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Cycling in Alabama has increased in popularity in recent times. The influx in people choosing to ride a bicycle over driving is largely attributed to the increasing cost of gasoline for cars and the numerous health benefits of riding a bike. Unfortunately, cyclists face a very real danger every time they choose to ride a bike—the possibility of a bicycle accident. Due to the exposed nature of bicycle riders and the lack of any real safety features (outside of a durable helmet), riders involved in bicycle accidents often incur serious catastrophic injuries. If you or someone close to you has been the victim of a bike accident, seek the service of our top Alabama bicycle accident attorneys at the law office of Wettermark & Keith, today. Our dedicated injury lawyers have the resources needed to build you an effective case.


Across the state, a number of cyclists are struck or involved in bicycle accidents with motor vehicles. Data gathered by the Alabama Department of Public Safety shows that for the calendar year 2008, there were 238 bicycle accidents reported. Cyclists involved in collisions suffered 178 injuries and 5 deaths. This information helps illustrate the very real, very serious danger that bicycle riders face on the roads each and every day.

If you or a loved one were injured in a bicycle accident by or due to the actions of a negligent driver, contact us. You may be entitled to damages in relation to your recovery. In addition to immediate damages, medical bills, and the cost of recovery, there can be costs associated with time missed from your job due to recovery, physical therapy, and loss of quality of life.


In 2018 alone, 857 people riding bikes were killed in the United States. Cyclists are much more at risk in a collision with a car, and often the driver of the car walks away unscathed. It's important that you, as a bike rider, understand each and every bike law in your area—not only to protect you but to ensure you have the best chance of receiving compensation from your case. The first thing you should know is that if you're riding a bike, you should always ride predictably. That means signaling appropriately, being aware of your own surroundings, and not swerving or turning suddenly. Make sure you know your area's bike law regarding riding on sidewalks because this is illegal in some places. You should always watch out for pedestrians and announce "on your left" or "on your right" if you're passing someone. You should always ride in the same direction as traffic. That way, if the sidewalk you're riding on ends, you'll already be riding with the flow of traffic.

In addition to doing your part to stay safe while cycling, here's a quick list of what the drivers around you should be doing:

  • They should yield to cyclists as they would other motorists.
  • They should be checking their surroundings thoroughly at all stop signs when backing up, when parking, and when turning.
  • Drivers turning right on red should look to their right and behind them to avoid hitting a cyclist approaching.
  • Drivers should give cyclists plenty of room and shouldn't pass too closely. Drivers should only pass when it's safe to move over into an adjacent lane.

Oftentimes, people driving cars don't treat cyclists like other motorists sharing the road, even though they should. They often drive casually and aren't alert to bikes or motorcycles. People will often pass a cyclist too closely, resulting in the cyclist having to swerve off the road or colliding with the car. If you were involved in a bicycle accident, and you believe it was due to the negligence of the driver, contact our office today. We can help you pursue the compensation you deserve in the face of your accident.


In many cases, motor vehicle driver inattention causes a majority of bicycle accidents. Due to their small size, a number of drivers simply fail to see a bicycle in time to prevent bicycle crashes. However, since drivers owe a duty of care to those they share the state’s roads with (cyclists included), simply failing to see a bicycle in time is not an excusable offense. Negligent drivers who cause bicycle crashes, if found to be the causation of the bike accident, can be ordered by a court to pay monetary compensation to those they injure.

Additionally, it's a misconception that the driver of the motor vehicle has to strike the cyclist in order to be found liable. A driver does not have to hit the bicycle for you to deserve compensation. If a driver is traveling with excessive speed or veers too close to a bike, thus forcing the biker to maneuver evasively causing personal injury, then the driver can be held liable for his/her negligent actions. Contact us to speak with an expert Alabama bicycle accident attorney today, and to discuss your rights as a victim. Bicycle accidents are serious, and if someone breaks a bike law resulting in personal injury, you need a lawyer to fight for you. Call us for a free consultation. We're ready to help you.


Here at Wettermark & Keith, no case is too big and no case is too small for our expert bicycle accident lawyers to pursue. Our top attorneys represent each and every client with the utmost respect, compassion, and employ the thorough legal expertise needed to make their case a success. We realize that this is likely a difficult situation for you and possibly your family and are here for you and ready to help.

If you have been injured or lost a loved one due to the negligence of another person in a bike accident, contact a seasoned accident attorney today. Together we can seek a financial compensation figure that meets your needs as a victim and can continue to provide for you, long after this ordeal is over. Drivers should be held accountable to obey any and every bike law, and shouldn't get away with causing serious accidents. Call us today to speak with an experienced lawyer.


When selecting clients to represent in court, our firm operates on a contingency fee basis. What this means to our clients is simple: if we don’t win your case, you won’t pay anything. We choose to operate this way for the sole benefit of our clients, because we want to help you obtain a successful recovery so that you can continue to carry on with your life.

Contact our Birmingham injury attorneys today if you have been the victim of a personal injury or lost a loved one to a wrongful death after a bike accident. Fill out the free case evaluation form on our web site for a free consultation, and we will get back to you promptly. If you wish to speak to an accident lawyer directly, feel free to call one of the locations nearest you. We're here to help.