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What Entitlements Can a Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Knoxville Get Me?

Navigating the aftermath of a motorcycle crash can be a tough ride. Since motorcycles offer little in the way of protection, riders often suffer more serious injuries than those in car accidents. Plus, motorcyclists have a long list of safety rules to follow. Miss just one, and compensation could be off the table.

Don't take the risk—get legal help if you've been hurt on your bike. Stay tuned as we dive into what you can expect from a top-notch motorcycle accident attorney.

Medical Bills

This first entitlement is probably one of the most common. Even a mild Tennessee motorcycle accident can require medical treatment, and Knoxville ambulances, emergency room visits, and ongoing care aren’t cheap. Your insurance company may pay for part of this cost, but it’s unlikely the settlement they’ll offer will cover everything you need. When hiring a motorcycle accident attorney in Knoxville, motorcycle accident victims can expect that medical bill coverage will be part of their claim.

Loss of Wages

If you were employed at the time of your accident and are no longer able to do your job as a result, you may be entitled to a loss of wages claim. By crashing into you, automobile drivers do more than hurt your motorcycle and your body… they took away a chance at potential future earnings, and this is cause for claiming the compensation you deserve.

Pain and Suffering

Pain and suffering essentially refer to the mental and physical burden put on an individual following an accident. This entitlement is more than just the pain of your injuries; it also refers to the pain of having to recover and the possibility that your body will never be the same. Mental illnesses that occur as a result, such as depression or PTSD, are also part of pain and suffering. So, if you’re looking for entitlements for a motorcycle accident case in the Knoxville area, don’t discount your case if you have minor injuries. If you have been deeply affected by your crash, you may be eligible.

Property Damage

Even though it’s not what you might think of first when you hear about “property damage,” your motor vehicle is absolutely your property, and any unnecessary damage done to it is absolutely something you can be entitled to in your motorcycle accident claim. Seek legal advice from your motorcycle accident attorney about the options you have for property damage entitlements.

Funerary Expenses

If your loved one, and not you, passed in a motorcycle accident, you can be compensated not just for their loss of income to your family, but for your loved one’s funeral costs, as well. Anyone who has planned a funeral knows how expensive they are, and if this death was unforeseen, your loved one may not have had time to plan or save for a funeral. Don’t let the burden of these costs weigh you down. Talk to your lawyer about the potential for compensation.

5 things to remember After a Knoxville Motorcycle Accident

The First Moves After a Motorcycle Mishap in Knoxville

What's your next step after the screech of tires and the shock of an accident? In the immediate aftermath of a motorcycle crash in Knoxville, your actions count. Documenting the scene with photos, collecting witness information near Neyland Stadium, and seeking prompt medical care are critical. These steps are not just about recovery; they're about preparing for a potential legal battle.

Your Attorney: The Detective in Your Corner

When the dust settles after a motorcycle crash, your Knoxville attorney becomes part sleuth. They're on a mission to untangle the cause of your accident, gathering evidence, scrutinizing road conditions near Market Square, and consulting technical experts. It’s not just about proving what happened – it's about piecing together a narrative that fully supports your claim.

Insurance Battles: Navigating the Negotiation Maze

Dealing with insurance companies post-crash can feel like navigating the twists and turns of the Smoky Mountains. It's a terrain fraught with challenges, where insurers often aim to minimize payouts. Your Knoxville motorcycle accident attorney steps in as your navigator, ensuring you aren't lost in the labyrinth and fighting for a settlement that truly covers your needs.

Comparative Negligence: The Tennessee Twist

In Tennessee, the compensation game has its unique twist – comparative negligence. This means your role in the accident comes under the lens. How much were you at fault? Was speeding down Kingston Pike a factor? This law can significantly impact your compensation, and understanding its nuances is crucial in a Knoxville motorcycle accident claim.

Beyond the Crash: Considering Long-Term Care

A motorcycle accident can be life-changing, especially when it leads to serious injuries. Beyond the immediate aftermath, there’s a road to recovery that often involves long-term care and rehabilitation. In Knoxville, whether it's ongoing therapy sessions near the Tennessee River or specialized care, your attorney factors these into your claim, ensuring your compensation supports not just today’s costs but tomorrow’s recovery too.


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