we win your case.

We offer free consultations so you can get to know us before we start to work together. Some Alabama law firms won't go to court if they can't settle your case. A legal team from our firm will become your personal injury trial lawyer if that's where your case leads. We love all of Madison County and want to do our part to uphold justice in these communities.


We believe in treating your personal injury case as individually necessary. While some law firms work on cases like an assembly line, we value you as a client and think you deserve respect and honor. This passion for our clients prepares our Huntsville lawyers to fight for justice daily.


Passion is nothing without effort behind it. Being your Huntsville injury lawyer is more than just our job. It's our calling. Our lawyers are willing to go to the highest obstacles to see your case through. We value open communication with our clients and our lawyers aren't afraid to go after big companies to get you what you deserve.


For more than 20 years, Wettermark Keith has been helping Alabama residents get compensation for their injuries. We don't think it's fair for clients to fight against massive insurance companies and their lawyers to receive compensation. We work closely with each of our clients, ensuring they receive personalized attention. Our legal team cares about each of our personal injury clients. We believe that our clients deserve to get compensated for their injuries, medical expenses, lost wages as well as their pain and suffering. Hiring the right personal injury attorney in Huntsville can make or break your case. You deserve to receive compensation for your injuries.

Our firm has built a positive reputation in the industry through years of hard work, dedication, and real results. With offices in Alabama, Tennessee, and Florida, Wettermark Keith remains one of the top personal injury firms in the Southeast. We practice with care and compassion, telling our clients stories and making their voices known. Our success is in our strong relationships with our clients, based on constant communication and an unwavering dedication to truth and trust. Winning cases isn’t our goal - caring for you is. Winning is just how we show it. Do not hesitate to contact a Huntsville personal injury lawyer at Wettermark Keith if you have been injured in an accident. Contact us today for more info and to see why we're the best personal injury lawyers serving Huntsville, Alabama.


Many personal injury law firms will ask a client to pay money upfront to represent them. Not with Wettermark Keith. Clients don't pay anything until our firm wins your case. Our firm operates on a contingency fee basis, meaning you pay nothing unless we win your case. Any legal fees and associated costs will be collected from your winnings at the conclusion of the case. If your attorney is not able to obtain a verdict or settlement for your injury, you will not be charged any legal fees for their efforts.

Wettermark Keith was extremely professional and helpful. This personal injury law firm helped my husband over 10 years ago when he fell and broke his foot on vacation. I called them first because I liked their TV commercials. They are very nice people and I would call them again if I needed a lawyer.

- Juanita

Law firm Wettermark Keith has exceeded my expectations! I recommend these lawyers to anyone and everyone I come across. Their commitment to their clients is outstanding. Communication is easy. And I got my settlement very fast. I definitely recommend working with Lee Hawker. He is very gracious and kind. He looked out for me and my family and went above and beyond for us. I’m very grateful!

- Alexa

My personal embattlement with the Social Security Administration went downhill. From a personal recommendation, I reached out to Wettermark Keith law firm. Brian Smith and his team took my case and throughout the whole process, I felt more than just another number. Frequent updates were provided, and emphasis was placed on ensuring all needed documentation was in place. In the end, the accident case resulted in a favorable victory. A big thank you to my lawyer Brian Smith and the team at Wettermark Keith for the hard work throughout the entire personal injury process.

- Dallas

I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Mark English at Wettermark Keith law firm after my car accident in December 2021. He was very thorough in everything, did a wonderful job of explaining everything that was happening, and was super easy to get in touch with when I needed him. I never had a question that was left unanswered by this lawyer. He's very kind and patient, and he made the personal injury claims process so easy for me. I absolutely recommend him, it was a pleasure working with him!

- Rose

I am so elated that I utilized Mr. Muhammad Abdullah’s services. In the beginning, he told me the compensation that I would receive for my personal injury claim and I actually received more than that! After my car wreck (in my brand-new vehicle), I was actually surprised that I was in the pain that I was in. Mr. Abdullah made sure I saw the necessary people for therapy and worked hard to get me back into my car after the accident. I felt that he was diligent, listened to my concerns, and quickly got me back in my car and compensated! I will be utilizing Mr. Abdullah again and again, anytime I ever have to hire a lawyer.

- Madinah