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Understanding Your Options for VA Disability Benefits

Veterans have felt the responsibility of protecting our nation, so when they are no longer on active duty, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and the Board of Veterans Appeals takes a decided interest in providing benefits for a disabled service member. One of the main ways the VA office does this is by providing disability benefits to eligible veterans, provided that they can show that they have service-connected disabilities. Unfortunately, many veterans are unable to get the help they need simply because the application process is so complicated. Our law firm at Wettermark Keith is here to clear up a few of the most confusing questions about VA disability benefits and appeals for veterans' claims.

Are There Any Hidden Rules to Eligibility?

There are many programs within VA disability, and each has its separate requirements for eligibility. However, for the overall VA disability program, the only requirements are that you were discharged from service under anything other than dishonorable conditions and that the disability you’re facing was brought about as a result of your time in service. You do not have to have a total disability to be eligible.

Can My Family Receive VA Disability Benefits?

Families are eligible for certain types of VA benefits, like health care, life insurance, or payment for certain types of compensation. If family members are also responsible for providing care to disabled veterans, they may also be eligible for some financial support. For instance, both the Homebound and the Aid and Attendance programs provide help for families. Talk to a knowledgeable veterans disability benefits lawyer to know for certain which veterans law might be applicable for you, and which programs would be best for you and your loved ones.

Will Getting VA Benefits Affect My Healthcare?

A lot of veterans are interested in VA benefits but are afraid to lose their current, private healthcare plan or don’t want to have to switch healthcare providers. While it’s true that you will need to undergo an approved medical examination to determine your eligibility, you will not be required to switch health insurance or doctors to those provided by the VA. The option to have insurance through the VA is available to certain veterans, but veterans benefit from other types of VA disability compensation without this insurance, as well.

For more information about this topic and to get your other questions answered about VA disability benefits, watch the video below, featuring our own veterans' disability benefits lawyer, Brian Smith.

Wettermark Keith has had the honor to represent veterans and get them fair compensation through VA benefits, and we’d love to help you, too. The first step to a fruitful appeals process is to set up a free consultation with our VA accreditation-approved team. Hire a lawyer from Wettermark Keith, and let our veterans' disability benefits lawyer in one of our regional offices help you today.

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