Suzanna Coleman

Social Security Disability Attorney

Intro: Suzanna Coleman joined the team at Wettermark Keith in 2024, adding a unique blend of legal acumen and compassionate advocacy to the firm's Social Security Disability department. Suzanna's journey to law, enriched by her deep-rooted experience in social work, defines her approach to delivering justice and support to individuals navigating the appeals process for denied claims in Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI), a cause close to her heart.

Background: Originally from Cleveland Heights, OH, Suzanna found her second home in Alabama, where she pursued both her passion for social justice and her legal aspirations. Graduating with a BA in Criminal Justice and an MSW in Social Work from the University of Alabama, she gained invaluable experience working with nonprofits, and helping those in need. Her drive to make a more significant impact led her to earn her J.D. from the Birmingham School of Law. While in law school, she worked as a therapist for children and adolescents at a residential facility, a role that deepened her understanding of the complex interplay between legal systems and individual well-being. Before joining Wettermark Keith, Suzanna honed her legal expertise in private practice and as an Assistant Attorney General with the State of Alabama, experiences that have immensely contributed to her comprehensive understanding of individuals' legal needs in navigating the Social Security Disability appeals process.

Suzanna’s “Why”: Suzanna's commitment to law stems from a personal place - as someone with close ties to individuals affected by disabilities, she understands the challenges they face in accessing the benefits they rightfully deserve. Her background in social work brings an empathetic perspective to her legal practice, ensuring that she not only advocates for individuals' legal rights but also understands their personal journeys.

Just for Fun: When not passionately fighting for disability claims, Suzanna loves exploring the world with her family, reveling in the spirit of college and NFL football, tending to her garden, and indulging in seasonal crafting. These activities reflect her multifaceted personality - a blend of adventure, team spirit, nurturing nature, and creativity.

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