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Was Your Baby's Health Placed at Risk by Toxic Baby Foods or Formula? Your Rights Amidst Rising Baby Food Lawsuits

As parents, we place immense trust in baby food products, formulas, and supplements to nourish our children in their most vital growing years. However, recent investigations have raised alarming concerns that some of these products may contain levels of toxic heavy metals that can impair infant development.

If your child consumed similac, enfamil, or other formulas prior to developing health conditions, you may have cause for legal action. Here is what parents need to know.

Similac and Enfamil Baby Food Lawsuits

It is believed that popular cow's milk-based premature or preterm baby formulas, specifically Similac and Enfamil may put babies at an increased risk for developing necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC). Unfortunately, the manufacturers of Similac and Enfamil formulas for premature babies did not warn of the increased risk of NEC.

NEC is a serious and potentially life-threatening gastrointestinal condition that can cause inflammation and damage to the intestines. Worse, it can cause intestinal necrosis, which can lead to organ failure and potentially death.

The specific formulas currently being investigated for a link to NEC are:

Similac NeoSure

Similac Special Care

Similac Human Milk Fortifier

Enfamil Premature

Enfamil NeuroPro

Enfamil Human Milk Fortifier

Key allegations of these formulas include:

Formula is marketed as safe for premature infants without sufficient clinical evidence

Formulas lacked proper warning labels about NEC risks

Ingredients like lactoferrin worsen gut inflammation

Additives like corn maltodextrin and palm olein oil are unsuitable for underdeveloped digestive systems

Key whey protein Alpha-lactalbumin may raise NEC risks in premature infants

The formulas add unnecessary strain to underdeveloped guts, intestines, and immune function

Thousands of infants developed NEC-related complications after ingesting formula

Injuries to Preterm Babies

Injuries to premature or preterm babies that have been linked to Similac, Enfamil, and other toxic baby foods include:

Intestinal perforation

Scarring or strictures in the intestines


Cerebral palsy

Neurological damage



According to recent investigations, it is believed doctors and other medical professionals were not made aware of the issues with these formulas. If your child was harmed after consuming these brands, contact one of Wettermark Keith's toxic baby food attorneys to add your claim to the class action lawsuits being launched against these companies.

Toxic Heavy Metals and Baby Foods

In addition to allegations around NEC risks, anger and concern continue to mount over baby foods tainted with worrying levels of toxic heavy metals. Independent testing by consumer groups and lab analysts has detected elevated levels of arsenic, lead, cadmium, and mercury in several popular infant formula and baby food brands on the market. Formula brands currently facing particular scrutiny include:




    Parent’s Choice (Walmart)

    Up&Up (Target)

    Exposure to the following toxic heavy metals is linked to chronic health issues:

    Arsenic – cardiovascular damage, neurotoxic harm, and cancer

    Lead – neurodevelopmental disabilities and lowered IQ

    Cadmium – kidney, bone, and respiratory damage

    Mercury – kidney, brain, and central nervous system toxicity

    The amounts of these substances considered relatively safe for adults can prove dangerous and developmentally destructive to babies’ still-forming organs and neurological systems. Continued intake of formula or foods containing even small amounts of these metals can have cumulative detrimental effects over time as they build up in an infant's body. Lawsuits allege manufacturers negligently sold these toxic baby foods despite knowing their risks of heavy metal contamination.

    Specific Health Risks to Infants and Toddlers

    Ingestion of heavy metals through foods early in life may contribute to:

    Impaired brain development, lower IQs

    Learning disabilities like ADHD

    Behavioral disorders and emotional dysregulation

    Difficulty with speech and language

    Memory and concentration deficits

    Reduced motor skills and physical coordination

    Higher risk of autism and cerebral palsy

    Symptoms often emerge gradually or look like other conditions, making links to toxins hard to recognize immediately. However, long-term harm can be profound, with a devastating lifelong impact on babies and young children.


    What Should Parents Do Now?

    As a parent, your top priority is determining if your child has been harmed and taking steps to aid their recovery. If you believe your child ingested formula or baby food contaminated with heavy metals, or has developed NEC due to toxic baby formula, here are some constructive actions to take:

    Immediately cease purchasing and feeding your baby any brands called out for containing toxic ingredients so as to prevent further exposure. Prioritize your child's safety.

    Have your pediatrician thoroughly examine your child for any subtle signs of developmental delay or health conditions that may potentially relate to toxic exposure. Early diagnosis is crucial for early intervention.

    Gather any receipts, labels, or lot numbers that can trace consumption back to formulas or baby foods suspected of containing dangerous levels of arsenic, lead, or other neurotoxins, or of causing NEC.

    Contact an experienced child injury lawyer or defective products attorney to explore whether you may have a viable case against negligent manufacturers. You need an attorney well-versed in this emerging area of litigation - Wettermark Keith's toxic baby food lawyers

    Exposure to toxins could potentially be coming from sources beyond food. Have your home inspected for deteriorating lead paint, lead pipes, or dust containing heavy metals.

