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Can You Count on Social Security Disability When You Need It?

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We live in an uncertain world, where accidents happen in the blink of an eye and national tensions spill over into war. With the aging of the "baby boomer" generation and resulting increase in the number of people receiving benefits, one of the most frequent questions our attorneys receive from clients is: "Will Social Security disability be around when I need it?" While we cannot account for every contingency, the results of the recent Social Security Disability Insurance Trust Fund Report point to a resounding "yes."


The Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program is an essential safety net for millions of U.S. citizens, providing extensive benefits to cover the living expenses and medical costs of those unable to work due to disabilities. What many Americans don't know is that the SSDI program is part of a trust fund designed to ensure these benefits will be there when you need them. 


The Social Security Disability Insurance Trust Fund was established in 1956 to provide a dedicated source of funding for the SSDI program. This trust is distinct from the Social Security Trust Fund - which supports retirement and survivor benefits - but both are financed through payroll taxes. Recent alarming headlines about Social Security resources being exhausted by 2033 are not only exaggerated, but refer to retirement and survivor benefits - not disability. 



Despite concerns about the future of the SSDI program, the Social Security Disability Insurance Trust Fund is well financed and projected to remain solvent, or in good financial standing, for at least several decades. The latest 2022 report from the Social Security Administration confirms this positive financial trend: according to the report, the Disability Insurance Trust Fund entered the year with $99 billion on hand and ended the year with $118 billion. Based on these numbers, the report estimates that the SSDI Trust Fund will be able to pay full benefits through 2057. 


Furthermore, in light of the recent backlog of disability claims, the SSA has taken steps to improve the efficiency of the SSDI program through implementing new technology to streamline the application process and reduce the time required to provide people with necessary disability benefits. You can rest assured that the Social Security Disability Insurance Trust Fund will ensure your benefits are safe for the foreseeable future. If you or someone you know is unable to work due to a disability, you can take comfort in the fact that this program will be there when you need it. 


If your Social Security Disability claim is unfairly denied, seek out a qualified attorney. Making an appeal without experienced legal help could set you up for further disappointment. While you may not know of all the options available to you, our lawyers will. Contact Wettermark Keith today for further guidance through the complex appeals process. Our attorneys will fight for the Social Security Disability compensation you deserve.

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