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birmingham slip and fall accident lawyer

When compared with names like “medical malpractice” and “defective product,” slip and fall do not sound all that serious. However, individuals who have experienced serious slip and fall accidents can attest just how live-altering their injuries can be, including spinal cord issues and even brain injury. 

Slip and fall is the area of personal injury law that handles unsafe premises and property liability. Keep reading to determine if you need a slip and fall lawyer in Birmingham.

Types of Slip and Fall Cases We Handle

Essentially, we handle cases wherein a property owner did not uphold what’s called their “duty of care,” meaning that they knew that there were dangerous conditions and put others like you at risk. These cases can manifest themselves in many ways, but some of them might be:

  • Uneven flooring
  • Wet floors
  • Messy floors
  • Loose boards or carpets
  • Exposed components like wires or hoses
  • Faulty safety equipment like handrails
  • Child injuries
  • Premises liability
  • Wrongful death

There may be other circumstances not listed here that we can help you with. Contact one of our lawyers for a free consultation to find out more.

What Do You Have to Prove in a Slip and Fall Case?

In each type of personal injury law, you must prove that certain things happened to cause your injury. If a fall accident occurs, you must prove that, first of all, when you’re on someone else’s property, you are owed a duty of care, meaning that they should create a safe environment for you and others like you. This is true in public places, like grocery stores, or private places where your presence is welcomed. Secondly, they breached that duty of care, meaning that they failed to maintain a safe environment, whether through negligence or some other means. You must also prove that this person could be reasonably expected to have known about the danger. Finally, you have to prove that this breach in the owner’s duty of care is what directly caused you to become injured.

How a Slip and Fall Lawyer in Birmingham Can Help

You may think your case is minor enough to handle on your own, but don’t be deceived: Birmingham slip and fall lawyers are experts in this type of law and can help you settle for more than you could on your own. When you hire a slip and fall lawyer in Birmingham, you’re paying for years of experience and wisdom that they’ve gained from handling cases like yours. There are a few specific benefits that slip and fall lawyers have.


The last thing you want while trying to heal is to deal with calls and negotiations between other lawyers, an insurance company, and the property owner. When you hire a slip and fall lawyer in Birmingham, they are your point of contact for all of these parties. Your slip and fall attorney will streamline all of the communication from the case, taking a huge burden off of you.

Gathering Evidence

Again, someone healing from slipping and falling doesn’t want to be spending the time and energy gathering evidence on their own. As evidence can greatly help your case, though, evidence gathering must be done. That’s why you should hire a slip and fall attorney to do it for you. 

They can take pictures of the scene, interview eyewitnesses, talk to the appropriate people, and access files like security camera footage. Oftentimes, people will give a lawyer access to information like this that is barred from other individuals, simply because a lawyer carries authority and knows what information he or she is allowed to access. You can try to gather evidence on your own, but the best evidence, the kind that increases the amount you can settle for, is most effectively gathered by a slip and fall attorney in Birmingham.

Talking to Experts

Lawyers have access to research resources that others simply don’t. Because they are supported by a law firm and deal with trips and falls regularly, lawyers can access medical testimonies from doctors who know your type of injury well, as well as building and safety engineers who know how safe or unsafe the premises really were when the accident occurred. Again, you can try to gather these experts on your own, but why do so when a slip and fall attorney in Birmingham already has these resources in place?

Damages You Can Claim in a Slip and Fall Case

You might think that making a single claim is sufficient, but if many parts of your life have been affected because of your slip and fall accident, you may be entitled to recover compensation for your damages. Some of these might include:

  • Medical bills
  • Physical therapy
  • Disability aids like a wheelchair
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of quality of life
  • Pain and suffering

You may be entitled to damage compensation beyond this list. To learn more about your individual case, sign up for a free case evaluation with a slip and fall attorney in Birmingham with Wettermark Keith.

Birmingham Time Limit on Slip and Fall Cases

There is a statute of limitations on nearly every type of case, and slip and fall cases are no different. If your fall injuries are significant, you may not be able to wait until you’re fully healed in order to pursue justice for yourself. Personal injury cases in Alabama are held to a two-year statute of limitations, meaning you cannot take action once two years have passed since the accident. Call a lawyer as soon as you can to make sure you’re still eligible to settle your case.

Why Choose Wettermark Keith?

For nearly two decades, Wettermark Keith has been serving Birmingham, AL in many forms, including slip and fall law. Founders James Wettermark and Chris Keith believe that those suffering from personal injury should be protected against the large insurance companies so they can get a fair settlement. As part of that belief, you won’t pay Wettermark Keith lawyers anything if and until they’ve won your case. It’s just a small thing we do to demonstrate that we’re in it to fight for you.

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