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Top 3 Places You’ll Need an Automobile Wreck Attorney: Huntsville Edition

Huntsville, Alabama is home to the South’s hub for space missions, as well as ongoing innovations in business, technology, and scientific research. Huntsville is a great place to live, but all drivers in the city should be aware that, according to the most recent data, Huntsville has approximately 9,000 crashes yearly. No wonder there’s such a demand for an injury attorney legal team around Madison County.

We’ve rounded up some of the most high-traffic, dangerous streets and areas around Huntsville so you can stay aware of car crash hotspots.

#1: University Drive

If you’re looking for shopping, food, or entertainment, you’ll probably find it on University Drive. It’s home to some of the most beloved local spots in the city! However, University Drive varies in lanes, traffic, and size depending on where you are on it, but the parts that see medical-treatment-inducing wrecks are along University Drive, caused by the on-ramps and merging lanes. Not only is this one of the busiest streets in Huntsville, but it’s one that also has a higher-than-average number of accident cases.

When driving down University, make sure you’re going the speed limit and watching for other cars to merge in and out of your lane so you don’t end up in an auto accident.

#2: Research Park

Research Park is the area of town around Cummings Research Park, a home to hundreds of companies making strides in the sciences. The Research Park district also has residential areas and some high-end shopping. Research Park is also close to AL-255, the heavy-traffic bypass of Huntsville, making Research Park Blvd. a particularly common place to file a car accident claim.

Next time you’re headed to this area of town, be cautious of having a car wreck and keep handy the contact information for your preferred automobile wreck attorney. Huntsville will be a better place because of drivers like you.

#3: Memorial Parkway

By far the most traveled stretch, it’s no surprise that Memorial Parkway is also the top spot where you’ll need to have an automobile wreck accident attorney, Huntsville-based or at least nearby. With lots of major junctions and the traffic coming from US 231, Memorial Parkway has lots of drivers, which means a high probability for a personal injury claim.

When driving down Memorial Parkway, don’t forget to use your indicator lights, as well as looking for signals from others. When you’re dealing with high-volume, merging traffic, this can be the detail that saves you if used properly, but if not, it could be the reason you’d need to call an automobile wreck attorney (Huntsville beware).

If you’re looking for the best automobile wreck attorney in Huntsville who has years of experience, don’t waste your time with endless research. Getting your compensation for medical bills, lost wages, property damage, broken bones, pain and suffering, or wrongful death should be quick and easy. Schedule a free consultation with Wettermark Keith, and we’ll show you how our Huntsville car accident lawyers will fight for you and your case.

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