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What To Do If In An Accident

What to Do Immediately After Your Car Accident

If you’ve been seriously injured, it may be difficult for you to take action immediately after your accident. But if you can, you should do the following:

  1. Seek Medical Treatment: The time after an accident can be overwhelming, and it may be easy to forget that you need to take care of your injuries, but that’s the first thing you should do.
  2. Don’t Admit Fault: Be mindful of who you talk to and what you say, because it can and will be used against you later.
  3. Call Your Insurance Provider: Your agent will give you specific instructions to follow.
  4. Get the Other Driver’s Information: You need their insurance information and their name. If they don’t give you insurance information, try to get their contact information.
  5. Collect Evidence: Take pictures of the scene and your vehicle. Collect witness statements from people who observed the accident. If you don’t have anything to write with, try and record their statements on your phone.
  6. Talk to a Car Accident Lawyer: Things happen quickly after an accident, and it won’t be long before the other party’s insurance company comes calling. Be prepared by talking to a car accident attorney first.

Following Up On Your Car Accident

After you’ve left the scene, there are still things to do.

  1. Continue Seeking Medical Treatment: Serious injuries require serious medical attention. Get the care you need as soon as possible.
  2. Document Your Treatment: Record everything that happens, including all treatment that you need or will receive. This includes statements from your doctors.
  3. Get Accident Reports: Get as much official documentation from the police that you can about the accident, including an incident report at the least.
  4. Keep All Your Receipts: If you have an expense related to your accident, keep the receipts. This includes medical bills.
  5. Be Careful Talking to the Insurance Company: Be polite and give them your basic information, but don’t give them details of the accident unless you’ve spoken with an attorney. Their best interests aren’t the same as yours.
  6. Don’t Agree to a Settlement: You may even receive an early settlement offer. Don’t accept any agreement because chances are it’s much lower than what you can get or what you deserve. Again, talk to a lawyer first before you even entertain a discussion with an insurance company.

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