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Hire a Premises Liability Lawyer: Dothan, AL

Whether you're an artist, a lover of nature, or a peanut enthusiast, the city of Dothan has something for everyone. Located only an hour away from Panama City Beach, tourists visit the "Peanut Capital of the World" to take advantage of the many cafes, antique stores, breweries, gardens, amusement parks, and gorgeous nature trails the city offers. The numerous forests, waterways, and lakes in and around Dothan are unparalleled spots for fishing and hiking, and the 50-acre botanical gardens host scarecrow contests, egg hunts, and other family events throughout the year. Colorful murals border Dothan's bustling downtown district, capturing its scenic small-town charm and painting a vibrant portrait of the city's history. Since 1938, the 10-day National Peanut Festival has drawn thousands of tourists to Dothan to honor local peanut farmers and celebrate the harvest season.


Despite the beauty and allure of Dothan, accidents can happen when attractions, businesses, and properties are not carefully maintained. Alabama premises liability law holds property owners responsible for warning visitors of potential hazards and keeping their premises in reasonably safe conditions - including routine repairs, adequate lighting, and removal of tripping hazards. Dothan property owners who fail their duty of care to visitors are liable for any injuries that result from their negligence. If you or a loved one has suffered an injury on another person's property, you don't have to take on a civil lawsuit alone. Rather than continue to struggle with mounting medical bills, lost wages, and the strain on your physical and emotional well-being, call one of our premises liability attorneys to take on your legal burdens. You deserve compensation for your injuries, and negligent property owners deserve to be held accountable for their actions. While you heal, your attorney will defend your rights all the way to the courtroom. Contact us today at (877) 715-9300, through our chat, or through the form on our website to set up a free consultation with our legal team. 

According to Dothan law, what is premises liability? 

In Dothan, AL, premises liability is the responsibility of property owners for injuries or damages suffered by an individual on their property. Property Owners or occupants have the responsibility to maintain their estate in order to keep visitors safe from any hazards. When they fail to do so, according to premises liability law, they may have to compensate the person who was injured on their property due to their negligence. Premises liability covers a wide range of situations like dog bites, swimming pool accidents, and other hazardous conditions on the property. Property owners or occupants could be held liable for these situations if it can be proven that they knew or should have known about these hazards and failed to prevent or warn the visitors. 


It is important to note that not all injuries incurred on the premises of someone's property is their responsibility. The exact nature and extent of the responsibility will vary depending on the circumstances of the situation. Some factors that determine the liability include the type of property, the reason for the visitor’s presence on the property, and the nature of the hazard. Cases involving premises liability law are complex, which makes it very important to contact an experienced premises liability lawyer from Wettermark Keith in Alabama if you have been injured on someone's property. 



man slipped and fell

What are the statute of limitations for a premises liability case in Alabama? 

In Alabama, the statute of limitations for a premises liability case is generally two years from the date of the injury. This means that if you are injured on someone else's property due to a hazardous condition, you have two years from the date of the injury to file a lawsuit against the property owner.


The statute of limitations serves as a time limit for filing a lawsuit, you may be barred from pursuing your claim if the deadline has passed. Therefore, it is important to act quickly if you have been injured on someone else's property and believe that the property owner may be responsible for your injuries.


The statute of limitations can be affected by certain circumstances, so it is necessary to talk to your attorney if you fall outside the statute of limitations. Additionally, in some cases, the clock on the statute of limitations may be "tolled" or paused, such as if the injured party did not discover the injury until later.


It is essential to consult with an experienced premises liability attorney from Wettermark Keith as soon as possible to ensure that your claim is filed within the statute of limitations and to maximize your chances of recovering the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

What is the standard of care in premises liability cases? 

The standard of care in premises liability cases refers to the level of care that property owners or occupiers are required to provide to individuals who enter their premises. The standard of care is typically based on the legal status of the individual who enters the property.


Property owners owe the highest duty of care to invitees, who are individuals who enter the property for a business purpose, such as customers or clients. Property owners must ensure that the premises are reasonably safe for invitees, including providing warning about any potential hazards and fixing any dangerous conditions.


Property owners owe a lesser duty of care to licensees, who are individuals who enter the property for non-business purposes, such as social guests. Property owners are required to warn licensees of any known hazards but are not necessarily required to fix them.


Finally, property owners generally owe the lowest duty of care to trespassers, who enter the property without permission. Property owners are not required to warn trespassers about any hazards on the property, but they cannot intentionally harm trespassers.


The standard of care in premises liability cases requires property owners or occupiers to take reasonable steps to ensure the safety of those who enter their premises. Failure to meet this standard can result in liability for any injuries or harm that occur as a result.


Dothan premises liability cases are caused by a property owner’s negligence 

Oftentimes, premises liability cases would never come to fruition if the property owner's or occupants did not act with negligence to their visitors. There are many ways these negligence could lead to injuries. Some of the most common examples of premises liability injuries in Dothan include: 

If you have been injured on another person's property, you should consult a qualified premises liability attorney from Wettermark Keith in Alabama. They can help you determine whether you have a case, investigate your case, and seek the damages you deserve. 

Our premises liability lawyers make claims against a person’s private property

In Dothan, Alabama, premises liability lawyers from Wettermark Keith can determine if you have a viable claim and help you hold the property owner or occupant of a private property accountable for their negligent actions. In order to make a claim against a negligent individual, a premises liability lawyer will need to establish that the property owner had a duty to keep the property safe, that they breached their duty, and that this breach was the cause of the victim’s injury. Furthermore, our lawyer will need to establish that this injury resulted in damages, which can include medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other losses. 

