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Construction Accident LAWYER IN Huntsville

Construction workers know the hazards of working in their profession. Often having to work high off the ground, in extreme weather, and with large machinery, it’s no wonder that construction workers have one of the largest percentages of work-related injuries and occupational disease in all of Huntsville, Alabama. All construction workers should be ready to call construction accident lawyers in Huntsville at a moment’s notice because you never know when you’ll be the one getting injured next.

Deadly Construction Accident Statistics

Even before you have a need for Huntsville construction accident attorneys, you should make yourself aware of the common construction accident statistics for your area.

In 2019, Alabama had the highest number of occupational deaths since 2007, totaling 5,333 deaths altogether. Of these deaths, only a small percentage were self-employed, meaning the rest were either wage paid or salaried. Nearly 50% of all of these deaths were caused by transportation incidents, including construction sites that were on or near the road. For context, the second-most common cause of occupational death, workplace violence, only accounted for around 25% of workplace deaths.

Most of these workers, about 96%, were men. Alabama also has a lower average on-the-job fatality age than the national average, with deaths of 25-54-year-olds making up 62% of the state’s deaths as opposed to the national 55%. White non-Hispanics were also more likely to be involved in a workplace fatality, as 61% of the job-related deaths involved people of that description.

Knowing these facts in advance can help you avoid harmful workplace injuries altogether. Be careful in your workplace and while driving or traveling through a construction zone.

Is My Recovery Limited to Workers’ Compensation?

Your case may be limited to workers’ compensation benefits, but it really depends on the details of your accident. If your accident was just happenstance and a normal result of a risky construction site, you probably won’t be able to claim anything additional to the insurance company’s payment of workers’ compensation. However, if the accident resulting in your injury was the cause of someone else’s negligence on the job or resulted in additional and unnecessary pain and suffering, you could be entitled to compensation beyond just the normal lost wages.

Additionally, if you had medical bills, medical care, or other costs associated with you getting back to work, you may be able to claim them as part of your additional compensation. The best way to know what you’re entitled to is to give our construction accident lawyers in Huntsville a call.


Wettermark Keith: Construction Accident Lawyers in Huntsville

Don’t be caught unawares when you’re facing a work accident and injury in North Alabama. Do your research, be careful, and make a plan to call a particular on-the-job injury lawyer in Huntsville in the case you’re ever involved in a workplace accident. With Wettermark Keith, we can promise your injury cases are in good hands. We’ve got decades of experience in construction accident law, and we’d love to fight for you and your case. Getting started is as easy as filling out the form below to schedule a free consultation.

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