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Essential Fireworks Safety Tips for Your Holiday

Celebrate safe, not sorry this fourth of july

Our nation's independence was hard fought and hard won, and the spirit of freedom it represents is best celebrated with family, friends, and classic traditions like fireworks and grilling. However, to truly honor the sacrifices made for our liberty, let's celebrate responsibly by keeping safety at the forefront of our festivities. We've compiled some essential safety tips to ensure your Fourth of July is filled with fun, not fireworks mishaps or poolside accidents.

Safety Over Backyard Pyrotechnics

Instead of risking injury—or a lawsuit over mishandled fireworks in your backyard—enjoy the expertise of trained pyrotechnicians at public displays. Each year, thousands suffer injuries from amateur fireworks displays gone wrong, so steer clear of this danger and ensure a memorable, safe celebration.

Grill Safely

Grilling is a cherished tradition on Independence Day, but it's important to stay safe and not end up as cooked as your meal. Monitor your grill closely, use proper tools, and keep an eye on any curious children around your grill. Make sure your grill is not under a covering so it has plenty of air space should there be a flare-up. Utilize a meat thermometer to prevent foodborne illnesses and to prevent spending your holiday sick.

Drink Responsibly

Raise a glass to our nation's birth responsibly; however, steer clear of driving under the influence. A DUI can spoil your holiday and bring hefty fines, license suspension, and legal woes. Celebrate wisely by designating a driver, using a rideshare service, or relying on public transit.

Keep Pool Time Fun and Safe

Cool off with friends and family by the pool, but remember to prioritize safety to avoid legal headaches. Maintain supervision, adhere to safety protocols, and resist the urge to dive into the pool to prevent a trip to the hospital. Watch out for the little ones around the pool, and make sure if they are swimming, they wear the proper safety equipment.

Watch Out for Pedestrians During the Holiday

As more people gather to celebrate the holiday, it's crucial to remain vigilant of pedestrians, especially small children who may be less visible and attentive amidst the festivities. Whether you're driving through neighborhoods to see fireworks or walking near busy areas, exercising caution and anticipating sudden movements can prevent accidents and ensure a safe and enjoyable holiday for everyone. 

Stay Safe on the Water

When celebrating the Fourth of July on the water, it's crucial to prioritize safety alongside the festivities. Ensure there are enough life jackets for everyone on board, as you navigate through crowded waters teeming with excitement and activity. Stay vigilant for other boats and water enthusiasts enjoying activities like swimming, skiing, or tubing. Don’t drink and boat as that can lead to making critical mistakes that can endanger yourself and others. By keeping a keen eye and observing proper safety measures, you can enjoy the holiday with peace of mind, knowing everyone aboard is safe and secure amidst the firework celebrations on the water.

Make This Independence Day Memorable and Safe

Independence Day brings Americans together in celebration of our mutual qualities. In each and every citizen rests the spirit of freedom and liberty that was first sewn almost 250 years ago on July 4, 1776. There is no better way to celebrate than with fireworks, family, and fine food, and doing so safely ensures a smooth Fourth of July celebration. Keep that in mind as you finalize plans and head out to enjoy your preferred way to celebrate. Whether it is your local fireworks display in town or on the water, to the designated grilling spot with friends and family or just a night in with thoughts of liberty lingering on your mind. No matter how you decide to celebrate, as long as you do it your way and safely then you are embodying the rights awarded to us on our independence all those years ago. 

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