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Red Flags About Your Construction Accident Attorney in Chattanooga

You put a lot of trust in your lawyer. If you’ve experienced a Chattanooga construction accident, you’re often encouraged to get legal help. But what if the construction accident attorney in Chattanooga that you hired isn’t the right one for you? How would you know? Today, we’ll walk you through the most common signs you should switch Chattanooga, Tennessee lawyers.

#1: Your Attorney Is Rushing You to Make a Decision

We should note that, in most cases, attorneys give their construction workers’ cases a deadline for good reasons, including a statute of limitations. However, if your attorney seems in a rush to get you to take the first settlement you’re offered, there may be more going on than meets the eye. They may be avoiding going to court, engaging in difficult negotiations with the insurance company, or continuing with your case so they can move on to others. In short, an attorney that rushes accident victims to take a small settlement, especially one that doesn’t cover medical bills and pain and suffering, doesn’t have their best interest at heart.

#2: Your Claim Is Being Exaggerated

It’s the duty of every citizen, to tell the truth, and especially so in a workers’ compensation accident claim. However, if you notice that your case is starting to include details that weren’t discussed or aren’t directly true, you may have hired an untrustworthy construction accident attorney in Chattanooga. For instance, if you were injured in a car-related incident, you likely don’t have a right to make a product liability claim. The construction accident attorney could be trying to get more financial compensation out of your case, but claiming things that aren’t true can get both you and your lawyer into big trouble. It shouldn’t be up to you to keep your lawyer accountable to the laws of their industry. Set up an initial consultation elsewhere and switch to another law firm immediately.

#3: Communication Is Lacking

There could be several reasons that you are having trouble communicating to your injury attorney. It may be possible that your attorney is very busy and simply needs to contact you later, but more serious issues could also be at hand. If you feel in the dark about your case and your attorney will not make things clear, it’s possible they themselves aren’t experienced enough to know what’s going on and effectively lead you through the case. That’s just one scenario, but any case in which the attorney is uncommunicative is a bad sign. Maybe they’ve only dealt with car accidents in the past, but now they’ve switched to another practice area! Be straightforward with your lawyer, ask what’s going on, and if their answer is insufficient, get a new construction accident lawyer as soon as possible!

At Wettermark Keith, we’re picky about our lawyers. Each Wettermark Keith construction accident attorney in Chattanooga is understanding and adept at handling an accident claim, no matter if it was caused by a car wreck or something else. Each one of them is prepared, experienced, and passionate about working with clients like you. Don’t waste your time with lawyers who do any of the red flags we’ve mentioned above. Hire us and get the job done right… the first time.

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