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Modern cars come equipped with a slew of safety features already installed. However, vehicles still carry risks on the road, especially since humans, who can be prone to mistakes, are the ones behind the wheel. Negligent behaviors can’t be totally remedied by advances in airbags, anti-lock brakes, and crumple-zones. No matter how state-of-the-art  the technology may be.

Car accidents can have lasting repercussions, wreaking havoc on daily life. While mistakes happen, negligent driving can’t be excused — and compensation, for the financial, physical, and mental toll placed upon you, needs to demonstrate that. If you or a loved one experienced undue car accident injuries, count on the Wettermark Keith attorneys in Knoxville, Tennessee to fight for the fair compensation you deserve. Contact us for a free consultation on your claim and the case we can build for you.

We’re the Knoxville, Tennessee Lawyers You Can Turn To

Depending on the gravity of the accident, recovery can take quite some time. Physical injuries carry their own share of burdens: not to mention the mental and financial toll that almost always follows suit. When you work with us at Wettermark Keith, we understand the pain and suffering you’re having to endure. Our car accident lawyers, rather unfortunately, see it all too frequently.

What our experience handling car accident claims means is this: we possess the expertise to obtain fair and commensurate compensation for you. We can help aid in your recovery, seeking compensation for the, at times, myriad of medical expenses that follow a personal injury or car accident. Our car accident lawyers boast a wide breadth of experience in auto accident law, and are well-equipped to help you win your claim. We’re a law firm you can trust through and through.

How to Know Your Case

Some simple background information in auto law is in order. Injuries sustained from a car accident can be split into two camps: soft-tissue injuries and hard injuries. Soft-tissue injuries could ensue from whiplash, or exist as sprains, strains, or bruises. Historically, medical costs owed to this camp are simpler to cover, resulting in compensation that largely satisfies the  claim filed. The minor nature of the injuries helps expedite the claims process; payment for therapy bills, medical expenses, out-of-pocket costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering tend to come swiftly. It’s usually straightforward from start to finish.

The second camp, hard injuries, can be more complicated and difficult to fight. This being said, we’re no strangers to these kinds of insurance battles. We’ve been dealing with these kinds of cases for decades. Hard injuries, as their name suggests, are much more serious in nature. They consist of injuries such as broken bones, permanent scarring, internal bleeding, and spinal cord damage. In these types of cases, an auto accident attorney well-versed in auto law becomes a must to ensure full and fair compensation. Fortunately, our personal injury and accident attorneys fit the bill.

When it comes to car accident cases, the burden of proof falls on the claimant. You must prove that the other driver acted negligently in your case against him or her. This proof needs to fulfill two main criteria: that the accident resulted, either wholly or partially, from the person you’re filing against and that your injuries came from said accident. That’s sometimes a steep hill to climb all by yourself — and where the right legal representation comes in to play.

If you feel you have a case, we’re here to help. No case is too big or small for us to fight for; we want to provide the best chance for you to receive the compensation you’re owed. Our attorneys will handle the insurance company. Your focus should be fully on recovery.

Kinds of Car Accidents

Our law firm handles car accident cases that run the gamut, from fender benders to full-on crashes, including:

  • T-bone accidents: Named for the way cars impact, T-bone accidents result from a T-shaped collision of one car into another. T-bone accidents, due to the nature of the crash, can prove highly injurious, even fatal.
  • Rear-end accidents: Rear-end accidents occur frequently at stop lights, stop signs, or other places where cars stop suddenly. One vehicle collides into another’s back end.
  • Head-on collisions: At high speeds, these kinds of collisions can be deadly. They occur when two vehicles meet each other head-to-head in a crash. At times, some level of intoxication is involved.
  • Rollover accidents: Chances of a rollover accident occurring increase at high speeds. SUVs and other large vehicles tend to be more prone to it than smaller ones. As the name suggests, rollover accidents happen when a vehicle flips onto its side or roof.
  • Multi-car pile-ups: Of all collisions, pile-ups may carry the most cause for alarm concerning injuries. The nature of multi-car pile-ups, which tend to occur on interstates, increases the chance for injury. Multiple places of impact furthers the risk.

If you or a loved one have suffered injury due to a negligent driver, you have options available to you to pursue fair compensation. Contact our expert lawyers in Knoxville, TN for a free consultation of your case and to continue your recovery.

What We Do For You and Your Case

Many times, people forego finding a law firm to represent them because of the worries with cost. At Wettermark Keith, that need not be your worry. We operate on a completely contingency fee basis. What does this mean for you? It means you won’t pay anything until we’ve either won your case or reached a satisfactory settlement with the insurance company.

