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Find the Right Fit: Top 4 Questions to Ask a Wrongful Death Attorney

Questions to Ask an Attorney in Wrongful Death Cases

If you’ve suffered the loss of a loved one, the last thing you probably want is to deal with legal matters. However, it is absolutely essential to deal with these things soon after the incident so that you can protect your family and seek compensation. We know how confusing these times can be for you, so in this post, we answer the top four questions people ask our wrongful death attorneys.

What qualifies as wrongful death?

Wrongful death is essentially the death of a loved one that was caused by someone else’s actions. These cases can take many forms, like medical malpractice, negligence, or car accidents, but overall, these cases are classified as wrongful death. These cases are complicated and difficult, so most people opt to hire an experienced law firm to help them through.

How do I claim wrongful death?

To pursue an adult’s wrongful death suit in most states, you must be one of the deceased’s immediate family members. However, in Alabama, a representative of the deceased’s estate must be the one to file a wrongful death claim. This process can be complex, so it’s typically in your best interest to let an attorney handle this on your behalf.

From there, you may file a wrongful death case. There is a statute of limitations for this claim that depends on several factors. It’s important to calculate the time limit early on so that you don’t miss the deadline.

The process of actually filing a wrongful death claim involves talking to many different parties, including your loved one’s insurance company and the party at fault. You must prove that the death of the person was in fact caused by the party you’re filing against, and also that you have suffered damages or pain and suffering of some sort and are seeking compensation for the loss.

As we’ve said, this is a long and arduous process that is best handled by a wrongful death lawyer with years of experience.

How long does a wrongful death lawsuit case take?

The timeline of a wrongful death case varies greatly depending on the circumstance. In general, due to the nature of these cases, wrongful death cases last for quite a while, usually several months to several years. A wrongful death lawsuit will obviously take longer than those that are settled out of court, but families should be prepared to continue in the process for at least a year.

How do I pick the best wrongful death attorney for a wrongful death settlement?

Before researching potential wrongful death attorneys, make a list of everything that’s important to you in a legal representative. While some people may favor a lawyer that is compassionate and communicative, you may find that you prefer a lawyer that is more direct and to the point. Especially in such personal and long-lasting cases, it’s important to have a lawyer you can get along with.

Besides that, look at the experience in personal injury cases, case results, fees, organization memberships, awards, and reviews. These inputs, on top of an interview with the attorney, can give you an idea if they would be a good fit.

If you find yourself in the midst of a wrongful death case, remember this: You shouldn’t have to deal with your loss alone. Let our professional, caring attorneys take the legal difficulties off of you so that you have space to mourn. Please contact us, and we’ll get through this wrongful death case together.

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