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Workers' Compesation LAWYER IN Huntsville

Huntsville has plenty of amazing new opportunities for workers in any industry. With a city that grows year over year, businesses are moving in, expanding, and looking for workers. But when you get injured at work, you should be ready to take action and hire a law firm to get the compensation you deserve. Keep reading to see how a Wettermark Keith workers’ compensation lawyer in Huntsville could help you.

Benefits You Can Claim with Workers’ Compensation

As is so often the case in personal injury law, the type of benefits you can claim depends on the details of your case. Depending on your state, you may be more or less entitled to greater amounts of financial benefits. Additionally, the intensity of your injuries also influences the total amount of compensation you’re able to claim. 

Temporary disability benefits, usually reserved for those injuries that only take a person out of work for a couple of days, is typically two-thirds of your usual wages. Workers’ compensation also covers the cost of your medical bills, ongoing medical care, and rehabilitation for as long as you need it to return to your work. If the accident left you with permanent injuries and your doctor has determined that you have reached MMI, or maximum medical improvement, you can claim permanent partial disability benefits or PPD. This amount will be determined by the percentage of disability your doctor designates for you. You may even be able to claim vocational rehabilitation fees required to train you for a new career or role that better fits your state of disability.

In short, there are a lot of options out there for those facing a workplace accident. Talk to a Wettermark Keith workers’ compensation lawyer in Huntsville today about your options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does workers’ compensation cover work-related illness or injuries that aren’t accident-related?

Workers’ compensation will cover both work-related injuries not directly caused by the results of an accident and work-related illnesses, but the coverage depends on the type of injury or illness being claimed, as well as the work environment the individual works in. Illnesses like long-term disorders and diseases are absolutely included, but so are illnesses like COVID-19, though there are different rules for different illnesses.

Additionally, if your injury wasn’t caused by an accident, you can still receive compensation. An example of these types of injuries might be the development of carpal tunnel syndrome from a job that requires a lot of motion in the hands and forearms, like typing. Every job has its hazards, but if the hazard causes you to develop an illness or injury in the long term, you are absolutely entitled to a settlement.

What types of cases aren’t covered by workers’ compensation?

The answer is that it depends on the state you’re in and the type of accident. Three big categories of injuries are not covered by insurance. The first is injuries that you intentionally incurred upon yourself. If you meant to be injured by the accident that occurred, you obviously cannot claim financial benefits. If you try to claim benefits anyway, your company must prove that you intentionally brought the injury upon yourself.

Secondly, you cannot claim injury if you were intoxicated by drugs or alcohol at the time of the accident. Being under the influence makes your reaction times slower and reduces your physical coordination, meaning you are more prone to not only be injured in an accident but cause one. Besides, most workplaces have policies against drugs and drinking in the workplace, thus barring you from claiming any type of compensation.

Finally, you cannot claim injury benefits if you were involved in a fight that was started by an employee. Even if you didn’t start the fight yourself, your involvement in the fight is enough for your employer to prove that you took on additional risk with the knowledge of being potentially injured.

We should also add that not all emotional injuries can be claimed as a result of the job, especially if they do not manifest physical disability in the workplace. But if you are facing any of these circumstances, talk to a Huntsville workers’ comp attorney. They will be able to more clearly tell you if your case is viable.

Can I still claim workers’ comp if I was at fault for the accident?

When injured workers claim workers’ compensation, neither you nor your company will have to prove who was at-fault for the accident. Thus, you can absolutely claim compensation, even if the accident was your fault. The only time you would not be able to claim compensation if you were technically at fault is if you intentionally caused the accident and your subsequent injury with the intention of claiming benefits.

Who pays for workers’ compensation?

Most employers in North Alabama are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance, so technically, the insurance companies are the parties responsible for paying your workers’ compensation benefits. Still, your employer or insurance company may be hesitant to actually pay you your due benefits, so it’s best to have experienced workers’ compensation lawyers on your side.

Wettermark Keith: Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Huntsville

If you remember anything, don’t forget this: No matter if you’re seeking workers’ comp, wrongful death benefits, lost wages, or you’re totally disabled, you can benefit from the help of workers’ compensation attorneys. Your situation may seem lost if your workplace’s workers’ compensation insurance company is refusing to pay, or your boss is threatening your job, but be encouraged. At Wettermark Keith, we’ve represented workers’ compensation cases like yours before, and we’re happy to help you face whatever challenge comes your way. Fill out the form below to get in touch, and let us help you get the workers’ compensation benefits you need!

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