    Seek professional diagnostic testing to identify any cognitive, physical, or behavioral deficits your child may be exhibiting linked to the ingestion of toxins during developmentally vulnerable phases. Early intervention can help maximize recovery. If your child has developed any signs of NEC, seek medical care immediately.

    Consult medical experts on whether prescription chelation therapy may be appropriate under medical supervision to actively remove absorbed heavy metals from your baby's body and mitigate potential damage.

    We realize that the threat of permanent harm to your child is terrifying. With the guidance of your doctor and expert legal counsel, you can take proactive measures to aid your baby's healing and hold accountable parties responsible for manufacturing toxic products. Please reach out so we can help your family through this.

    Consult us about joining a potential lawsuit against negligent baby food makers. Financial settlements will help pay for monitoring and therapies your child may need.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The exact settlement amounts are still to be determined as these are ongoing legal cases. However, families of children injured after consuming tainted formula or foods have received verdicts or settlements in the hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in some past defective product lawsuits. The ultimate value depends on the severity of health effects, cost of treatments and care, lost wages the child may incur over a lifetime due to disabilities, and other damages substantiated in the case.

    To join a class action lawsuit against baby food makers, you must have purchased and fed the contaminated formulas or foods to your child. You need medical records or expert opinions showing your child suffered developmental, neurological, or physical injuries from toxins consistent with heavy metals exposure. Purchase receipts help prove the use of recalled products. Our child injury lawyers can evaluate if you meet these criteria.

    Parents have recently filed lawsuits alleging baby food toxicity caused conditions like autism, lower IQ, and organ damage. However, the link between ADHD and early exposure to heavy metals through defective products is also scientifically established. If your child developed ADHD after consuming tainted formula or purees, you may still have a case for negligence pending medical expert review. Contact us to explore your options.

    Heavy metals like arsenic, lead, and mercury are neurotoxins. Exposure at key developmental stages can impair brain and nerve growth, lower IQ, contribute to learning disabilities, speech delays, loss of motor skills and balance, behavioral disorders like ADHD or autism, vision and hearing damage, immune problems, and long-term harm to kidneys and other organs.

    If you have medical or toxicity expert opinions linking your baby's health conditions or delays to the presence of dangerous heavy metals in the baby food they ingested, you may be able to pursue legal action. Consult an experienced child injury and defective products attorney to understand if you have a viable case against the manufacturer based on negligence and failure to warn of risks.

    If negligence and causation are proven, potential damages could include the costs of: medical treatments and therapies for your child related to their injuries, future care and support for special needs, reduced earning capacity from disabilities extending into adulthood, pain and suffering, chelation or other mitigation therapies, prescription medications, and other expenses attributable to the harm.

    Check your purchase and feeding history. Look for baby food brands frequently flagged for heavy metal toxicity, such as Similac, Enfamil, Earth's Best Organic, and Gerber. Review your child's medical files for any subtle developmental or neurological conditions that emerged after being fed those products. Early testing and diagnosis are key.

    Both liquid formulas and bottled purees like cereals, juices, and jarred blends have been found to potentially contain dangerous levels of toxins. All baby food is at risk for heavy metal contamination. Closely evaluate all brands your child ingested.

    Immediately cease using the baby food products suspected of toxins. Get your child evaluated by your pediatrician and request referrals to diagnosticians like neurologists, toxicologists, and developmental experts. Also, retain any packaging and purchase receipts. Contacting an experienced attorney helps you understand your legal options and next steps.

    Contact an environmental testing company to inspect your home's paint, dust, pipes, soil, water, and air quality. Sample testing can uncover lead, mold, asbestos, or other toxins potentially exacerbating your child's condition so steps can be taken to remove those home risks.

    Seeking Accountability and Justice

    No amount of money can ever undo the pain caused by formula companies' profit-driven negligence. However, by pursuing legal action, families can:

    Make companies pay the substantial costs needed for any medical care, therapy, and support your child needs.

    Demand manufacturers change reckless practices that jeopardize infants’ well-being.

    Force corporations to pay punitive fines for negligent actions that harm the innocent.

    Add public scrutiny to negligent manufacturing practices that taint baby foods.

    Provide the FDA, researchers, and pediatricians with more complete and accurate data on potential toxicity risks.

    Help prevent other children from facing the same avoidable suffering your family has endured. Your bravery can steer parents towards safer alternatives.

    The anguish of seeing your child struggle through the cognitive, health, and developmental impacts of ingesting toxic formula or baby foods is a pain no parent should face. By seeking experienced legal counsel now, you can hold these companies accountable, obtain the resources you and your child need, and bring about positive change. Reach out to Wettermark Keith at (877) 715-9300 so we can fight this battle together.


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