Intro: Brian Conrad joined Wettermark Keith in 2009 as a dedicated Case Manager, bringing a wealth of experience and expertise in personal injury law. With two decades of experience at our firm, Brian is not just proficient in his role but is a passionate advocate for his clients. His commitment to providing a seamless point of contact between attorneys, clients, and insurance companies makes him an invaluable asset to our organization.

Background: Brian’s journey began with a marketing degree from Mississippi State University. Following his graduation, he moved to Birmingham, Alabama, where he initially worked for Nationwide Insurance Company. During his time at Nationwide, Brian gained firsthand experience in understanding the tactics insurance companies use to minimize or deny claims. This insider knowledge provided him with a unique perspective on the challenges clients face when dealing with insurance companies. In June 2009, Brian transitioned to Wettermark Keith, where he found his calling in personal injury law. His extensive experience and engaging personality have made him an integral part of our team, often lightening the mood as our office jester. Recently, Brian moved to Panama City to help oversee our expansion into this new market, showcasing his dedication to the firm's growth and success. Brian's ability to manage complex cases while maintaining a positive and supportive environment highlights his unique blend of professionalism and approachability.

Brian’s “Why”: For Brian, his work is more than just a career—it's a mission. He is deeply driven by the opportunity to assist people when they need it the most. The satisfaction he derives from helping clients navigate challenging situations and achieve favorable outcomes fuels his dedication and passion for his role. Brian’s commitment to his clients is evident in his unwavering support and personalized approach to case management.

Just for Fun: Outside the office, Brian's life is filled with exciting hobbies and activities. He enjoys traveling to new destinations, perfecting his golf swing, and staying fit through CrossFit. Brian’s active lifestyle and love for adventure reflect his dynamic personality and zest for life. Balancing a demanding career with his personal interests, Brian exemplifies the ability to lead a fulfilling and well-rounded life.

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