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Construction Accidents

Man in Construction Hat

Building Justice: Navigating the Aftermath of Construction Accidents with Wettermark Keith

March 25, 2022

What are the Common Construction Accidents? Workplace construction accidents are all too common for people who have worked in the construction industry. Extensive safety regulations, standardized procedures, related safety resources…

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Woman Looking for Construction Accident Answers

What Questions Should I Ask a Birmingham Construction Accident Attorney?

February 25, 2022

There are few things more daunting than getting hurt at work, especially if you’re on construction sites. With so many safety precautions, heavy machinery, and heavy-duty work going on around…

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What Is MMI? A Panama City Construction Accident Lawyer Explains

August 30, 2021

It’s no surprise that with such intense work conditions and an above-average number of car accidents, the most extreme workplace accidents occur from a Panama City construction accident. Those hurt…

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Red Flags About Your Construction Accident Attorney in Chattanooga

July 28, 2021

You put a lot of trust in your lawyer. If you’ve experienced a Chattanooga construction accident, you’re often encouraged to get legal help. But what if the construction accident attorney…

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