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Dothan Veterans Disability Lawyers: Fighting for Your Rights and Benefits

If You’ve Been Denied Veterans Benefits in Alabama, Contact a Veterans Disability Lawyer Today.

No one truly survives war. Whether a soldier faces the enemy on the beaches of Normandy, the jungles of Vietnam, or the deserts of the Middle East, the sights and sounds of battle remain the same. The droning of aircraft and the screams of the dying, the smell of explosives and exhaust, the thunder of missiles and tanks blends together into an unforgettable scene of inhumanity. Whether or not they return in one piece, spending months or years losing brothers-in-arms and living under the threat of death can follow a soldier home. We realize that returning soldiers who have seen the reality of war can struggle to transition back into a hometown that has never experienced the burdens a veteran carries. Without the structure and discipline of the military, Dothan veterans often find themselves adrift, struggling to find a job and sense of normalcy in a world where their skills in battle serve little purpose.

Service-related injuries and disabilities can further complicate the process of reintegration. While burns, shrapnel wounds, and missing limbs can certainly impact a person’s daily life, our lawyers know from working with Dothan veterans that the scars of war aren’t just physical - at least 20% of vets experience debilitating PTSD symptoms upon returning to civilian life, including nightmares, angry outbursts, substance abuse, and a constant state of hypervigilance. Unfortunately, traumatized and injured veterans seeking the disability benefits they need often struggle to break through layers of bureaucracy, their disability claims met with skepticism or unjustly denied. When the injuries you’ve sustained in the line of duty leave you with chronic pain and immobility, financial compensation is the very least you deserve - and our Dothan veterans disability lawyers are here to make sure you receive it.

When your disability benefits are denied, you don’t have to face the appeal process alone. Our VA Attorneys are accredited by the Veterans Administration to represent veterans in claims for benefits before the Department of Veterans Affairs, and our only goal is to obtain the resources you need to live the rest of your life with comfort and support. If you have been unjustly denied benefits, don’t hesitate - contact Wettermark Keith through our (877) 715-9300 number, or contact us through our web page or online chat. We care about your recovery and are grateful for your sacrifice.

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What Are Veterans Disability Benefits?

Veterans disability is the compensation and benefits provided to veterans who have been injured or disabled as a result of their military service. These disabilities can be physical, such as loss of limb or hearing, or mental, such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) provides disability compensation to eligible veterans who were injured or became ill during their military service. To be eligible for disability compensation, the disability must be directly related to the veteran's military service. In 2020, the VA provided benefits to over 5.5 million veterans and their dependents. Disability benefits are the most common VA benefit, with over 4.7 million veterans receiving it in 2020.

In addition to disability compensation, veterans with service-connected disabilities may also be eligible for other benefits like health care, employment services, and housing assistance. In 2020, over 9 million veterans were enrolled in the VA healthcare system, over 700,000 veterans and their dependents receive educational benefits each year, and over 24 million VA home loans guaranteed since the program began in 1944.

Applying for veterans disability benefits can be a complex and lengthy process, requiring medical evidence and other documentation to support the claim. It is often helpful for veterans to seek assistance from an experienced veterans disability lawyer or accredited representative to help navigate the process and ensure that they receive the benefits they are entitled to.

Do You Qualify For Alabama Veterans Disability Benefits?

A few factors are required for a veteran to be eligible for VA Disability. The veteran must have a current illness or injury that affects their mind and body, and have served on active duty, active duty for training, or inactive duty training. Additionally, at least one of the following must apply: the veteran became sick or injured during their military service and can link this condition to their illness or injury (an in-service disability claim), they had a pre-existing condition that was worsened by their service (a pre-service disability claim), or they have a disability related to their service that did not manifest until after their service ended (a post-service disability claim).

The real challenge for many veterans can be proving that injuries are service-connected, especially without formal medical records or military reports. Therefore, it is crucial to collect all documentation regarding the veteran's medical history when submitting an application, as this can speed up the initial review process and improve the chances of acceptance. If you receive an adverse decision, we recommend seeking the help of a Dothan veterans disability lawyer to ensure you obtain the benefits you deserve.

How does the VA use a disability calculator to determine disability benefits for veterans in Dothan, Alabama?

The VA uses a disability calculator to determine a veteran's disability benefits based on their combined disability rating. The process works by assigning a percentage rating to each disability that represents the severity of the condition and its impact on the veteran's daily life and their ability to work. These percentages range from 0% to 100%, and higher ratings indicate more severe disabilities. Below is a general outline of how the VA determines benefits:

Individual ratings:

Each service-connected disability is assigned a separate disability rating by the VA, based on the VA Schedule for Rating Disabilities (VASRD), which outlines the criteria for specific disabilities and their corresponding ratings.

Combined ratings:

Rather than simply adding up the individual ratings, the VA uses a unique method to calculate the combined disability rating that considers how multiple disabilities can compound one another to impact a veteran's overall ability to work and function. The process begins with the veteran's highest individual rating for a disability and then factors in the severity of the other disabilities, taking into account the remaining "healthy" portion of the veteran.

For example, if a veteran has a 60% disability rating for one condition and a 20% rating for another, the combined rating would be calculated as follows:

  1. Start with the highest rating: 60%.
  2. Consider the "healthy" portion remaining: 100% - 60% = 40%.
  3. Apply the second-highest rating to the healthy portion: 20% of 40% = 8%.
  4. Add the result to the highest rating: 60% + 8% = 68%.
  5. Round the combined rating to the nearest 10%: 70%.

