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Our Alabama Veterans Deserve Benefits For Their Sacrifice - Our Veterans Disability Attorneys Will Fight To Make That Happen.

Disabled VeteranAs they leave home for the first time, soldiers may experience mixed feelings of pride, dread, and anticipation. They might have heard stories of boot camp and barracks life from a parent or grandparent in the military, or watched glorified TV depictions of war. Unfortunately, there is no way to truly prepare a person for the utter brutality and trauma of combat – and the first casualty many face is their innocence. Experienced soldiers can only face the terrors in front of them because they love what’s behind them. They know that when diplomacy fails, conflict can be the only way to preserve their nation and defend the family they hugged goodbye. At least 20% of veterans experience debilitating PTSD symptoms when they return to civilian life. Countless others struggle with service-related disabilities from artillery or toxic exposure. Some disabilities – like missing limbs – are more obvious than conditions like cancers and chronic hypertension, which may show up decades later. Every returning veteran has changed in some way, some more intensely than others. If you’ve been deployed, you’ve likely experienced the strangeness and isolation of leaving your brothers-in-arms behind and re-entering a world where few know what you’ve been through.

Disabled Birmingham veterans are entitled to apply for government benefits, but the process tends to be drawn out, frustrating, and dehumanizing. Many veterans’ applications are unjustly denied by the VA, requiring an appeal that lengthens the review process by an extra 12-18 months. Being met with bureaucracy and dismissal after putting your life on the line for your country can take an enormous emotional toll. You don’t have to face this alone - our VA attorneys have the experience and legal knowledge necessary to help you through the complex application process. At Wettermark Keith, we deeply appreciate the sacrifices made by our Alabama veterans, and want to ensure that you have the resources you need to live the rest of your life comfortably and with dignity. If you’ve been denied, our attorneys know how to navigate the appeals system to obtain the benefits you’ve more than earned for defending the freedoms we enjoy.


What Is Veterans Disability?  

Veterans Disability is a federal program that offers monthly, tax-free payments to veterans experiencing illness injury from their service in the military. It also applies to those whose service made a previously existing condition worse.

You may qualify for VA Disability from physical conditions such as chronic illnesses or bodily injuries. You may also qualify due to mental health conditions like PTSD. These conditions, physical or mental, may have developed before, during, or after service.

As of the spring of 2021, 5.14 million Americans were receiving some amount of veteran's disability benefits. Of this amount, only 909,033 were listed as 100% disabled. Although many veterans are physically disabled, over 1.2 million veterans were receiving benefits for mental health conditions like PTSD. Despite the high number of benefits recipients, getting approved for VA Disability compensation is a difficult process best navigated with the help of a Birmingham VA Disability lawyer.

How Many Veterans Are On Disability Benefits in Birmingham Alabama?

In the Alabama area, as of September 2020, 110,941 veterans are on VA Disability Compensation, which makes up a significant amount of the over 5 million on VA Disability nationwide.

Furthermore, Twenty-six percent of veterans reported that they had a service-connected disability in August 2020. Veterans with a service-connected disability were much more likely to work for the federal government than either veterans with no service-connected disability or non-veterans. Among employed veterans, 19.3 percent of veterans with a disability worked for the federal government, compared with 9.0 percent of veterans with no disability and 2.5 percent of non-veterans.

If you are experiencing a service-connected disability, you are not alone. Here at Wettermark Keith we have VA attorneys who have experience handling compensation cases here in Birmingham, but also across the nation. Do not hesitate to contact us through our website or by giving us a call at (877) 715-9300.

How Do You Know If You're Eligible For Alabama Veterans Disability Benefits? 

There are some important factors in determining whether a veteran is eligible for VA Disability. In order to be qualified in the first place, you must have a current illness or injury that affects your mind and body and you must also have served on active duty, active duty for training, or inactive duty training. Then, at least one of the following must be true: you got sick or injured while serving in the military and can link this condition to your injury or illness (an in-service disability claim), you had a condition before joining that your service made worse (a pre-service disability claim), and/or you have a disability related to your service that did not appear until after you ended your service(a post-service disability claim).

To determine your eligibility, the Department of Veterans Affairs determines your disability rating using a formula that adds up each of your conditions to a total percent. Unlike Social Security Disability, you do not have to be totally disabled in order to receive compensation. Veterans with an overall ranking of 70% can receive full compensation.

