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What Will Happen to the Veterans Choice Program?

The Veterans Choice Program (VCP) is an innovative partnership between the Department of Veterans Affairs and community healthcare providers that gives veterans an opportunity to seek care from community providers instead of having to wait on an often-backlogged VA hospital or clinic.

But if things don’t fall into place politically, the program could run out of money - thereby hurting veterans and their access to quality healthcare.

Created in 2014 by the Obama administration, the VCP has been a bright spot in an otherwise up-and-down history of veteran care. Congress has to appropriate funds for the program because it uses tax dollars to help pay for the private care it offers to veterans.

However, Congress has yet to act to keep funding the program on a permanent basis. In late December, Congress passed a quick-fix bill granting $2 billion to the program, which will keep the VCP going for a little while.

There’s no long-term solution, though, and without one, the future of the VCP and giving veterans access to private care is in doubt.

One thing that has kept the VCP from being permanently funded is ideology and politics. Some members of Congress don’t believe the government should be involved in healthcare, and they think government-run healthcare is unresponsive, wasteful, and inefficient. The VA has certainly been accused of all of those things; the VCP, in fact, was created in response to horror stories of veterans having to wait months and even years for vital treatment.

But many have come to the VA’s side, arguing that our veterans deserve the best care possible. If funding the VCP is the best way to accomplish this goal - and so far, it has been, judging by just how popular the program has become with veterans - then it should be funded.

We support veterans and fight on their behalf, and we support giving veterans the best care in the world.

Hopefully, Congress will agree and will take even more strides toward helping our veterans get the healthcare they deserve.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Veterans Choice Program (VCP) is a partnership between the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and community healthcare providers. It allows veterans to receive healthcare services from private providers when VA facilities are backlogged or inaccessible.

The VCP provides veterans with an opportunity to access timely healthcare services from community providers, reducing wait times and improving access to quality care.

The VCP relies on funding from Congress, as it uses tax dollars to cover the costs of veterans' private healthcare services. Without congressional funding, the program cannot operate effectively.

As of late December, Congress passed a short-term bill allocating $2 billion to the VCP, ensuring its continuation for a limited period. However, a long-term funding solution has not been established.

The VCP faces challenges related to political ideologies and debates about government involvement in healthcare. Some members of Congress argue against government-run healthcare, affecting the program's permanent funding.

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