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What to do After a Truck Accident: By a Panama City Truck Accident Lawyer

We all know that driving next to a truck is different than driving next to a smaller vehicle. Something we don’t all know, though, is what to do if you’re involved in a car accident. According to our law firm’s truck accident lawyer, there’s a lot you should know and a lot you should make sure you don’t do if you’re ever in that situation. Today, with the help of our Panama City truck accident lawyer, we’ll go through some of the biggest dos and don’ts of motor vehicle accidents.

Don’t: Carelessly Pass a Truck

When you’re passing a truck or a truck accident, the last thing you want to do is to speed recklessly, fail to use your blinker, stay in the driver’s blind spot, and pass the truck slowly. Many wrecks happen due to one of these things all the time, and drivers who pass a truck accident without caution often cause another wreck by rubbernecking or failing to give the truck its space.

Do: Use Your Indicators and Stay Alert

As you pass a commercial truck or truck accident, make sure to use your blinkers, speed up to an appropriate level, and pass the truck as quickly as you can, making sure that you’re staying alert to the truck’s motions. Don’t ever turn too quickly in front of or behind a truck. Give them their distance, even when they’re on the side of the road. If you do get in a wreck, your insurance companies will be more likely to grant your accident claim if you do these things.

Don’t: Drive Away or Move Your Car

You may be tempted to move your car if you’re on a busy street. Unless you are on the interstate or a road that indicates that you need to move, according to personal injury law, you should not move your car, and the truck driver should not move their vehicle. Getting in the car to drive away could be seen by a truck accident lawyer in Panama City as a hit and run, just as the truck driver could also leave you behind.

Do: Exit Your Vehicle with Caution

Instead, when it’s safe for you to do so and you have determined that the street you're on does not require you to move, carefully exit your vehicle to talk with the truck driver. Step away from the site of the wreck to talk. Unfortunately, people driving by may get distracted and cause additional wrecks close to the roadway, so it’s better to be standing at a bit of distance. Keeping the cars in place is also better for your chances of compensation from your insurance claims, for the police when they arrive to fill out their report, and for your Panama City truck accident lawyer when they arrive to investigate.

When you’re driving, be careful of trucks, but also be careful even after you’ve been involved in an accident. You can never guarantee your safety, even after you’ve been in an accident. Talk to our Panama City truck accident lawyer about what we can do for you in dealing with the trucking company, and we’d be happy to help you get your life restored to a sense of normalcy.

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