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Construction workers are vital to the growth and maintenance of our communities, but unfortunately, the construction industry can also fail to maintain a safe environment for its workers. Between careless drivers, defective machinery, and work done at great heights, there are many construction site accidents that happen in Birmingham, Alabama each year. If you’ve had a construction accident and are considering legal representation by a Birmingham construction accident lawyer, keep reading to find out how Wettermark Keith is serving injured workers.

Damages in a Construction Accident Lawsuit

Many personal injury claims never become lawsuits. A lawsuit is when a particular case is taken to court. That being said, our construction accident lawyers in Birmingham are willing to pursue your construction accident case even to court when your insurance company or employer won’t give you the compensation you deserve.

In this case, there are monetary damages that you, the plaintiff, would bring against the defendant, the property owner or your employer. Though this list is not comprehensive, some damages you may include when filing injury claims are:

  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Medical bills
  • Loss of quality of life
  • Out-of-pocket expenses

In general, the types of damages you can claim in a construction accident lawsuit fall into two categories: pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages. The word “pecuniary” simply means money, so pecuniary damages refer to damages that affect your monetary wellbeing, while non-pecuniary damages refer to damages that are not necessarily monetarily valuable, like emotional distress.

Each state has its own regulations as far as what type of damages can be claimed in different circumstances. It takes the legal expertise and experience of a Birmingham construction accident lawyer to effectively carry out personal injury litigation within these guidelines in your favor.

What Are Some Common Causes of Construction Accidents?

As of April of 2021, 29,400 people were employed in construction in Birmingham, AL. Many of these Alabama construction workers face construction project safety violations every year that can result in workplace-related injury or even workplace fatalities. Many of these workers choose to employ the services of a Birmingham construction accident lawyer when pursuing justice. In these cases, the most common causes for injury include:

  • Falling
  • Car accidents
  • Defective equipment
  • Employee or management negligence
  • Unsafe construction sites
  • Faulty or insufficient safety gear
  • Unenforced safety practices

Construction workers should stay aware of the occupational hazards of their careers. Ideally, no construction worker would ever have to face a workplace injury, but when they do, Wettermark Keith’s construction accident lawyers in Birmingham are ready to help.

Proving an Injured Worker's Case

A workmen's injuries require several proofs before benefits are awarded from an insurance claim or your employer. Depending on the nature of your injury claim, you and your personal injury attorneys will be responsible for a burden of proof that shows that your employer was liable for the workplace events leading to your injury.

In most every case, you must prove that your employer was guilty of professional negligence in their duty of care to maintain a safe work environment. In addition to this, you must also prove that the dangerous conditions led to your being wrongfully injured. This is difficult, but with the help of a construction accident attorney in Birmingham, proving fault will be much simpler.

Why You Should Hire a Construction Accident Attorney

You may be tempted to put too much trust in your insurance company or your employer when pursuing a construction accident claim. Our law firm’s advice: There’s no substitute for legal experience. Hiring a construction accident attorney gives you the power of knowing that you’ll be getting what you deserve, meaning you won’t be cheated by your insurance’s low-ball settlements for your workers’ compensation.

You should also seriously consider hiring a construction accident attorney when you’re severely hurt. As you heal, the last thing you’ll want to do is all the paperwork, negotiations, and legal research it takes to get you justice. Hand off this hard work to a construction accident attorney in Birmingham, and not only will you save your own time, but you’ll likely end up with a better insurance payout. 

Your Options When Considering Liability for Your Injuries

If you were to file for construction site injuries on your own, you might not know about the other options that are available for your case. For instance, if your injuries were due to unsafe conditions in your workplace, you could be eligible for premises liability via a third-party claim in addition to your workers’ compensation insurance claim. Likewise, if your construction company was using a tool that was faulty and caused your injury, you may be eligible for a product liability claim, as well.

For families of workers who were fatally injured on a construction project, there are options for you, as well. OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) will likely run safety inspections to further investigate your loved one’s death. That investigation will give your lawyer a better idea of the type of compensation that your family is entitled to.

There are many options available for all injured construction workers, from minor injuries to lifelong physical disabilities. What’s important is having a lawyer that knows what you and your family deserve.

Birmingham Construction Accident Attorneys

Almost any Birmingham construction accident attorney will promise you higher settlements, faster results, and top-notch customer service. What these people won’t tell you is that the #1 most important thing in winning accident cases is experience. That’s what Wettermark Keith’s construction accident lawyers in Birmingham have.

Throughout our practice area in the state of Alabama, we have years of serving injured workers behind us, as well as a large sum in settlements that we’ve won. We don’t make any of our clients pay for our services unless (and until) we win.

If you’re still unsure, talk to our personal injury attorneys by setting up a free consultation. We’ll talk to you compassionately during your case review and look into additional options for you, including a workers' compensation claim.

Contact us today and see what our law office can do for you.

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