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Slip and Sue: I Fell in a Parking Lot Can I Sue?

Birmingham Slip and Fall Attorney:

You might think parking lots are relatively safe places. Cars tend to drive more slowly, security cameras are plentiful outside of grocery stores and businesses, and there are plenty of pedestrians. However, the ground under your feet could be the reason you suffer trips and falls! There’s a lot you should know about parking lot falls from a Wettermark Keith slip and fall attorney in Birmingham before you’re caught unaware and hurt yourself!

What Do I Do If I Slip and Fall In a Parking Lot?

As is the case with all areas of Birmingham, AL personal injury, when fall accidents occur, you should seek medical attention first and foremost if you are injured. Even if you do not feel hurt immediately, you may later find that you have a concussion, spinal cord or brain injury, or fractured bone, so it’s better to get checked out following your fall regardless.

If you’re not feeling any immediate pain, take pictures of your surroundings and get eyewitness testimonies. You should then make a report to the business on whose property you fell. You should then go home, try to recuperate, but still withhold from making any statements to anyone, including the insurance company, about your slip and fall injury. Keep close records on everything surrounding your accident, call your slip and fall attorney in Birmingham, and together, you can start building out your slip and fall case.

Can I Sue If I’m Injured in a Parking Lot?

You may absolutely sue if you cannot reach an agreed-upon settlement with the negligent party. However, you and your slip and fall attorney in Birmingham must be able to prove that, when you fell on someone else’s property, you were put in an unnecessary level of danger. There are lots of ways that you might find yourself put into dangerous conditions, like low lighting, cracked pavement, or no signage where there should be. Work with your slip and fall attorney to find out what really caused you to fall, and you can build your premises liability case against the property owner’s negligence.

What Are the Greatest Parking Lot Dangers?

Some of the most commonly injurious structures in parking lots are curbs, debris, cracked pavement, ice, and wet surfaces. In some Birmingham slip and fall cases, the property owner is under no obligation to protect you from these things. For instance, if the parking lot pavement itself is pristine, but winter ices it over, the most a property owner can do is put up caution signs, and perhaps arrange for the lot to be salted. However, if there are insufficient warnings around dangerous fixtures like a crumbling curb, you could be entitled to recover compensation.

Be careful when you’re walking and driving in a parking lot. Take heed of any dangers out there, including something as small as a crack in the ground. Don’t wait and face the statute of limitations! If you need someone on your side, call our team at Wettermark Keith personal injury law firm to get a free case evaluation via a free consultation. 

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