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Premises Liability LAWYER IN Huntsville

Looking for a premise liability lawyer in Huntsville, Alabama who cares about you and your case? Get a free consultation today!

Premises liability is the area of law involving accidents, injuries, and deaths due to defects or hazards on someone else’s property. In Alabama, victims of dangerous property accidents may be able to bring claims against defendants in pursuit of financial compensation. At Wettermark Keith, our premises liability lawyers can help victims of accidents in grocery stores, banks, workplaces, parking lots, and other public or private properties in Huntsville. We may be able to represent you during a premises liability lawsuit to improve your odds of success. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Why You Should Choose Us as Your Law Firm

  • We combine the individualized client attention of a boutique-style firm with the exceptional legal resources of a large corporate firm.
  • We have proven our capabilities in and out of the courtroom, obtaining more than $800 million in awards for our past clients.
  • We accept Huntsville premises liability clients on a contingency fee basis, meaning no fees unless we win the case.

What Is Premises Liability?

Premises liability is a property owner’s legal responsibility for the safety of his or her premises. When a property owner breaches his or her duties of care, premises liability accidents can happen. If you believe a property owner should have done more to prevent your accident or injuries as a visitor in Huntsville, he or she might owe you compensation. Find out if you have grounds for a lawsuit during a free consultation at our Huntsville law office.

The Basics of a Premises Liability Claim in Alabama

Recognize your status as a visitor at the time of your accident before pursuing compensation. This could help you understand your legal rights in Alabama. Our lawyers can help you determine your status, as well as list your legal options on your behalf during a free consultation in Huntsville. You were either an invitee, a licensee or a trespasser when your accident occurred. An invitee has an express or implied invitation to enter. Landowners owe duties of care to inspect the land for hazards, repair known defects and warn of potential threats to invitees.

A licensee also has an invitation to enter but does so for his or her own purposes, such as in the case of a contractor. Landowners owe the same duties of care to licensees as invitees, minus the duty to inspect for hidden hazards. Trespassers are not lawfully allowed on a property and don’t qualify for any duties of care. You have two years from the date of your accident to file a premises liability lawsuit in Alabama if you have grounds. If you wait too long to file, you could lose the right to do so.

Types of Premises Liability Claims We Accept at Wettermark Keith

The premises liability lawyers at Wettermark Keith have experience assisting clients with a wide variety of accident types throughout the state of Alabama. If you or a loved one has an injury from an accident on someone else’s property in Huntsville, contact us to discuss your case for free.

These are several examples of common incidents that lead to premises liability lawsuits in Alabama. This isn’t an exhaustive list. If you were in any type of incident on someone else’s property, contact our attorneys to discuss the possibility of a civil claim. A successful lawsuit could reimburse you for many expenses connected to your accident, such as medical care and lost wages.

Contact Our Premises Liability Lawyers in Huntsville Today

At Wettermark Keith, we have over 50 combined years of experience in premises liability law in Alabama. Our attorneys know how to handle even the most complex premises liability claims. Find out how we may be able to help you during a free consultation in Huntsville. Call (205) 933-9500 or send us a message today.