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Delivering justice sometimes requires a personal touch, and luckily, Wettermark Keith can provide just that. Justice weighs heavy on the minds of our Knoxville team, and we strive each and every day to win the fair compensation our clients deserve. Personal injuries are no small matter; they can take a tremendous toll on you and your family, from physical suffering to emotional turmoil. Depending on the extent, injuries can also cause economic devastation, wreck relationships, and upend your way of life. Arm yourself with a team of personal injury lawyers you can trust to handle your case with the utmost care—and deliver real results.

Why Wettermark Keith?

When the Wettermark Keith team of personal injury lawyers are on your side, you can rest assured that your voice will be heard in the court of law—or, at the very least, the law will witness your legitimate claim. Our team boasts a wide breadth of expertise in personal injury law, with a long string of injury cases behind us.

In total, our experience in the courtroom spans five decades, running the gamut of cases from wrongful death lawsuits to a myriad of personal injury cases. These include car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, slip and fall accidents, and construction site disasters. We’ve grown fond of our team being billed as injury attorneys. It now serves as a source of pride.

As reputable personal injury lawyers, our track record largely speaks for itself. We’ve netted more than $1 billion in winnings collectively for our clients. That’s thanks to our bold litigation tactics, sharp understanding of personal injury law, and strong will as devoted injury attorneys.

At Wettermark Keith, our clients come first. We are a law firm based on that principle. Our team of trained personal injury lawyers operates on a contingency fee basis, which means we don’t see a penny until we’ve secured the compensation you’re due. And we make sure your case sees the extent of the law required.

What’s the benefit of a personal injury lawyer?

It’s no secret that many insurance companies are somewhat crafty. They’d rather you not see a dime of what you deserve. These companies will likely have a battalion of lawyers, or even a whole law firm or two on retainer.
When you’re injured due to negligence or for any other reason, you’re already up against a huge challenge. Convoluted state laws don’t offer much reprieve. Add a hesitant insurance company into the mix, and that’s a recipe for missed compensation. But there’s a remedy: a personal injury attorney you can trust. That’s where the personal injury lawyers at Wettermark Keith come in.
With our law firm fighting for you, we can succeed in collecting the compensation you’re due. We can help gather evidence from your accident and seek a fair and just claim for your personal injury.

What are we up against?

As we’ve mentioned, going it alone can leave your chances of fair compensation in the “slim to none” range. In Tennessee, the statutes can seem to stack against you.
For one, Tennessee requires you to file a claim within one year of the accident date. Not doing so could derail your personal injury case and further hinder financial recovery.
Secondly, the burden proof falls on you, the claimant. Even if you’re injured due to negligence because of the guilty party, you’re required to provide evidence to that fact.
As a final wall to face, the state of Tennessee also weighs the fault of the claimant in determining compensation. Hiring services from a trusted Knoxville law firm like Wettermark Keith helps ensure that your fault stays to a minimum and the insurance company pays what you’re owed.

Why is it necessary?

No matter your accident, your story matters. You matter. While one accident doesn’t define you, it can wreak havoc on your life. An injury, by neglect or other means, is personal—personal to you. We understand that at our firm. Our personal injury lawyers take your case seriously, from the first procedures to the long-awaited payoff. We’ll see you through as best we can to your just due, your fair and commensurate compensation. We know that there’s not really anything that can truly take away all the pain, whatever that may be. But we also know that every little bit helps you on the road to recovery. That’s what we’re devoted to.

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At this critical junction in your unwarranted injury, having a trusted Knoxville personal injury lawyer by your side is paramount. The stresses of your injury don’t have to weigh solely on your shoulders any longer. You don’t have to go it alone. You know our name. Let us earn your trust. Contact us through this form to streamline your journey from personal injury to recovery, or call us at (865) 302-3329. This free consultation is completely for you. Our team of dedicated lawyers in Knoxville, Tennessee will be pleased to take your case!

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