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What a Birmingham Commercial Vehicle Accident Lawyer Wants You to Know

Commercial vehicles are so dangerous that they even teach you how to drive around them in Birmingham, AL driver’s education. Who hasn’t sped up just to pass an 18-wheeler that doesn’t seem the safest to be around? We all have, and so it shouldn’t be any surprise that tractor-trailers account for a major portion of accidents, especially ones involving wrongful death, that take place on the road. Take care to heed this advice from a Wettermark Keith Birmingham commercial vehicle accident lawyer and learn everything you need to know.

There Are Different Kinds of Trucks

Vehicles from a trucking company or other large vehicles are in a different classification for Birmingham, Alabama roadway vehicles than your typical car or motorcycle. As part of this designation, there are safety standards that each vehicle must adhere to, including weight and time limits, maintenance schedules, and rules for interacting with other vehicles on the road.

While most people just think of a semi-truck as the only vehicle in this class, school buses, passenger buses, utility trucks, and other large vehicles are also included. Any kind of vehicle that is neglectful or putting you in harm’s way is in the wrong on the road, even including smaller vehicles. Call a Wettermark Keith commercial vehicle accident lawyer in Birmingham as soon as possible after an incident, and we’ll work together to get justice, no matter what kind of vehicle accident occurred.

Pay Attention to Your Surroundings

The majority of accidents with commercial trucks don’t occur due to driving under the influence or distracted driving. In reality, most accidents are caused by neglectful action by either the truck driver or the other involved driver. That’s why it’s so important to use your blinkers, double-check that the lane you’re changing to is open, and keep your car and other cars out of blind spots. If we could all simply stay more vigilant in our driving, accidents with commercial vehicles would happen a lot less often.

Your Injury Claim Depends on the Details

It’s not a given that you’ll recover compensation for your accident. There are a number of details that can influence how much you get, and whether you get compensated at all. Firstly, if you weren’t following the law when the accident occurred, it’s not likely you’ll receive very much if any, compensation. If you weren’t going the speed limit, wearing a seatbelt, or staying in your lane, it will be much harder to get compensation. But some details, like weather and road conditions, can also affect the settlement from the insurance company. The best way to ensure you get what you deserve is hiring an experienced commercial vehicle accident lawyer in Birmingham, like the ones at Wettermark Keith!

Wettermark Keith is here to help, no matter the vehicle accident situation you find yourself in. Give our law firm a call for a free consultation to go over the basics of your case, and a Birmingham truck accident lawyer will be on the way to getting your settlement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Commercial vehicles include a range of large vehicles such as semi-trucks, school buses, passenger buses, utility trucks, and more. Any vehicle that poses a safety risk or is involved in an accident may fall under this classification.

Commercial vehicles must adhere to safety standards that cover various aspects, including weight and time limits, maintenance schedules, and rules for safe interaction with other vehicles on the road. Violations of these standards can result in liability.

Vigilance and safe driving practices are key to avoiding accidents with commercial vehicles. Use your blinkers, check blind spots, and follow traffic laws diligently. These actions can significantly reduce the risk of accidents.

Several factors can influence the outcome of an injury claim, including compliance with traffic laws, weather and road conditions, and the severity of injuries. Working with an experienced commercial vehicle accident lawyer can help navigate these complexities.

Your ability to recover compensation may depend on the degree of fault assigned to each party involved. In some cases, you can still seek compensation even if you share some responsibility for the accident.

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