Premises liability lawyers from Wettermark Keith are knowledgeable about local laws and regulations regarding premises liability in Dothan, and they have experience handling a variety of case types. If you have been injured on another individual's property, it is important to contact a premises liability lawyer who can evaluate your case, advise you of your legal options, and guide you through the entire claims process. 

Attorneys will pursue a liability claim against a business

If you’ve been injured at the premises of a business due to negligence on the business owner or operator’s part, then you may be entitled to compensation through a premises liability claim. A premises liability attorney from Wettermark Keith in Dothan, AL can help you navigate the legal process and advocate for your rights. Our attorneys will help you investigate the circumstances of the incident to prove that the business is liable for your injury. Our attorney will review this evidence to determine that the business breached its duty of care and establish what damages can be recovered. Using this information, a Wettermark Keith attorney will negotiate a settlement to compensate you for the damages, and they will file a lawsuit and take it to court if a settlement cannot be reached in your case. 

A premises liability attorney from Wettermark Keith in Alabama will work to protect your rights and ensure that you receive compensation for your injuries. If you have been injured at a business, it is important for you to contact an attorney in order to handle your premises liability claim. Our attorneys at Wettermark Keith will help you navigate the complex legal process and work to get you the compensation you deserve. 


How do you prove liability in premises liability cases?

Proving liability in premises liability cases can be complex and challenging; yet, there are several factors that a victim must establish to prove liability against the private property owners.

The plaintiffs must demonstrate that the defendant property owner or occupier owed a duty of care to the plaintiff. Also, the plaintiffs must show that the defendant breached the duty of care by failing to take reasonable steps to ensure the safety of the plaintiff, which include failing to fix a hazardous condition or failing to warn of a potential danger.

Next, the plaintiffs must establish that the breach of the duty of care caused the harm. This requires showing a direct link between the defendant's actions or inaction and the victim’s injury. Victim’s must also demonstrate that they suffered damages as a result of the injury or harm, such as medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other related costs.

In order to prove liability, you may use various types of evidence, such as witness testimony, photographs or videos of the hazardous condition, and expert testimony. Defendant's prior knowledge of the hazardous condition or the defendant's failure to address similar hazards in the past to establish liability may also be used to prove fault. It is important to hire an attorney who has experience proving liability in premises liability cases, These cases require thorough investigation of the circumstances surrounding the injury or harm and a strong understanding of the legal principles involved.

We help two types of property visitors that are covered under premises liability law 

There are two types of visitors that are covered under premises liability that can be categorized as Invitees and Licensees.

Invitees are people who have been invited onto the property for business or as members of the public. This includes customers of a store, visitors at a museum, or people attending a public event. Property owners are required to make sure their premises are safe for these guests, as well as warn them of any potential hazards. Licensees include people who have the property owner’s permission to be on the property for anything except business purposes, which includes any friends, family, or social guests. Again, in this instance property owners are required to warn this group of any known dangers on the property.

We encourage you to talk to an attorney at Wettermark Keith if you or a family member identify with either type of visitor. If you need more information about how you are affected by premises liability, contact an experienced premises liability lawyer from Wettermark Keith in Dothan, Alabama. 

How to file premises liability claim with the help of a Dothan personal injury attorneys

When you experience an injury on another's property, you may be entitled to file a premises liability claim. It is pertinent that you seek medical attention, especially since you will need the documentation as evidence of the occurrence of the injury. In order to file a claim, you need to contact an attorney as soon as you can after the incident occurs. Contacting an attorney quickly will make sure the claim process goes as smoothly as possible.

After hiring an attorney, they will begin an investigation that includes interviewing witnesses, reviewing any available surveillance footage, and gathering other evidence to establish liability against the owner or occupant of the property. After collecting the evidence, your lawyer will attempt to negotiate a settlement to compensate you for your damages. If a settlement cannot be reached, the lawyer can file a lawsuit and take your case to court to argue on your behalf in front of a judge and jury. If you are ready to file a premises liability claim, do not hesitate to contact a premises liability lawyer at Wettermark Keith in Dothan, AL today. 

Wettermark Keith: Personal Injury Lawyers in Dothan, AL 

At Wettermark Keith, our premises liability lawyers are passionate about their work. Our local Dothan attorneys and their associates will gather evidence and seek to bring about justice for you or your loved one. Wettermark Keith, with offices located throughout Alabama, Tennessee and now Florida, has an excellent reputation as one of the most accomplished personal injury firms in the country. Wettermark Keith’s reach is not only regional, but it also includes a diverse range of practice areas including premises liability law. We believe in taking cases personally. Our purpose is to practice with care and compassion- to tell our clients’ stories and make their voices heard. We do this by building strong relationships based on constant communication and an unwavering dedication to truth and trust. You should never wonder what’s going on with your case. Our firm will keep you in the loop and represent you as if you are family- because to us, you are. Do not hesitate to contact us at (877) 715-9300 or through our online form to set up a free consultation with our legal staff in Alabama.

If a Wettermark Keith attorney produces no recovery, then you pay no fee- guaranteed!

At Wettermark Keith, we recognize the financial struggles that come with an injury caused by another person's negligence. With that in mind, our law firm operates on a contingency fee basis. We don’t charge any upfront costs and we advance all legal fees to the conclusion of your premises liability case. You will only pay us if we win your case, guaranteed. Our goal is for you to have the most successful outcome possible - let our Dothan, Alabama premises liability lawyers take care of the rest.


Property owners and occupants have a legal responsibility to maintain their property in a reasonably safe condition and they must warn any type of visitors of any potential hazards on the property to prevent an injury.