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What Cases do Personal Injury Lawyers Take?

You’ve heard different names for very similar legal concepts. From slip and fall and trip and fall to car accidents, the list could go on. But what types of cases do personal injury lawyers handle? 

The Difference Between Personal Injury Cases

A personal injury lawyer may have different practice areas based on their certifications, state of practice, or professional area of expertise. Just because a lawyer may be classified as a personal injury lawyer on their official website doesn’t mean they handle all types of cases.  For example, some will specialize in handling your Social Security disability case. Others may focus mostly on mass tort cases.

In short, the law firm you are considering may not handle those types of personal injury cases at all. The easiest way to find out if a lawyer will handle your specific case is to set up a free consultation. You can also explore their respective websites to see a list of legal services offered. 

List of Cases Personal Injury Lawyers Handle

Although the total list of legal offerings will vary from law firm to law firm, in general, you can expect personal injury lawyers to handle the following common types of personal injury cases:

If one lawyer turns you away, ask for other resources that might help you find the right lawyer for your case.

What Cases Will a Personal Injury Lawyer Not Handle?

As we’ve discussed above, personal injury lawyers might not handle certain cases within personal injury law, and each firm will decide which personal injury cases they will and won’t accept. 

Additionally, some lawyers will not go to court if your personal injury claims turn into a personal injury lawsuit. Most lawyers will disclose this to you up front, so pay attention when choosing a lawyer if you have a reason to believe the case will not settle out of court.

It should also be noted that personal injury lawyers don’t handle cases outside of personal injury law. For instance, if you were hurt in an attempted robbery, a personal injury lawyer will not take your case. Personal injury law is a type of tort law, whereas robbery is criminal law. Tort law cases actually tend to have some of the highest rates for settlements, in addition to its other differences. These two different types of law, tort and criminal, require different steps, meaning you’ll need an entirely different lawyer to pursue justice for a robbery.

In the end, to see if a lawyer will handle your case, you should just ask! At Wettermark Keith personal injury law firm, we take all case requests seriously. We want to help you on the way to receiving compensation for your injuries and justice for your peace of mind. We’re happy to talk with you! Just fill out the form below.

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