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Summer Is The Most Dangerous Time to Drive – Top 6 Summer Driving Tips You Need To Know

The sun is out, and you're ready to hit the roads to visit friends and family, and take that vacation you've been waiting all year for! Like many, you may think the risk for accidents has decreased since there are no icy roads or freezing weather in the forecast. However, summer is actually the riskiest season for drivers on the roads. But why? And what can you do to reduce your chances of ending up in an accident?

Why Do People Drive Worse in the Summer?

According to a status report by the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety, there are more road accidents during the summer and fall months than any other period of the year. There are several reasons for this. For starters, summer is characterized by warm weather, which makes it more conducive for family vacations and road trips. As a result, there are more people on the road than usual, which increases the risk of collisions.

Summer is also when most schools are closed, so there are more teenage drivers on the road. Unfortunately, these teenage drivers are generally inexperienced and haven’t mastered defensive driving skills, so the chances of getting involved in road accidents are higher.

The summer heat is also a contributing factor to car crashes as it adversely affects automobiles. Excessive heat from the sun may cause tires to blow out, resulting in a car crash. This frequently happens, especially if the tires are worn out or poorly maintained.

Summer Driving Safety Tips

To stay safe while hitting the road this summer, here are some summer driving tips for drivers of all ages.

1. Slow down

This is among the top tips for road safety during this period. The hot weather accelerates wear and tear, which can cause vehicles to suddenly malfunction and potentially cause an accident. When this happens it is especially dangerous for drivers who are speeding.

For maximum safety, ensure you drive at slower speeds or try to stay within the designated speed limit. In case of any malfunctions, you’ll have greater control of your vehicle and avoid/minimize any potential injuries to your passengers.


2. Prepare your vehicle for warm weather

Drivers should ensure their car is suited to drive in high temperatures. To be safe, they should check the following aspects of their vehicle during summertime:

(a) Tire pressure and the state of their tires. Have your tires fully inspected in an auto shop. If they are too worn out, have them replaced. If the tire pressure is below or above the recommended PSI have it adjusted accordingly. Over-inflation or under-inflation of tires can reduce the wheels’ traction and performance which could jeopardize your safety.

(b) The radiator. High summer temperatures can cause your car to overheat and break down. To ensure your safety, check your radiator to ensure it is well maintained and has enough coolant.

(c) Car oil Check your car to see if it has clean oil, especially during the summer, to ensure greater engine performance, prevent overheating, and improve the car’s overall safety. This will help you avoid unnecessary breakdowns and prevent road accidents.

(d) Battery. Check your car battery and charging system to determine if they need any upgrades or replacements. Such maintenance checks will help your car function optimally and prevent the car from suddenly losing power in the summer heat.

(e) Brakes. Your brakes can cause some serious summertime driving dangers if not properly maintained. The heat has been known to cause them to fail prematurely or cause them to drastically lose their effectiveness. To be safe, have a mechanic or an auto specialist check them and, if necessary, have them reinforced and the brake fluid replaced. Brake maintenance is among the top tips responsible for saving countless lives on roads during the summer.

(f) Air conditioning system. As part of your routine vehicle checks, check to ensure you have a fully functional AC system. This system serves to keep your auto temperatures low, thus enhancing your car’s overall performance, and, in conjunction with the radiator, works to prevent the vehicle’s breakdown due to overheating.

3. Don’t drink and drive

This is among the top summer driving safety tips recommended by experts. The sunny weather and cheery vibe of summer make it a prime season for attending parties and gatherings.

At a party, some people consume alcohol and, sadly, a good number of drivers take the wheel while drunk, which jeopardizes their safety. If you plan on drinking at a party, take a cab or have one of your sober friends drive you home.

4. Watch out for teen drivers

If you notice a teenage driver, enhance your safety by slowing down and be prepared to engage in defensive driving if necessary.

That’s because most teenage drivers are easily distracted and lack the foresight, maturity, and reflexes to properly steer cars. This makes them more susceptible to automobile crashes.

5. Avoid sun glare

Drop your car’s sun visor located on your vehicle’s dashboard to shield you against any glaring sunlight. You can also wear quality sunglasses to protect your visibility and enhance your safety while driving to avoid a road accident.

6. Use driver assistance technologies

Driver assistance technologies incorporate sensors and cameras which help drivers travel safer by detecting obstacles as well as highlighting any driving errors on their part.

They also enhance safety by assisting with automatic tire braking and collision avoidance. This is among the best driving tips summer recommendations because it prevents numerous accidents, especially among teens.

Other driving safety tips

Other top driving tips for your safety include watching out for potholes and keeping a close eye on motorcycles. It’s also important to check for children and pets trying to cross the road.

What to Do in Case of a Car Accident

In case of a car crash, contact an ambulance, AAA, and the police.

Afterward, should you have suffered any injuries due to negligent driving, it’s important that you contact a personal injury attorney to assist you with your insurance claims process.

Why Can’t You Do it Yourself?

Self-representation rarely works out in your favor since you don’t have experience negotiating settlements with insurance companies.

Without an experienced legal professional, you’re most likely to get a low-ball offer that may not cover most of your medical expenses.

If you’re contemplating going it alone, it’s important that you remember insurance companies don’t have your best interest at heart. Their main focus is protecting their shareholders, and so they want you to take the least amount possible so they can reduce their liabilities and raise their profits.

How a Car Accident Lawyer Can Help You

A car accident attorney specializes in tort law and can help you get the best settlement possible by:

(a) Helping you understand your rights. Most drivers who go it alone haven’t read the law or have comprehensive information about their rights after a car accident. As a result, many fall prey to insurance companies who make them think they have very few options. A car accident attorney helps drivers understand all the relevant laws that apply to their case and the different options that are available to them.

(b) Offering legal advice. Car accident attorneys have years of training and experience handling car accident claims. They can examine the different options available to you and provide tips and guidance on the best route to take to get the best compensation.

(c) Gather necessary evidence. The lawyer can file a motion to obtain footage from traffic cameras and cameras from the surrounding buildings to get different angles that will prove your innocence. They can also collect witness testimony, the police accident report, and other valuable information to help with your case.

(d) Negotiating on your behalf. An attorney can act as a buffer between you and your insurance company, so you don’t have to deal with the often stressful and complicated negotiation process. This help preserves your peace of mind.

(e) Represent you in court. In the event negotiations fail, your attorney can file a lawsuit to have your case heard before a judge. Good car accident attorneys have extensive experience battling insurance company lawyers in a courtroom. They know most of their tactics and will fight ruthlessly for you to get your rightful compensation.

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