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Truck Accident Causes

Causes of 18 Wheeler Accidents

As with typical automobile accidents, truck-related accidents share many of the same initial sources. There are, however, a number of specific circumstances that are unique to the trucking industry that causes certain truck accidents to take place. The nature of the semi-tractor truck in one of these collisions in nearly all cases imparts massive trauma, or death, to the occupants of the smaller automobile while the truck driver walks away — injury-free. If you have been hurt or lost a loved one in a truck accident, contact our expert truck accident lawyers here at Wettermark & Keith, LLC. Our top attorneys have over three decades of experience battling these large companies and have the resources needed to make your case come to fruition.

Driver Fatigue

One of the primary contributing factors in truck-related accidents is simple driver fatigue. Truck drivers are typically paid by the amount of cargo they haul and how quickly they can get it from one destination to the next. To make a quicker profit, truckers may work unreasonably long hours to incur bonuses or incentives for finishing their route ahead of time. Unfortunately, truck drivers are not immune to the effects of driver fatigue and the longer they stay up the more likely they are to cause an accident. According to data gathered by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 13% of truck accidents occur due to drivers falling asleep at the wheel.


In order to reach destinations quicker which in turn may net a bonus from their employers, truck drivers can choose to disobey posted signage and travel above the speed limit. State governments put speed limits in place to reduce the likelihood of injury and try to save lives; when truck drivers ignore these signs they put the lives of those they share the roads within direct danger. Many turns and curves on state interstates have reduced speed signs in place to lessen the number of traffic collisions incurred while negotiating them. Trucks traveling too quickly through these turns can easily spin out of control and cause a multi-car accident.

Distracted Driving Truck Accidents

Distracted driving remains a significant source of accidents in the Southeast. Additionally, driver inattention causes a large number of vehicle collisions as well. When drivers of large commercial vehicles fail to pay attention to the changing conditions around them, catastrophic accidents can take place. It is currently against the law in Alabama, Florida, and Tennessee to use a cell phone while operating a vehicle. Truck drivers engaged in phone conversations while driving put the lives of others on the road at great risk.

Driving Under The Influence

When a trucker is driving under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicating substances, he poses a great risk to the lives of others. If you were injured or if a family member was killed by a trucker driving under the influence, you need attorneys who have the skills and resources to build a strong case of negligence against the trucker and the trucking company. Wettermark & Keith are personal injury lawyers known for aggressively fighting trucking companies while always treating clients with compassion and respect throughout the legal process.


Strict laws are imposed on licensed truck drivers because they spend a lot more time traveling on the road than the average person. The trucks they drive can inflict greater damage than passenger vehicles if a collision occurs. A trucker driving under the influence could face criminal charges and be held civilly liable for his actions. Some of the ways driving under the influence can negatively affect a truck driver are:

  • Slower reaction time
  • Lack of focus or inability to concentrate on the road
  • Impaired judgment while operating the truck
  • Not driving cautiously during hazardous road conditions
  • Violating federal driving limit laws


Having an 18 wheeler suddenly swerve into your lane, forcing you off the road, or causing your car to flip over are terrifying experiences. At Wettermark & Keith, we understand the numerous ways being in an accident can change your life physically, financially, and emotionally. By driving under the influence, a trucker violates the law and does not perform his job with the standard of care required of licensed truck drivers. We take the time to thoroughly investigate each of our client’s cases by gathering evidence and using expert analysis to defend our legal claims.

If We Don’t Win, You Don’t Pay Us

When selecting clients to represent in court, our firm operates on a contingency fee basis. What this means to our clients is simple: if we don’t win your case, you won’t pay anything. We choose to operate this way for the sole benefit of our clients, we want to see you obtain a successful recovery so that you can continue to carry on with your life.

Contact our law office today if have been the victim of a truck accident in Alabama, Tennessee, or Florida Panhandle areas. With the aid of our top injury attorneys, we can help you and your family pursue the compensation you need in this hard time.

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