We firmly feel that the most important part in any case is you. We want you to live a stress-free, worry-free, full life — and we strive to make that a reality. There’s a reason why we’re the name you know and trust. You can trust our seasoned attorneys Knoxville, TN to fight for you and the compensation you deserve. Insurance companies serve themselves and their interests, which usually boils down to their bottom line; we’re here to serve you and aid in your full recovery.

When working with our law firm, you can knock financial risk off your list of worries. You already have enough on your plate as is. We will link you with a car accident lawyer that will log the time necessary to see your case through. Your case will undergo thorough investigation, and we will build a comprehensive, effective claim that covers all the bases to the best of our ability. If it comes to it, we will also be your advocates in the courtroom, representing your interests in front of judge and jury. Unfortunately, you cannot count on the negligent driver’s insurance company to forfeit fair compensation to you. But you can count on us to do what’s right and just. Enlist a Wettermark Keith attorney to fight on your behalf!

Our Process

We’re not timid when it comes to handling the insurance company. Our attorneys boast a long history in personal injury and car accident claims, which is good news for you. You can rest assured that your case will receive the attention it needs — and be led by a experienced car accident lawyer to boot. In fact, our work involves:

  • A thorough investigation: Even if you were a victim of a car accident Knoxville, TN today, our car accident lawyers carry the hands-on expertise necessary. We’re here to sift through the nitty-gritty to ensure your compensation reflects the full damages suffered. We’ll examine the evidence, pull video records if available, interview witnesses, convene with medical professionals, and pore over your medical files.
  • Accounting for relevant traffic laws: Our car accident lawyers in Knoxville are well-versed in Tennessee traffic laws. Since any laws broken can prove useful in making a case, we’ll attentively study the circumstances surrounding the accident too.
  • Dealing with the insurance company: We’ll take the reins on this end as well. After filing the initial report, you can leave the rest of the negotiations to us. Insurance companies may try to employ tactics to reduce compensation or build their case; we’ll thwart their efforts from the onset. We’ll offer counsel on what to sign and put on the record during the settlement stages. If the courtroom becomes our option for compensation recovery, we’ll be ready to meet them there and advocate on your behalf.

The Obstacles

Opting to a file claim on your own, without the help of a car accident lawyer, can hinder the full compensation recovery you deserve. While exceptions do exist, the state of Tennessee adopts a Statute of Limitations on your eligibility to file a claim for a car accident or personal injury: one year from when the accident occurs.

In Tennessee, the time to file your claim constantly ticks away. If you fail to file a claim within one year from the date of your accident, you forfeit the right to do so completely. The injury discovery rule does offer some leeway, allowing the date the injury was discovered with due diligence to serve as the new starting line.

In addition to the Statute of Limitations, Tennessee also acts as a “fault” state concerning car accidents. Essentially, this means that those hurt in car accidents must file a claim for compensation through the at-fault drivers’ insurance company. It’s why Tennessee mandates that all drivers must carry a minimum insurance coverage amount. Tennessee also requires drivers to have uninsured motorist coverage. If this accident applies to you, you’ll likely be pursuing compensation from your own insurance.

Finally, Tennessee puts the triple whammy on those seeking claims for car accidents through the comparative fault law. Due to the nature of accidents, Tennessee uses this law to determine how at fault either party is in the accident. And this can affect your compensation. Based on your percentage of being deemed “at fault,” that percentage bites into your compensation. If it’s determined that your fault ranges at 50 percent or above, you won’t receive any.

While this exact law usually emerges inside the courtroom, an insurance agency could try to apply it before the case even reaches judge and jury.

All this being said, an experienced Wettermark Keith car accident lawyer can navigate through this laborious mess that is insurance law — and recover your rightful compensation.

Turn to Wettermark Keith’s Experienced Lawyers Knoxville, Tennessee

While the obstacles set out in front of you can seem insurmountable, they’re not — especially with the right legal representation by your side. Let our law firm take your case and recover the fair and commensurate compensation you so rightly deserve. In the wake of your accident, you need an ally you can trust. Here at Wettermark Keith, we’ve built a name and reputation for ourselves doing just that all over the Southeast, representing people from Alabama, Georgia, Florida, and Tennessee.

It could be that your case goes all the way from the car — to the courtroom. What happened to you was unfortunate and did not have to occur. If you feel that your case involved a negligent driver, the law’s already on your side; it’s time to wield it through the expertise of our law firm: Wettermark Keith in Knoxville, TN. Contact us ASAP or reach out to us at (865) 302-3329 so you’re able to file a claim and you don’t miss out on the compensation that would aid in your full recovery. Our attorneys are standing by awaiting your call, willing and able to give your case the attention it needs from start to finish.