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The Factors That Cause Car Accidents: Roadway Obstacles

No single car accident is the same as the next—however, there are a few common factors that cause car accidents and road wrecks. From weather conditions to negligent drivers, the list of possible culprits goes on and on. 

One potential cause for a car accident that most drivers overlook is the roadway itself. In a legal dispute over compensation for losses suffered due to an accident, the entity responsible for the roadway can be liable for any harm caused. Here are a few roadway conditions that may contribute to an accident. 

Obstacle Hazards on the Road 

Obstacles on the road—like large potholes left untended or misplaced construction barriers—can directly affect a driver’s ability to stay safely in their lane. By themselves, potholes can create numerous problems. In extreme cases, when your tires directly strike a pothole, your suspension and drivetrain can be immediately damaged or your tires may even be punctured. One of these factors alone is enough to make a driver lose control of their vehicle. 

Poorly Controlled Traffic

Unfortunately these issues are all too common, particularly on outdated roadways. A poorly designed roadway can lead you into immediate, unnecessary harm. Most times poor traffic control takes the shape of one high-speed highway which puts pedestrians and merging drivers in harm’s way. In these instances, roadway engineers have failed to put the necessary mechanisms in place to control the speed and flow of traffic, such as appropriate speed limits, speed bumps, and stop lights. 

Low Visibility

Visibility difficulties are some of the most common causes of car accidents. When it comes to roadways having poor visibility, several factors can be at work. Maybe the road needs more street lighting, or the defendant has left obstacles in the way that block the driver’s line of sight. Both of which can be argued in court and hold the defendant accountable for compensation. 

Past History of Car Accidents 

Sometimes, there may be no clear visible sign of a dangerous roadway upon first impression, but there are instances where a specific roadway has a history of serious car accidents. Say, for example, there is a left turn into a grocery store. The driver may not realize how dangerous the turn is when they attempt to make it, but this particular left turn has seen 4 serious accidents over the past few years. Here a personal injury attorney can argue that the turn has put drivers at unreasonable risk of harm and prosecute the defendant for not correcting the dangerous turn. 

Low-Quality or Nonexistent Signage

Drivers must be informed of any imminent risks or cautions they are approaching on the roadway. Sometimes, signs that are supposed to signify any upcoming risks are broken or missing altogether. For example, if there is an upcoming pedestrian crosswalk, but the crossing sign is covered by a low-hanging tree limb, then the oncoming traffic has no way of slowing down, and a car accident inevitably ensues. 

Have You Been Involved in a Car Accident? 

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