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Premises liability LAWYERs IN Montgomery

Premises liability is a facet of personal injury law that pertains to accidents on other people’s properties. If you get an injury while on another person’s premises, the property owner might owe you financial compensation for your damages. At Wettermark Keith, we can help you go up against a store owner, company, corporation or individual in Alabama in pursuit of fair recovery after a premises-related accident. Contact our Montgomery premises liability lawyers today for a free consultation. Call (205) 933-9500.

Why Choose Us?

  • We have a track record that proves our abilities. In our years representing clients throughout Alabama, Tennessee, and Florida, we’ve obtained more than $800 million in positive results for our clients.
  • We have years of experience helping clients move forward with their lives. Combined, our premises liability lawyers have spent over 50 years in the business. We can put this experience to good use for you.
  • We don’t charge on cases we lose. You’ll only pay our legal fees if we win your case, and only then out of an award won. We’ll never charge you out of pocket for your case, win or lose.

When to Call an Attorney

Don’t attempt to handle your premises liability claim alone if you have serious injuries or expensive losses. Insurance companies can make it very difficult for the average claimant to obtain fair compensation. When you hire a lawyer, however, it forces the insurer to take your claim more seriously. A lawyer will know how to use proven negotiation strategies for a fair and full recovery. A lawyer can also take a property owner to trial in Montgomery if it’s necessary for optimal results.

Common Reasons for Premises Liability Lawsuits

At Wettermark Keith, we’ve spent years standing up for the rights of tenants, customers, parents and property visitors in Alabama. We understand premises liability laws, property owner duties of care and how to pursue top compensation after serious accidents. Come to us for assistance after any type of accident on someone else’s property, whether you are the victim or it’s someone you know.

  • Slip and falls
  • Swimming pool accidents
  • Dog bite injuries
  • Stairwell accidents
  • Elevator or escalator injuries
  • Dangerous workplaces
  • Parking lot accidents
  • Fires and floods
  • School or daycare accidents
  • Exposure to hazardous substances
  • Criminal attacks/inadequate security

Our premises liability lawyers can handle settlement negotiations against any type of defendant in Alabama, whether it’s an individual or a powerful corporation. We don’t back down from the fight for what’s right. Find out if we think we can help you recover financially today when you schedule a free consultation.

How to Choose Your Lawyer in Montgomery

We know we’re not the only choice for your premises liability lawyer in Montgomery. Yet we could be the right law firm to represent you and your family. We want to help you make the right decision - the choice that will best serve your family’s needs during this difficult time. Look for the following signs that you’re in good hands before you hire an attorney.

  • Years of practice area experience
  • Past positive case results
  • The power to take cases to trial
  • Personal injury lawyers available at a location near you
  • A commitment to the larger community
  • Friendly and caring attorneys
  • Free initial consultations
  • Affordable legal fees

Don’t sell your claim short with the wrong premises liability lawyer. Count on Wettermark Keith for high-quality legal representation on a contingency fee basis. We’ll start your case with a confidential consultation in Montgomery at no cost to you or obligation to hire us.

Contact a Montgomery Premises Liability Lawyer Today

Learn more about your unique premises liability lawsuit today. At Wettermark Keith, we have what it takes to properly represent you. Our lawyers are ready to take your call and provide the legal advice you can trust. Call (205) 933-9500 24/7 or submit our contact form online for more information.