Compensation rates:

Once the combined rating has been determined, the VA disability compensation rate tables are used to identify the total monthly benefit amount the veteran is due. These tables are updated annually to account for cost-of-living adjustments. There may be additional considerations involved in this process, however, such as the presence of dependents or the need for special additional compensation for specific circumstances like the loss of a limb.

It is important to note that the VA disability calculator is not a guarantee of benefits, and each case is evaluated on an individual basis. Dothan veterans should consult with one of our VA disability lawyers for guidance in navigating the claims process and ensuring they receive the compensation they are owed for their service-connected disabilities.

Are Many Alabama Veterans On Disability Benefits?

In Alabama, 110,941 veterans were on VA Disability Compensation as of September 2020, which makes up a significant amount of the over 5 million on VA Disability nationwide. Furthermore, twenty-six percent of veterans reported that they had a service-connected disability in August 2020. Also, veterans with a service-connected disability were more likely to work for the federal government than veterans with no service-connected disability and non-veterans.

If you are a veteran experiencing a disability, these numbers prove that you are not alone. Wettermark Keith’s veterans affairs lawyers have experience handling compensation cases successfully. Do not hesitate to contact us through our website or by giving us a call at (877) 715-9300.

Filing Your Claim For Veterans Disability Compensation

Follow these steps to file for veterans disability compensation:

  1. Before applying, gather the proper documentation, including your medical records and reports from the military, personal visits, and other forms. When you have all the proper materials gathered, you can file a claim through the VA website, by mail using a paper application, or in person.
  2. If you haven’t applied for disability before, you must prove to the regional offices that you have incurred an injury as a direct result of your military service, show that the injury is still present, and also provide documentation that you have not been dishonorably discharged.
  3. If your initial claim is denied, you should not give up. Instead, seek further assistance from an attorney at Wettermark Keith. An experienced lawyer can file an appeal with the Board of Veterans Appeals, which is a more complex process than the initial application. You’ll be in a better position for approval with the help of our firm, since we have an established attorney client relationship with the Board of Veterans Appeals.

At Wettermark Keith, we have a proven record of success. If your claim was denied, we can help. Do not hesitate to contact our law firm for legal assistance as soon as you are denied.

Reasons For VA Claim Denial - According to Our Veteran Disability Lawyers.

A VA claim can be denied for a multitude of reasons, including:

Insufficient evidence

The VA requires a significant amount of evidence to support a disability claim. If the evidence provided is not enough to establish a service connection or to demonstrate the severity of the disability, the claim may be denied.

Lack of a current diagnosis

A current diagnosis is necessary to establish a link between a disability and military service. Without a current diagnosis, the VA may deny the claim.

Failure to attend medical exams

The VA may require a claimant to attend a medical examination to evaluate their disability. If the claimant fails to attend the exam, the claim may be denied.

Pre-existing conditions

If the disability existed before military service or is the result of a non-service-related incident, the claim may be denied.

Veteran Ineligibility

In some cases, a veteran may not meet the eligibility requirements for VA disability benefits, such as minimum service requirements.

There are other reasons for a denial, such as incomplete or inaccurate application forms, missing or incorrect information, or failure to provide requested documentation. The solution to fixing your denial may be easy or extremely complex. No matter what, it is important to contact a veterans disability attorney from Wettermark Keith to help you through this confusing, stressful process.

If Your Veterans Disability Claim Is Denied, Our Lawyers Can Help.

In order to receive disability benefits in Dothan, AL, extensive evidence is required. This includes an official diagnosis, comprehensive medical records, and any other documentation relevant to the veteran’s disability. If you do not provide enough evidence to support your claim, it is likely that you will be denied.

If you receive a denial, it is crucial to seek the assistance of a VA attorney from Wettermark Keith. Our legal experts have the necessary knowledge to properly file an appeal. However, the success rate of appeals is quite low, currently standing at 38.1%. By hiring one of our experienced VA attorneys, your chances of receiving a favorable decision increase significantly. Do not hesitate to contact us at Wettermark Keith in Birmingham for help appealing your denied case.

Why Choose a Wettermark Keith Disability Lawyer to Fight for Your Veterans Benefits?

Alabama veterans need a team of experienced lawyers who know the VA inside and out in order to receive the benefits they deserve. Wettermark Keith’s attorneys are a team of knowledgeable, compassionate individuals working for you to make sure you get just compensation. You do not have to back down from obtaining the benefits you deserve.

With offices located throughout Alabama, Tennessee and now Florida, Wettermark Keith has an excellent reputation as one of the most accomplished personal injury firms in the country. We have a diverse range of practice areas, including VA Disability claims. We practice with care and compassion, making sure we understand your disability and convey that to the VA as best as we can. Our legal team builds strong relationships based on constant communication, trust, and a dedication to the truth. Caring for you is our goal, and winning is just how we show it. Contact us to set up your free consultation with an attorney at Wettermark Keith at (877) 715-9300 or through our online form.

If Our Attorneys Do Not Produce a Recovery On Your Case, Then You Pay No Fee- Guaranteed!

At Wettermark Keith, we understand the financial challenges of service-related disabilities. As a result, we operate on a contingency fee basis, meaning you do not need to pay us until we win your case. If your attorney fails to win your case, you pay us nothing. We require nothing out of pocket - any legal fees will be collected from your winnings.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Veterans Disability Lawyer is an attorney who specializes in helping veterans obtain disability benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). They assist veterans with filing disability claims, appealing denials, and navigating the VA appeals process.