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What Do Personal Injury Lawyers Do?

Everyone knows that personal injury lawyers exist, but not many people know exactly what they do. Popular culture has taught us all that lawyers just go to court and argue, but real-life lawyers do so much more than that. 

Personal injury lawyers perform a lot of services across the industry, all in order to help you and help your case.

Knowing Your Case

First and foremost, an injury lawyer is your expert in your case. Even though you or your family member might be the one experiencing the injury, your lawyer knows more about the law surrounding your case than you do. They’ve probably walked through cases like yours with other clients, so they know what to expect from insurance companies and other parties. They also know what kind of settlement you can expect for an injury of your severity. Most people hire a lawyer for cases involving:

There are many more areas of personal injury law. In fact, your lawyer might even be aware of different legal options that you may have that you wouldn’t have known about on your own. A lawyer’s knowledge comes from years of intense education and training that no amount of Internet searching can ever get you. Hiring an attorney means you have direct access to this knowledge and more!

Being the Point of Contact

Once you file a personal injury case and hire a lawyer, most communications about the settling of your case will go through them. This means that negotiations with insurance companies, submitting personal injury claims, and talking with the person who caused your catastrophic injuries will all go through your lawyer. Not only is this a wonderful service when you’re trying to physically recover, but having all communication go through the same, highly efficient and knowledgeable person will make it more likely for your case to go quickly and end with a suitable settlement for you.

Researching the Details

There’s more to your case than what happened to you. For instance, if you were involved in a car accident, there may be surveillance video, police reports, medical bills and records, eyewitness testimony, and expert witness testimonies that could help your case. You really shouldn’t try to investigate this on your own while injured. Not only will you deny yourself the rest you need, but you might not even get what you’re looking for in the first place. A lawyer can gather the information you need with ease.

Taking Your Case to Trial

If your case settles out of court, you will never have to go to trial. However, some personal injury lawyers will undertake a personal injury lawsuit, if need be. Going to trial is a process that can take a long time, depending on the details of the case, and it’s certainly one that you don’t want to handle on your own. Having a lawyer is essential for court cases because court hearings have a specific system and process that isn’t common knowledge to most people.

It’s worth it to hire a lawyer to represent you. It’s better to hire an expert, after all, than try to become an overnight Internet legal specialist!

Personal injury lawyers have one of the most misunderstood professions of all. In reality, personal injury attorneys can really help those in need by navigating the legal process with them and getting them the compensation they deserve. The legal team at Wettermark Keith believes that every injured person shouldn’t have to try to fight on their own.

We only take contingency fees, meaning you won’t pay us if or until we win your personal injury case. Talk to us about a free consultation using the form down below.

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