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Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Take a Quick Settlement from an Insurance Company

If you’ve ever been in an accident, you know that insurance company settlements can take a long time. You may feel pressured to request a quick settlement. Maybe you have bills piling up, you don’t have a car anymore, or you’re injured and can’t work. 

Regardless of the issue, you need the money you’re owed and want the whole process to be over with. Getting a quick settlement could seem like a wise idea at the time, but there are several reasons why you should wait for the entire process to run its course. 

You Could End Up in a Worse Financial Situation

Taking a quick settlement can mean that you sacrifice a certain amount of the money you are owed. How much money are you willing to give up for a quick settlement? There may be some more bills down the road to medical providers or repair shops that you don’t know about yet. Are you willing to pay these out of pocket if the insurance company settlement doesn’t cover them?

If You Are Owed a Lot of Money, Insurance Companies Can Delay Your Settlements

After an accident, insurance companies will carry out a complete and thorough investigation to ensure that they have to pay you. This can be a long process and sometimes results in you having to take the insurance company to court to get them to pay you sooner rather than later. 

Make Sure You Make a Complete Recovery Before Settling

This is to ensure that there won’t be any more medical bills down the road that you may not know about yet. Make sure that your doctors have said that you are at “maximum recovery” post-accident. This means that you have made the most complete recovery possible from your injuries caused by the accident. Depending on your injuries, it may take you a while to heal, which can delay resolving your case. 

Your Case May Be Missing Evidence Needed to Prove It

This is a common problem for people with complicated medical histories. Doctors have difficulty deciding whether your problems are a result of your accident or came from a prior complication. This can make getting your insurance company settlement difficult. 

Your Case Matters

It’s vital for you to have your case thoroughly examined by a professional, experienced personal injury lawyer. This is the best way for you to find out if your case could be delayed and to ensure that you get the maximum amount of money you are owed. You may also be entitled to certain benefits that can help you pay your expenses along the way

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