Nicholas Daseler

Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Intro: Nicholas Daseler joined Wettermark Keith in 2024, bringing with him a distinctive mix of legal prowess and a genuine enthusiasm for teaching and simplifying the law. His journey into the world of workers' compensation law is fueled by a unique background in biology and a diverse state-living experience, making him a valuable asset to the firm's workers' compensation department.

Background: Born with a spirit of exploration, Nicholas has lived across various states including Arkansas, North Carolina, Mississippi, Texas, Nebraska, Utah, California, Washington, and now Tennessee. His academic journey began with a Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of Nebraska, Omaha, laying a solid foundation for his analytical skills. He then pivoted to law, earning his Juris Doctor from Gonzaga University School of Law in 2021. Before joining Wettermark Keith, Nicholas immersed himself in civil litigation, primarily focusing on contract law and juvenile law. This varied legal experience, combined with his educational background, equips him with a unique perspective when tackling complex workers' compensation cases.

Nicholas’s “Why”: Nicholas's approach to law is deeply intertwined with his passion for teaching. He believes that the most impactful teachers are those who reach out to you, not just the ones you seek. This philosophy led him to the legal field, where he aims to demystify and simplify the law for his clients, effectively teaching and guiding them through their legal challenges. His enthusiasm for making the law accessible and understandable is at the heart of his practice, particularly in the nuanced area of workers' compensation.

Bar Admissions:

  • Tennessee State Bar

Just for Fun: Outside the courtroom, Nicholas is an avid magnet fisher. This unique hobby involves casting a magnet into bodies of water to extract ferromagnetic materials. It's a blend of environmental conservation—helping clean up waterways—and a thrilling treasure hunt, reflecting his love for nature and adventure. Nicholas's commitment to conservation and his curiosity for the unexpected treasures of life perfectly encapsulate his multifaceted personality.

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