Alexandria Norman

Case Manager, Veterans Disability Practice

Intro: Alexandria (Alex) has been worked at Wettermark Keith since 2017. She currently serves as a case manager for our Veterans Disability Practice. In her position, she is responsible for managing case files while maintaining direct communication with the veterans, the VA, and our attorneys. Her duties also include organizing case files, filing appeals, and keeping her clients informed on their claims.

Background: Prior to working with Wettermark Keith, Alex worked in the service industry for almost 15 years. She began her journey at WK in May 2017 in our Social Security Disability Practice. In October 2019, she moved to Biloxi, MS to support her husband in his military career with the Air Force. While in Biloxi, MS she worked as a discovery assistant handling mass tort litigations. Later, she moved back to Birmingham, AL in February 2021 and resumed her career at Wettermark Keith. 

Alex’s “Why”: Alex’s favorite aspect of her job is helping her clients receive their rightfully earned Veterans Disability Compensation. Every day she enjoys the privilege of talking with and hearing from people who she believes are truely heroes. Working with veterans also has a special place in her heart as she has a close connection to the military. She has had several family members who have served in the military as well as her husband who is a Marine and is now serving in the Air Force. 

Just For Fun: Alex enjoys arts and crafts which include crocheting, knitting, and working with her Cricut to make personalized items. She loves taking her dog for hikes on the weekends to either Oak Mountain State Park, Moss Rock or Ruffner Mountain. Her favorite foods include anything in the Asia food category; however, dumplings, Gyoza, Dim Sum and steamed buns are by far her favorite.

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