Matthew M. Heath

Marketing Director

Intro: As our marketing director, Matthew is responsible for growing our firm and market share in our markets. He strategically guides and oversees the allocation of our advertising dollars and time. Matthew is a firm believer that we are good at the big picture because we are good at the small details. On a more practical level, Matthew’s role is to make sure each platform and channel, in both the traditional and digital space, are being managed at a high level. This includes paid search, website, SEO, Social, Video, and OTT.

Background: Matthew is a self-taught, avid reader. As he puts it, his college education is at home on his bookshelf. Prior to his career at Wettermark Keith, he served as Marketing Director for AFS Foundation & Waterproofing Specialists, where he was a key player in doubling their revenue from 2018 to 2021. Additionally, he has held the position of Senior Brand Manager for Groundworks. Groundworks owned 19 companies in 65 markets around the country. His role was to manage the brand advertising channels and platforms, including Agencies, for these 19 companies and in all of their markets.

Matthew’s “Why”: Matthew’s favorite aspect of his job is the ability it gives him to influence other people. In his words, “At a very high level, marketing is the science and art of influence. When you have the ability to influence the way that people think, feel, and how they spend their resources, you are in a very important and powerful position.” Additionally, he has found value and joy in pouring into his colleagues and the members of his team.

Just For Fun: Matthew’s passion outside of work includes his wife, his bookshelf collection, bodybuilding, and all of his favorite health foods (Dorito’s, Oreo’s, and donuts).

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