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When Is It Too Late to Hire a Automobile Wreck Lawyer in Birmingham

Imagine this: You’re in a car accident. You know for a fact it wasn’t your fault, and you know you deserve compensation. What do you do? If you’re like most people, after taking the main steps of calling the police and attending to injuries, you call an automobile wreck lawyer in Birmingham. But for those of us who wait to call legal counsel, is it ever too late?

Statute of Limitations

While it’s a large window of time, many people wait too long to file their car wreck claims. The statute of limitations changes from state to state, and in Birmingham, Alabama, you have 2 years to file a motor vehicle accident claim. When you’re suffering severe personal injury and spend months recovering from your wounds, 2 years can fly by! As long as you start your claim within the 2-year time window from when the accident took place, however, you can hire an automobile wreck lawyer in Birmingham.

Accepting a Settlement

If you’ve ever been in Birmingham car accidents before, you know the drill: A representative from the insurance company will call you and offer you a settlement you know is less than the compensation you deserve. It doesn’t cover the cost of your medical bills or property damage, yet you still accept it, because to do so seems easier than negotiating. If you formally accept, there’s very little a lawyer can do for you at that point. You’ve taken a settlement of your own free will, and there is no more negotiation that can take place. Call your accident attorneys in Birmingham, AL next time!

You Might Think It’s Too Late

There are a lot of myths out there about when it’s too late to call an attorney in the instance of an auto accident. We’re here to tell you that there are very few actual circumstances wherein you shouldn’t hire injury attorneys. For instance, you’ve probably seen on TV that if someone “talks,” or implicates themselves by giving away too many details, they are automatically held guilty. While we will say there are things you shouldn’t say to insurance companies or to hired doctors, no matter what you say, it’s not too late to hire a legal professional.

Likewise, if you think something like going a few miles over the speed limit or a past parking ticket on your record will bar you from being able to file a claim, you’re mistaken. Additionally, you can file a case even if you’re not the one actually in the accident, like in the event of wrongful death. Again, contrary to what people think, it’s actually most beneficial for you in these circumstances to call your lawyer.

Ultimately, if you have doubts about whether or not an automobile wreck lawyer in Birmingham could help you, just set up a free consultation with us anyway. We’ll connect you to our appropriate practice areas and be able to tell you honestly about what is best for your case and point you in the right direction.

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