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3 Times You’ll Need a Construction Accident Lawyer in Birmingham

For an industry that uses heavy machinery and works with potentially dangerous materials, it’s unsurprising that construction sites have so many injured worker accidents per year. Unfortunately, not all of the injuries caused by these accidents are healable. Many construction worker injuries result in lifelong disability, pain, or even death. 

Despite the seriousness of these construction site accidents, many still wonder if they need a construction accident lawyer in Birmingham.

While minor injuries may not need legal help, most construction accidents are of the degree that requires representation by a lawyer. Here are 3 times where you will absolutely need to hire workers’ compensation lawyers - and fast!

The Insurance Company Offers You a Low Settlement

The goal of the insurance company is to pay you as little as possible for your injury. This often means that you won’t end up with the workers’ compensation you need to cover your medical costs and lost wages. If the insurance companies are reluctant to give you what you need, you definitely will need the help of a construction accident lawyer in Birmingham.

These worker compensation attorneys know what workers’ compensation benefits are and aren’t fair for injuries like yours and will be able to negotiate based on their expertise, ultimately making you more likely to get what you deserve.

You Have Claims Beyond Workers’ Compensation

If your injury was minor and due to a small mistake of your own, you probably can go without a lawyer. However, if your injury was caused by dangerous situations you couldn’t control or were caused by someone else’s negligence, you should contact a Birmingham, Alabama lawyer right away.

You may be able to secure a settlement that will cover more than just your injuries, including compensation for damages, premises liability, and more. Additionally, if you suspect there was more to your injury than meets the eye, you should not let the injustice go unnoticed.  Talk to an accident lawyer.

Your Claim Isn’t Making Internal Progress

When you have an accident on the job, you need to fill out an accident form and give it to your employer. This is usually the document that sets the reimbursement process in motion. If you’ve filled out a workplace accident form and haven’t been offered a settlement or any other updates from your employer, you may need to contact an injury attorney. Likewise, if your employer has tried to dissuade you from making a personal injury claim, you should absolutely seek legal counsel serving Birmingham cases like yours.

When your employer doesn’t take your workers’ compensation claim seriously, they’re infringing on your individual rights. Protect those rights and hire a Birmingham on-the-job injury lawyer.

Need A Lawyer? We Can Help!

In essence, it’s safer to hire a construction accident lawyer in Birmingham than to let your injury claim go unsettled. Call Wettermark Keith to get in contact with the top Birmingham construction accident attorneys with a free consultation. Our law firm knows how serious a personal injury case can be, and we would be honored to help you through your claim.

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