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Trusted Child Injury Lawyer in Knoxville: We Understand Your Family's Needs

The lives of a parent and their child are interlinked, which makes it all the more difficult when a child is injured. A parent shares in their child’s pain as if it was their own. So when your child suffers because of someone else’s actions or inaction, it can leave you feeling powerless and alone.

We want you to know that Wettermark Keith’s child injury lawyer in Knoxville sympathizes with that heart-wrenching pain. That’s why we’ve dedicated a part of our practice to pursuing injury claims for child-centric cases. No parent should have to bear the pain and suffering of his or her child, especially without the support of an experienced legal team. We’re here to help ensure full recovery is possible, and that undue injury and undeserved medical bills don’t derail you or your child’s life.

What Do I Need to Know About Child Injury?

Before you ever face the difficult prospect of a child injury, it’s helpful to know what injuries are most common for children. The CDC has put out a report that details the dangers facing America’s children so that parents can prepare accordingly. Here are some of the highlights you should be aware of:

  • Male children were more likely than female children to face both deaths and non-lethal injuries.
  • For younger children, suffocation and drowning are the leading causes of death.
  • For older children and teenagers, transportation-related accidents cause the most deaths.
  • Approximately 9.2 million children unexpectedly seek medical care in emergency rooms each year.

The best way that you can prevent your child’s injury is to keep them under your own supervision. For times where that isn’t an option, however, be sure to leave them in the care of someone you know and trust.


What Are My Child’s Rights?

Just like adults, children are entitled to compensation for their injuries. As their guardian, however, you are responsible for pursuing these personal injury claims for the injured minor, since they cannot legally do so in Knoxville, Tennessee. In the interest of your child, you can receive compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, future loss of income, and even funeral expenses.

As far as your child’s responsibility goes, their actions will be judged through the lens of their respective age. Depending on their age, some judges or insurance companies may argue that the child seemed to act negligently, though in other injury cases, they may have simply been acting their age. The level of negligence may factor into the final compensation sum awarded. With a skilled personal injury lawyer, you can know what to reasonably expect for your child’s case.

You serve as an advocate for your child day-in and day-out; let us be his or her champion in the courtroom. You need child and birth injury lawyers equipped to successfully handle liable parties and their insurance agencies. We carry the know-how you need to translate your child’s personal injury case into compensation and recovery. Schedule a free consultation using the contact form below.

How to Start a Child Injury Case

First of all, immediately following an accident, make sure that your child is in a safe and secure environment where their injuries can be attended to. If those injuries are severe enough, seek immediate medical attention. It’s generally recommended to take your child to be examined by a doctor after the accident, even if it doesn’t seem like the injuries are too serious at first. There may be more symptoms lurking beneath the surface.

Secondly, take some time to research your options of legal representation. A good Knoxville personal injury attorney will be able to tell you what you can commonly expect in a case like yours. They should also be able to tell you the next steps you can expect as they help you with your child’s case.

From there, your Knoxville personal injury lawyers will guide you through the process of closing the case, including investigation, negotiation, and settlement. During this whole process, communication with your lawyer is key. That’s why, second only to deciding to file a case in the first place, the decision of a law firm is the most important choice you’ll make in a child injury case.

Examples of Negligent Duty of Care

While our children are at school, childcare, or under someone else’s supervision, it’s impossible to know exactly what they’re doing at all times. We place a lot of trust in our child’s supervisors, which is why it feels particularly painful when a child is hurt under their care. Injuries, if not prepared for, can come at any time, but for children, these are the scenarios in which accidents happen most commonly:

Make sure your child is well taken care of and employ the help of a Knoxville child injury attorney. Our team of highly-trained and experienced injury attorneys can empathize with your situation and are determined to help you in any way possible.

Wettermark Keith: Child Injury Lawyer in Knoxville

If your child has been injured, realize that you’re not alone. It’s vitally important for you to take action to ensure that your child’s needs are taken care of and that their rights are protected. Don’t trust just anyone with the legal care of your case. Take time to consider your legal options, including the team at Wettermark Keith. Each and every Wettermark Keith child injury lawyer in Knoxville is dedicated to fighting for your family and will compassionately work with you to win a favorable settlement. Contact us today to get started.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • First, ensure your child's safety and seek immediate medical attention if needed.
  • Document the accident scene, take photographs, and gather contact information from witnesses.
  • Contact a skilled child injury lawyer to discuss your legal options and protect your child's rights.
  • Children have the right to seek compensation for their injuries, medical bills, pain and suffering, future loss of income, and even funeral expenses.
  • As a guardian, you can pursue personal injury claims on their behalf since they cannot do so themselves in Knoxville, Tennessee.
  • Ensure your child's safety and seek medical attention.
  • Research and consult with experienced Knoxville personal injury attorneys.
  • Communicate openly with your chosen attorney, who will guide you through investigation, negotiation, and settlement.
  • Common scenarios where accidents happen often involve a lack of supervision, birth injuries, medical malpractice, child abuse, school crossing accidents, and more.
  • It's crucial to ensure your child's well-being and consult with a Knoxville child injury attorney.