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The 7 Types of Costs You May Incur After a Car Crash

A car crash can leave us jarred in more than one sense. In the moment, the comfort of control often escapes us. The outcome may offer little in the form of relief. From physical injury to emotionally taxing pain and suffering, an accident’s aftermath can wrest away the comforts we’ve come to take for granted. It also carries a penchant to collect a significant share of costs—oftentimes more than we bargained for. 

Injuries from the Onset

One of the more tangible costs a car crash leaves us with, immediate injuries could range from bruises to broken bones. Time may prove a sufficient remedy, but daily life disruption and difficulty still exist. 

Lasting Damage

Immediate injuries’ more malicious kin, lasting damage lingers even as time passes by. Physical pain that lasts, or progressively gets worse, could derail your overall quality of life. 

Medical Expenses

Costs owing to medical bills can be linked to both immediate and long-lasting injuries. Medical costs also pool to excess, with totals that can seem overwhelming. 

Missed Work Time and Wages

Oftentimes compounding the growing collection of medical costs, missed wages may result from injury downtime. This could end up siphoning further into your financial safety net. Monetary peace of mind may be directly threatened. 

Insurance Goes Up

After a car crash, insurance premiums have a tendency to trend north. That’s more you have to pay the insurance company from this moment forward. 

Vehicle Damage or Loss

Totaling your car in a car crash leaves you without a reliable mode of transportation. Even in the absence of serious damage, scrapes and dents devalue your vehicle. And footing the bill yourself can quickly add up, cutting into your budget in the process. 

The Psychological Price

Pain and suffering rarely seems to completely elude us in the event of a car crash. For more severe crashes, the psychological impact can wreak havoc on our emotional state, persisting for months, if not years, after the fact. Jitters may surface when we’re behind the wheel; cars cutting it too close may unnerve. That’s a cost we can’t quickly, or effortlessly, remedy. 

How to Recover

A car crash can upend everything; the key is recovery. Ensuring a successful recovery takes both time and resources—neither being simple solely on your own. For help recovering financial resources, turn to the personal injury attorneys at Wettermark Keith. Our breadth of experience, and depth of dedication, are unmatched. Your focus should be fully on recovery; we’ll handle securing compensation. Contact us for a free consultation!

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