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Can I Sue my Apartment Complex for Negligence?

If you turn on the news at any point during the day, you are almost guaranteed to hear a story about burglary, homicide, or sexual assault. Sometimes, these victims are targeted intentionally – but other times, innocent bystanders are harmed in the course of the criminal’s actions.

Obviously, the criminal is at fault for any damage caused to you or your loved ones. But that’s not the only thing to consider. If you or your loved one was harmed on a property owned by someone other than you, it may be possible that the property owner is liable for what happened – and if that’s the case, they need to be held accountable.

Consider the Location

Was the location of the property centered in a high-crime or otherwise dangerous area? If so, the owner should take the neighborhood into account and take proper security measures. Cameras, fences, alarm systems – whatever is appropriate given the level of crime, the property owner is responsible to adequately protect his residents or guests from being injured or killed.

Previous Threats

Another question to ask is whether the property owner was aware of threats made to his residents, visitors, or property. If someone has either implied or outright stated plans to harm any of the people or things on the property, then the owner should have taken that into account and made adjustments to security as needed. This could involve additional locks, an extra security guard, or a statement to residents or guests that they need to be sure to lock their doors at night.

Foreseeable Criminal Activity

Regardless of whether the property is a shopping mall, apartment complex, or convenience store, if there are rumblings of criminal activity, the owner needs to be aware and needs to make others aware. Being proactive about a situation that seems to be headed in the wrong direction can save a lot of trouble later on – and it could very easily save a life.

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