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Truck Accident

Top Reasons to Hire a Truck Accident Attorney

April 15, 2022

What Are The Top Reasons for Hiring a truck accident attorney? When you’re in an accident involving trucks or tractor-trailers (18 wheelers), the bad news is that your journey back…

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What to do After a Truck Accident: By a Panama City Truck Accident Lawyer

September 28, 2021

We all know that driving next to a truck is different than driving next to a smaller vehicle. Something we don’t all know, though, is what to do if you’re…

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What a Birmingham Commercial Vehicle Accident Lawyer Wants You to Know

August 7, 2021

Commercial vehicles are so dangerous that they even teach you how to drive around them in Birmingham, AL driver’s education. Who hasn’t sped up just to pass an 18-wheeler that…

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How Can a Commercial Vehicle Accident Lawyer in Birmingham Help Me?

July 18, 2021

A commercial vehicle accident can really ruin your day. Your car’s been damaged, you’re injured, and now you have to deal with all the legal and financial ramifications. A commercial…

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3 Things You Need To Know by Chattanooga Truck Accident Lawyers

June 28, 2021

Trucks are a necessary part of modern life. These behemoths of the road carry our food, clothes, and online orders to and fro across the country. Trucks are common, but…

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Truck Driver Death Rate Climbs to 30-Year High

February 6, 2020

Overall highway safety has improved throughout the years–leading to safer drives and fewer injuries from automobile accidents. Despite this improvement, we’re still seeing more deadly commercial truck accidents.  In fact,…

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