You must also be able to prove that your injuries were service-connected, which may be more difficult without formal medical records or military reports. This is why it is extremely important to collect all the documentation regarding your medical history when submitting your application. This will speed up the initial review process, even making your odds of acceptance higher.If you receive an adverse decision after completing this process, speak to a Birmingham VA disability lawyer at Wettermark Keith to get the help that you deserve.


Application Preparation:

Before applying, gather the necessary documentation. This includes your medical records, reports from the military, personal visits, and other documented forms. Once you've compiled the essential materials, you can file a claim through the VA website, by mail with a paper application, or in person.

Initial Claim Requirements:

If you're applying for disability for the first time, you need to demonstrate to the regional offices that:

  • You sustained an injury as a direct consequence of your military service.
  • The injury persists.
  • You haven't received a dishonorable discharge.

Appeals Process (if denied):

  1. Review the Decision: Begin by examining the decision letter from the VA. If there's any disagreement or perceived error, consider appealing. At this stage, seeking guidance from a VA disability attorney is beneficial.
  2. File a Supplemental Claim: Before formally appealing, contemplate filing a supplemental claim. This involves presenting new, pertinent evidence that wasn't previously considered.
  3. Request a Higher-Level Review: If a supplemental claim isn't the chosen route or if you're unsatisfied with its outcome, request a higher-level review by a senior claims adjudicator.
  4. File a Board Appeal: If the supplemental claim or higher-level review doesn't yield satisfactory results, you can proceed to appeal to the Board of Veterans' Appeals.
  5. Optional Hearing: While filing a Board appeal, you can opt for a hearing with a Veterans Law Judge. While this isn't obligatory, it can be advantageous.
  6. Further Appeals: If the Board's decision isn't favorable, contemplate appealing to the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims or reopening the claim with new evidence.

Seeking assistance from an experienced attorney, especially during the appeals process, can significantly increase your chances of success. With a firm like Wettermark Keith, you benefit from our established attorney-client relationship, ensuring you're well-represented at every step.

At Wettermark Keith, you only pay if we win your case, so there's no risk. We're deeply committed to serving America’s veterans, and we're confident in our ability to offer premier legal representation. Schedule a free consultation today by calling (877) 715-9300 or through our website, and let's discuss how we can support your case.

How Can An Alabama Disability Attorney Help When Your VA Disability Compensation Is Denied? 

The VA requires significant evidence to grant disability benefits. This includes an official diagnosis, extensive medical records, and any other information and documentation relevant to your claim. If you do not have enough evidence to support your claim, you will likely be denied.

When you are denied, it is pertinent to contact a VA attorney at Wettermark Keith. Our attorneys know how to file an appeal properly. The appeal success rate is extremely low, sitting at 38.1%. Hiring an attorney drastically increases your chances of a favorable decision. Do not hesitate to call one of our experienced VA attorneys from Wettermark Keith in Birmingham.

Wettermark Keith Veterans Disability Attorneys Are Here To Help - Call Our Birmingham Office Today!

To get through the application or appeals process with a favorable outcome, Alabama veterans need a team of experienced lawyers who know the VA system inside and out. When you partner with Wettermark Keith, you’ll have a team of knowledgeable and compassionate individuals working for you to make sure you don’t back down from obtaining the VA benefits you deserve.

With offices located throughout Alabama, Tennessee and now Florida, Wettermark Keith has an excellent reputation as one of the most accomplished personal injury firms in the country. We can process VA cases in the previously stated states, but also across the nation. We have a diverse range of practice areas, including VA Disability claims. We practice with care and compassion, making sure we understand your disability and convey that to the VA as best as we can. We do this by building strong relationships based on constant communication, trust, and a dedication to the truth. Caring for you is our goal, and winning is just how we show it. Contact us to set up your free consultation with an attorney at Wettermark Keith at (877) 715-9300, through our online form, or our website’s chat box.

If Our Lawyers Don't Win Your Veterans Disability Claim, You Pay No Fee - Guaranteed  

At Wettermark Keith, we understand you and your disability, even when you feel as if no one else does. Because of this, we promise that you do not need to pay us until we win your case. If your attorney fails to win your case, you don’t pay us a single thing. With our experienced VA attorneys, you only have the potential of money to gain.

There are many ways to identify as a veteran such as an ID card and VA benefits letters. In order to receive some benefits, veterans need a letter proving their disability status. You may download this letter online through your online government VA account. Here you will be able to download a letter, which includes your benefits and service history.