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Pool Safety 101 by a Premises Liability Lawyer in Huntsville

Having your own pool means being able to cool off any time you want. Property owners know that pools are also a lot of responsibility, requiring year-round maintenance. When it’s in use, you need to do more than clean and enjoy. You also need to be vigilant about the safety of your pool and anyone who enjoys it. Here are the top 3 ways you can make your pool the safest in the neighborhood, according to a Wettermark Keith premises liability lawyer in Huntsville.

Take Preventative Measures

There’s a lot you can do to keep your Huntsville, Alabama pool safe before anyone even gets in the water. Especially if you have pets or young children, a pool fence or gate is useful to keep them from wandering in. Making sure all pool stairs have proper handrails is also essential (ask any premises liability lawyer in Huntsville). You will also need to make sure that the chemical balance is right before enjoying your pool, else you risk bacterial growth. Limiting each dangerous condition can help to prevent any injury cases in the future.

Enforce Pool Rules

Chances are, your private pool doesn’t have a 24/7 lifeguard or a waiver from injury lawyers. You’ll need to inform anyone who uses your pool of the rules you’ve put in place for their safety. Just like at public pools, running around the pool should be prohibited. The surface is too wet and will almost definitely result in a trip and fall injury. You should also encourage both children and adults never to swim alone. Being observed by at least one other person significantly reduces the other person’s risk of drowning. Examine the other potential hazards around your pool, and see what rules you can create to avoid premises liability cases.

Train Yourself for Emergencies

Even if you’ve done all of this, you may feel some additional responsibility as a pool owner. Indeed, there are some additional things you should do that a premises liability lawyer in Huntsville would recommend. You can sign up for classes like CPR and lifeguarding to help you develop life-saving skills, should you ever need them. You can also run drills with your family to make sure everyone knows where to find safety devices like a life ring or hook. You should also keep a nearby first aid kit and familiarize yourself with common pool injuries and how to treat them. With these preparations, you’ll be ready for just about any Huntsville premises liability accident.

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